i hope i’m getting a reputation as the person who keeps making awful graphs

edit: i’m getting a lot of “wait you forgot st*v/en un*ve/rse!” and “you forgot vo*tr/on!” and i just wanna go on record saying that i purposely did not include those two because then i would’ve had to tag them and i am absolutely *terrified* of those two fandoms

okay so it’s 4/13 and posts blaming hussie for hiveswap being late/complaining about the kickstarter are going around again, so i’mma need to lay some learnin’ on you youngins.

the kickstarter money was fucking stolen. that is not andrew hussie’s fault. the video game company he hired to make hiveswap used the kickstarter money to make other games.

andrew hussie then had to create his own company to make hiveswap, and they have been TEACHING THEMSELVES how to make video games. from scratch.

so like, enough with the complaining? it’s getting old.