mspa sprites

A design I imagined for Jasprosesprite^2 ! I wanted to draw her wearing a suit so bad : 3

 I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything lately, I wasn’t feeling well :0. Anyway, have a flying asshole on your dashboard haha

Your name is PROTOMAN. You are the first ROBOT of your kind, hence why the word PROTO is part of your name. You were designed to help HUMANITY, but your NUCLEAR REACTOR CORE is unstable. Because of that, if you die, SHIT WILL GET WRECKED. You won’t ever be REPAIRED by anybody because you believe that would REMOVE your FREEDOM. While he may not know it yet, you are the BROTHER of MEGAMAN. 

What will you do?
I'm taking requests for MSPA sprite edits!

I’ve been getting in the habit of Sprite Editing, so now I’m taking requests. Here are some of mine so you can see how I am at it. 

My girlfriend and runner of Louigan: 

Me, just plain and simple 

RED Femscout of TF2, with my girlfriend’s favorite addition of the bow 

My friend Dakota 

And my friend who we’ll call DN. 

Any requests?