Hi! So I recently hit 2k followers (yayyy!!!) and I wanna thank everybody.
I don’t know if you’ve all noticed I went missing for like 6 months, not updating and all that but I hope you understand that college has taken over my time and I can only do a few gifs at certain times. Not to mention my old laptop exploded so I wasn’t able to make gifs. But in those 6 months, you guys were kind enough not to unfollow me. Thank you so much. I recently got a new laptop and I’m starting to catch up (I still have a long to way to go though). I promise I’ll make more gifs and flood your dash with good stuff. Thank you for liking and reblogging my stuff. And to those who visit my message box from time to time, thank you so much. My graphics aren’t the best but I hope you all like it. Thank you again and again and again and again and again and again <3

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There are also great people on twitter. I don’t know if they have tumblr accounts though. I’m too shy to mention this to them. @garcifabi @2euns @slaypink @mujigaevs Hi~

v for vendetta is a film with a female protagonist that criticises capitalism, condemns pedophilia, encourages the viewers to question their governments, has a central plot about how LGBT people are condemned in right wing societies (more than three LGBT characters are in it) and was directed by a trans woman and her brother.

why has this become a fuckboy classic