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20130208 Hundred Waters w/ MSNRA, Maximino, & Euglossine, Elestial Sound Headquarters, Gainesville, FL

This was an awesome night.  Great music and great friends.  I have been unable to catch Hundred Waters and to see them in this great warehouse space, for a local show as they are about to embark on a sold out tour of the US was certainly a highlight of my live experiences and to see them with other great musicians just made it all better.  I went with Ed and met Ann and Amy there.  Old students are in both Hundred Waters and MSNRA so it was a Ram fest at the event.  Love to see the old kids but please say your name when you say hello.  ESHQ is in a quiet area off of downtown, wood fired pizza set up put front.  Inside is a warehouse divided up for a show, cool bar and balcony, and great art and lights for event.  Walked in as Euglossine was finishing so really did not get time to check it out.  Maximino from Orlando was excellent, started with a 70s groove jam into a dark noise jam that ended up changing into two songs that sounded like Radiohead, and that is not a bad thing.  MSNRA are a fantastic local hip-hop collective.  Great set with a live band, excellent back up singers, and righteous lyrics had the crowd getting down.  Hundred Waters set was intimate, special, and well received.  The songs were all over the place barn stormers to whispering folk psych.  So cool to Sam Moss up there creating that music.  The DJs in between spun great sets as well.  A very satisfying night indeed.

You Tube video of Hundred Waters set. 



Hundred Waters


Don’t Stop St. Pete: Meet The Bands (Part 2)

On Saturday October 5th, Don’t Stop St. Petersburg shut down the 600 Block of Central Avenue and presented 60+ bands, 2 outdoor stages, 8 venues, an art walk, a fashion show, and a vendor market! The festival reflected the diversity of our local music, art, fashion, as well as the local businesses that have long supported this community-driven Central Arts District.

Meet some of the bands that stopped by the Symphonic Distribution tent!

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Connor Zwetsch

Sonic Graffiti…

Black Taxi






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