WORKING!!! 『これでさいごだよっ!ワグナリア~初夏の大大大大感謝祭~』

source: 日野聡 オフィシャルブログ 『ひとりで晩酌かい?』

Yoppi as MC, OnoD, and HiroC, I knew it gonna be a great event with sweet Onkm episode ←never disappointed me (ゝ∀・)b

Hopefully, they will produce DVD お願いします m(._.)m

Some repos:

OnoD paid for meals episode

Start from the message corner, Jun to Hino: “He will pay for this meals."was a great phase.

Jun: This is an episode related to four people, but own three of them know

HiroC: There were four people went out to dinner. Someone went to the bathroom for so long and didn’t come back. Then, I joked,” I guess it’s time to go.“ Then, the rest two people packing up immediately. Hino said to the waiter, ” Ah, this person will pay for this meal.“ and so it was.

OnoD: I was very shocked. Everyone gone when Im back.

Jun: We were hiding and peeking you after we decided to let you pay. Kamiya-san even filming.

(HiroC explaning while laughing so hard)

HiroC: It was intended to be just a joke! But, the other two were so fast. Consequently, you needed to pay for our meals.

OnoD: Yes, I really did.

HiroC: Sorry, really sorry.

OnoD: It’s fine. It’s really fine. Baka~
((*´艸`*)←Me )

Addition messages

OnoD to HiroC: Please don’t be mad and listen to me. You really suit Soma-san.

HiroC to OnoD: There is no particular! 特にありません!

Onkm DV Counting
kicked three times (One was requested by Ono himself), Mic poked once

①  OnoD saying inexplicable thing again while greeting, ” 大大大大大….感謝祭", kicked on the ass by HiroC

② OnoD was asked to guess how many people(only for male seiyuus) like Space Cobra here, and all male seiyuus could only choose yes but he answered 9 (including female seiyuus).
Yoppi: Really 9 people? Please you, Ono-san.
HiroC poked him with mic and stood Cobra’s pose. Jun and Hino poked too. Then , OnoD answered correctly.
Jun: Im Crystal Boy.
OnoD: Then, I’ll be Lady. (Stood pose, but ass toward the audience)
Kicked by HiroC www

③ Gesture game, OnoD need to do “Rolling”. He signed HiroC to kick him. HiroC softly kicked up, and then OnoD started rolling on round.

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