Kanaya Style Variation Ratings

0 is “I love her” and 10 is me sobbing on the floor

The Kanaya sprite, a classic. Not a fan of sprites, personally, and by the time we got to Kan’s intro I was hoping for a bit less. 2/10

A better introduction. She is clearly jacked, by the 1 handed grip on that chainsaw, and offers a mischievous grin upwards. 6/10

oh m- oh my god oh- ethereal. 9/10

Kan’s first talksprite. Cryptid. 1/10

Crayonaya - for the actions and resurrection,  7/10

Please. 8/10

“But that’s the exact same art style, same scen-” 7/10

Oh my; tall, looks like a teen, as she is a teen. 10/10

Kanaya’s second talksprite- shaped like a friend. 10/10

: 7/10

Everything was red doo dodo. Ferocious.  6/10

“That’s from Paradox Space, not-” 11/10

“THAT’S ALS-” 8/10

ok this is her talksprite again but look how much she does not give a shit. 6/10

A sketchy colored look with good shapes, 7/10

she looks really cute w the left side of her face swollen, like a dog who ate a bee 9/10

dumfoundedly happy 20/10

8 Days Til Launch

There are 6 zones total in Puzzlestuck: Earth, Sburb, Sgrub, the Dreambubbles, Alternia, and Alternia’s Green Moon. Each zone has different enemies and introduces new combat mechanics and characters to collect.

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Puzzlestuck will come out in 8 days on 11/23/2016 at 4:13 PM PST and will be 100% free to play.

A Rating Of Rose Style Variants In Homestuck

0-10, 0 being a good Rose, and 10 being an Amazing Rose, who I undoubtedly have saved to my phone. This is not a complete collection, as it is long enough.

The original- not great, but acceptable for the task at hand. I want to pretend I have some respect for the original, but when Rose was dying and they switched back to sprites, I said No out loud. The replacement looks better, and can be taken more seriously.  3/10

The replacement- good. Similar style, but more expressive. Look at this face. Sprite Rose made faces sometimes, but she was less colorful and less aesthetically pleasing. 8/10

Kanaya’s fantasy- very good. Not a fan of species swaps myself, but Kanaya was being very gay here, so it’s a nice Rose. 7/10

Rorb Lalorb- :) 10/10

One of the early attempts at varying from sprite style- very pretty, looks good. Probably took too long. 7/10

Grimdark Rose- looks fed up but is crying on the inside. Sad, bottles her pain. All Roses are good Roses, but this one needs a hug and a good cry. 6/10

Video Game Rose- good for walking around. Could not lead this Rose into a friend’s arms for a hug, so it could do with some improvement. 6/10

Act 7 Rose- Stands under trees. Leaves less to the imagination, and just not my favorite Rose. 2/10

A very detailed Rose- soft, innocent, a good change of style to portray the emotions that this closed off teen is feeling upon facing her death. A good Rose. 9/10

Injured Rose- Fighting, strong. Looks even more like a lesbian somehow. Is holding Kan’s hand out of frame. 8/10

Round- happy, smiling, nice shading. 6/10

Determined- small, fierce, simple. Gets the point across. 8/10

Talksprite- makes good expressions and looks very nice. Portrays her personality pretty well. 9/10

Embarrassed- has a good thicker look to her. Needs a hug. 10/10

Married, happy, SMILING, thank you homestuck and papers for my life. You get Kan, too. 20/10


My human Aradia headcanon. Appreciation post.

  • She’s latina (from Mexico) but she studies in (an imaginary state)
  • She believe’s in ghosts and aliens.
  • Bad at technology and gadgets, she prefers to use simple tools. (like her shovel)
  • Her smartphone was a gift from Sollux but she really doesn’t know how it works. She only uses Pesterchum to talk with him.
  • She studies Archeology. First year.
  • She usually digs arround the campus, looking for “treasures”. (MAYBE AN UFO)
  • She is a person who often break the rules. Not with bad intentions but you know, you shouldn’t sneak into the museum at night.
    It doesn’t matter if the movie you watched with your classmate Jake shows that the museum come to live at night. Not even to look for ghosts.
  • She enjoys roleplay games! She usually plays teaming with Tavros, against The Scourge Sisters (hehe)
  • She loves SUPER SPICY FOOD. Don’t let her cook for you if you have a sensitive stomach or you will regret it.
  • She’s a witch. She can talk to spirits using the ouija. She also knows how to curse people but her favorite game is “The Hussie Hussie” game.
    [In this AU Hussie exists as a ghost (for secret reasons).
    Is one of the seven misteries of the University and both, Aradia and Rose, can see and listen to him. (Vriska can feel him but she can’t see him so, sometimes she goes crazy)]

She’s an sleepwalker. (Third picture.) It represent ghost Aradia.
When she’s asleep she’s really rude and violent. She uses to bury or break things to release stress but she can’t remember none of that.
She has tried to attack people (coughthespiderbitchcough) and man, she’s strong. She’s digs every day, If she goes to you with a shovel you’d better run.

You can send me an ask if you want to know more about her!