This Is How The Media Chooses To Profile A Female Activist

Cecily McMillan, the 25-year-old Occupy Wall Street activist who was jailed for elbowing a police officer during a protest, returned to court on Thursday, where a cadre of hard-hitting journalists greeted her with questions about her courtroom attire.

My editor told me to ask who you’re wearing, a photographer was spotted eagerly asking McMillan, according to The Village Voice.

McMillan, who was earlier this month released from Rikers Island – one of the country’s most notoriously violent jails – explained that although she was free, she no longer felt safe in New York “because I was sexually assaulted and then put in jail for it,” according to the Voice. McMillan has alleged from the start that the officer involved in her assault case forcibly grabbed her breast from behind during the protest; after elbowing him, she was promptly arrested and put in jail.

Upon hearing her explanation Thursday, a Post reporter responded, Well, you look fabulous! But you should eat more.

The interactions resulted in a blatantly sexist portrayal of McMillan sprinkled with mocking details about her fashion choices – all of which fail to mention that she was asked such questions by the press.

The Daily News went straight to the sartorial details with the headline, “Occupy Wall Street protester wears Calvin Klein to court.

The Post’s own coverage included a previously dated photo of an emotional McMillan with the caption, “McMillan cries in court in May after being given an outfit she had already worn.” The paper led with the headline “Rikers Island: The new way to lose weight.

Rikers is currently at the center of damning allegations of officer abuse, contraband smuggling by officers, regular beatings of the mentally ill, and corruption.

McMillan has been using her newfound freedom to speak out against the treatment of inmates at Rikers – a cause that is essentially being buried for more important notes on her outfit choices. Well done, New York media!


Day by day Beyoncé makes our world better. She raised more than $82,000 for the victims of the Flint water crisis via her entertainment and management company, Parkwood Entertainment.

$82,234 were given to the United Way of Genesee County.
Moreover, The Detroit News stated that 14 area students would receive “college gifts” in order to cope with educational expenses as well as tickets to Tuesday’s concert.

Money was raised by Beyonce fans who were given the opportunity to contribute when they purchased tickets to her Formation tour.

Flint water crisis is one of the most terrible governmental faults in the US which affects American citizens even to the present time. Mainly water crises touched Black community, as Flint is the city with Highest African American Population.

Not many people care about Black Lives which makes Beyonce our national hero and pride!

Sabe quando aquela pessoa que você tanto ama te ignora e faz questão de demonstrar que qualquer coisa é melhor do que estar com você? Então. É doloroso, é destruidor. Isso machuca, dói a alma, por que você sempre fez tudo que pode, você sempre se deu ao máximo e olha só o que recebe, desprezo. Mas é uma pena, é lamentável que as pessoas sejam assim tão injustas. Elas correm atrás de quem não dão a mínima pra elas e que só as procura quando precisam de algo e se esquecem de quem tanto deu carinho e atenção o tempo inteiro. Porém, eu estou aprendendo. Estou me adaptando as poucos, eu vou mudar. Vou dar tudo de igual pra igual.
—  Você não merece um terço do que sinto por ti.

gay boys
       gay covers or songs without pronouns that remind me of my fellow mlm

wildest dreams - brandon skeie 5:21 // new romantics - his dream of lions 3:57 // video games - the young professionals 3:47 // you belong with me - the yellowjackets 4:25 // toothbrush - dnce 3:52 // give me love - ed sheeran 5:25 // 18 - anarbor 2:38 // i kissed a boy - cobra starship 3:02 // the good, the bad, and the dirty - panic! at the disco 2:52 // closer - halfway to hollywood 3:52 

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