Rainy Day Clexa AU Aesthetics:

- Boxer briefs and Lexa’s oversized t-shirt for Clarke and a white v-neck with track pants for Lexa;

- Blueberry pancakes in bed and apple spice tea with cinnamon and cloves that Lexa brews herself;

- Lexa the extra hoe with her extensive playlist titled “Falling for Fall” cause that shit is cheesy; Clarke finds it hilarious and adorable; it’s full of bands like Florence and the Machine and MSMR and some classics like Rod Stewart and Fleetwood Mac;

- Cuddling at the windowsill and reading to each other while the rain washes everything away. Clarke always asks Lexa to read Coraline or The Graveyard Book to her because it’s got that nice Halloween-y feel and Neil Gaiman is her favorite author;

- They have a joint list of rainy day movies. Clarke is an absolute Halloween hoe and Lexa is not too far off tbh so their list is all Sleepy Hallow and Beetlejuice and Addams Family. But, it is an unspoken agreement to save actual Halloween movies for Halloween. Usually, they’ll watch one or two movies after they are done reading.

- Comfort food! Clarke loves food, and Lexa allows herself to indulge in rainy days because Clarke gushing about her favorite food while cooking pumpkin spice soup and making grilled cheese. Lexa helps her with casserole and apple pie if it’s a rainy weekend, so they can pig out for two days without having to leave the house.

- Making their own candy corn because let’s face it the one sold in stores sucks and is only good for decoration;

- Lexa tries to get Clarke to like Hannibal and fails because Clarke can’t watch all those beautiful meals being prepared when she knows the “secret ingredient”;

- (Later Clarke ends up secretly binging all three seasons and when she brings up the possibility of her attending cooking classes Lexa almost chokes on her pie);

- Clarke tried to teach Lexa poker but Lexa frankly sucks because Clarke sees everything in her eyes as clear as day;

- Clarke paints on Lexa while they listen to Lexa the Extra Hoe’s playlist “Falling for Fall”;

- Sharing a hot bath while it’s pouring outside and the wind is howling. Yes, there are candles;

- Snuggling under the covers with hot apple cider and listening to rain and thunder and telling each other silly scary stories from their childhood;

- Browsing Pinterest for Halloween couples’ costumes ideas despite knowing they’ll go as warrior queen and steampunk sci fi princess anyway just like all previous Halloweens;

- Clarke’s favorite moment of their rainy days is watching Lexa eat her pumpkin soup, her eyes eager and happy and her little moan of contentment almost kills Clarke every time;

- Lexa’s favorite moment of their rainy days is Clarke struggling to keep her eyes open as they watch some crappy TV; Clarke is splayed out on her chest as they snuggle on the couch, her belly full of delicious food and her hand lazily stroking Lexa’s arm. She always falls asleep first and Lexa always carries her to their bed.


“You found parts of me I didn’t know existed, and in you, I found a love I no longer believed was real”

i. requiem for blue jeans//bastille | ii. be my baby//the ronettes | iii. crazy//diana salvatore | iv. earth angel//death cab for cutie | v. dark doo wop//msmr | vi. home//michael buble | vii. don’t worry baby//the beach boys | viii. love will come through//travis | ix. set the fire to the third bar//snow patrol | x. gone gone gone//phillip phillips  | xi. i wanna be your man//willy moon | xii. here with me//the killers | xiii. bleeding out//imagine dragons 

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For the woman blessed with a curse. forced to lead the charge against the evils of her world and the next. [listen @ 8tracks]

The Greatest View- Flume // To The Hills- Laurel // All You Leave Behind- Hannah Cartwright & Ross Tones // Hurricane- MSMR // Help I’m Alive- Metric // The Silicone Veil- Susanne Sundfør // Undiscovered- Laura Welsh // Hard Time- Seinabo Sey // Every Day Is Exactly The Same- Bird Call // Like The Wind- Nonono // Premonitions- Vaults // Defense- Sarah Jaffe // Farewell- Manicanparty //