downthetummblrhole  asked:

I love your music posts! The signs as MSMR songs?

Aries- Dark Doo Wop, Reckless, and No Guilt in Pleasure

Taurus- BTSK and Cruel

Gemini- Salty Sweet, No Trace, America Oil Lamb, and How Does it Feel

Cancer- Think of You and All the Things Lost

Leo- Time of My Life and Tunnels

Virgo- Dance Yrself Clean and Strings

Libra- Criminals and Fantasy

Scorpio- Hurricane, Painted, No Guilt in Pleasure, and Bones

Sagittarius- Wrong Victory, Tripolar, and Twenty Seven

Capricorn- This isn’t Control and Leave Me Alone

Aquarius- Head is Not My Home and Hurricane

Pisces- Fantasy, Strings, and Pieces

with all her heart - for Marisa Coulter + Lord Asriel [listen]|[PC]

for ice-cold women and their fiery lovers as they become what they never believed they would; a clash of fate and consciousness

I. Drumming Song (Live at the Royal Albert Hall) - Florence + the Machine  | II. Bones - MSMR | III. Bedroom Hymns - Florence + the Machine | IV. Power & Control - Marina & the Diamonds | V. Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell | VI. Money Power Glory - Lana Del Rey | VII. Seven Devils - Florence + the Machine  | VIII. Courtyard Apocalypse - Alexandre Desplat | IX. Dark Doo Wop - MSMR | X. Oblivion - Bastille

Playlist for @betweenmeandmoonlight

Cry Little Sister: Gerard McMahon

Monster: Imagine Dragons

My Boy Builds Coffins: Florence + the Machine

Ain’t No Grave: Johnny Cash

Moon Trance: Lindsey Stirling

Bones: MSMR

Dance Me to the End of Love: Leonard Cohen

Soft Wolf Tread: Grant Lee Buffalo

Riptide: Vance Joy

Eclipse: Lindsey Stirling

Seven Devils: Florence + the Machine

A Little Wicked: Valerie Broussard

Exorcism: Clairity

Dracula: Gorillaz

I Appear Missing: Queens of the Stone Age

Spiders: Night Riots

Howl: Florence + the Machine

Halloween: Grant Lee Buffalo

Sally’s Song: (in the style of) Fiona Apple

My Immortal: (in the style of) Lindsey Stirling