Donald Trump went on a bizarre, hour-long lie-filled rant against the press at a press conference yesterday

Donald Trump originally called the press conference to announce his new labor-secretary pick Alexander Acosta, after fast-food executive Andrew Puzder withdrew yesterday. But it quickly devolved into insults lobbed at Hillary Clinton, whom he is no longer running against, and at the press.

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During his press conference, Trump declared that he was going to take his message “straight to the people.” And that’s when things got unconventional. An email containing a survey was then sent out from his team. In the message, recipients were asked “…to do their part to fight back against the media’s attacks and deceptions.”

Here’s what you should be worried about in this “objective” survey.


Fake news AGAIN:

MSNBC: “No news organizations ever claimed ties between Trump and Russia”

If a propaganda story doesn’t stick, just pretend you didn’t try pinning it for several months. no one will notice :^)

More proof that your main stream media doesn’t care about you. Support international and alternative media. Support non profit and local media. Support progressive radio and local radio. Make your own media. You are the media.

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