It’s been exactly one year since I’ve first discovered One Direction. These 5 boys have been my life, and meant the world to me. My followers mean everything too. You all are my family. Thank you all so much. Thanks to everyone for putting up with me and my dumb text posts + unquality blog. It’s been great being part of this fandom. I’ll admit that I hate this fandom a lot sometimes, but you guys have helped me grow and love. Niall Horan, thank you for being such a flawless, gorgeous person. You’re my favorite and you mean so much to me. I don’t know where’d I be without knowing you, because you’re just amazing. Words can’t describe you. Your smile, your voice, your eyes, your everything- just makes me smile with you and makes me really happy. Harry Styles, you mean so much to me. I smile whenever I see you and you being so flawless in everything you do. You’re so perfect it hurts. Thanks for being there for me during hard times, even though you don’t know. Liam Payne, you’re so cute and perfect and beautiful, like I don’t know if I’ve seen someone so generous and loving as you. You make me smile constantly with everything you do. Zayn Malik, you’re gorgeous and your voice makes me cry with how good it is. It literally can give me chills. You’re funny, gorgeous, and just everything. Your hair, voice, smile, and personality just makes my day. Louis Tomlinson, I don’t think words can even come close to me trying to explain how you can brighten my day. Your personality and just you makes everything better. I love you. Never stop, Peter Pan. One Direction, thank you for changing me. To each fan their own, these boys have made changes to us all. I’ve stayed up until morning to hear new songs, bought the album, hung up posters, screamed, laughed, watched every video diary and performance, known every inside joke, and been there. I’ve supported you for so long, and I don’t want to ever stop, because you five mean the world to me. I can’t wait to see you in concert this summer. I love you all. I’m trying to write it out, but nothing’s going to come ever close to my feelings. And simply put, I’m so proud to be a Directioner. Happy 1D1Year Anniversary, everyone! April 17th 2011- April 17th, 2012