Why you should be talking about Stuckhome Syndrome

So, there is a really common misconception that because Homestuck is so big and popular, that everyone who worked on it is super famous and rich. The opposite is true. Most of the people who worked on this great thing you love are regular folks trying to get by paycheck to paycheck, and some of them are struggling even there. I know for a fact that I have thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands more followers than a large amount of the music team. I just yell about the thing they made, and they get none of the attention!

When it comes to Homestuck music, here is how it works. A bunch of musicians make a bunch of music, then it gets selected for albums. There can only be so many songs on an album, so a lot of the music that was made for Homestuck was never officially released. Hundreds, if not thousands of songs. 

One such prolific, hard working Homestuck musician (who composed the top played songs across all of my devices ((Softly))) Robert J! Lake is releasing to the world just that - hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Homestuck songs that nobody has ever heard before. 

But since it is being released through his personal Bandcamp, nobody knows it exists. 

The album is called Stuckhome Syndrome, and it has a whole boatload of Homestuck songs that have never been released. Until tomorrow, on 4/13. 

This is where you come in. Tell your friends, tell Homestuck fans, tell anyone who likes chiptunes, even! 

Aside from Stuckhome Syndrome, next time you listen to Homestuck music, take note of the songs you like. Look them up! Find out who made it, and follow their work. Homestuck was a group effort, and everyone who helped make it deserves to be recognized. 

The Beforus fan album is now released and available for download!

(Artwork by Gilwing)

It’s been a long time coming, folks. 14 months of dedicated work for 93 contributors has produced the largest Homestuck album of all time, centered on the Beforan trolls!

Beforus features:

  • 82 all new original Homestuck tracks by as many as 43 different fan musicians.
  • A fantastic library of gorgeous track art drawn by our art team of 45 skilled visual artists.
  • An exclusive behind-the-scenes commentary booklet featuring the art and in-depth commentary on each track from both its musician and visual artist!

Be sure to listen to the album, look at the art and check out all the wonderful contributors who have helped to make Beforus a reality!


Be sure to check the bandcamp and commentary booklet for full contributor credits! It’s bundled with the downloads.

Thank you for everyone for being so supportive of this project over the the time we’ve been putting it together! Beforus could never have been made without your overwhelming efforts to support the project. I think the project really stands as a testament to what we, the fandom, can do when we all band together. Homestuck ends tomorrow, and I think that this release is a fitting way to celebrate.

I hope you all enjoy the end of Homestuck!

(And stay tuned to our blog in the future for some special secret dlc…)

Things that were not fully explained by this ending
  • Whether Lord English was actually defeated
  • Which version of the kids take on Caliborn during the masterpiece
  • Which version of Caliborn took part in the Masterpiece, considering the considerable evidence that we were previously following the wrong Caliborn
  • What happened to the sprites
  • The conclusion to Terezi and Vriska’s arcs
  • What happened to Punk!Vriska
  • Gamzee. Everything about Gamzee
  • Why Jack English’s head became a massive black hole, and what implications this has
  • Why Calliope turned the sun into a black hole, and what implications that had (remember, Lord English was not actually powered by the Green Sun, as he was not a First Guardian, only hatched from one, his powers were entirely due to his invincibility/immortality boon)
  • Whether the kids actually got into the new universe? That might just have been a possible future?
  • Rose playing the rain
  • Why the Denizens released the Grist hordes of the lands early, when only John had faced his Denizen
  • Alive!Calliope not seeming to have predominated/she had spiral cheeks? I thought for sure that’d turn into something
  • The foreshadowing with the false king
  • Jake doing something important did not happen
  • Karkat doing something important did not happen
  • Blood powers
  • Virtually everything else about the plot (feel free to add more)

I understand that leaving some open ends as an open ending is an option, but come on now, that was leaving all the ends open, practically. Yes, it was beautiful, but I honestly understand jack shit. I’m baffled? I’m seriously thinking this is psyche territory? (Remember the End of Act 4…)

The Homestuck experience was about people. Creation. Everybody talks about how they met people through Homestuck. How much they love the art, the music, the games.

All of those things exist outside of Homestuck. Your friends are not disappearing, artists are not quitting, and amazing music is always being released.

You may equate Homestuck with being happy, but do not fret. Everyone is still here. Nothing has changed.

Life is beautiful. Get excited.