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Curiosity at Buckskin drilling site - sol 1065

via Thomas Appéré
Curiosity self-portrait taken with MAHLI camera on sol 1065 at Buckskin drilling site. This mosaic was taken at 13h00 local time. The sky was generated by Steve Albers. The colors of the sky and landscape were adjusted to fit with calibrated colors of PDS products. ——————————————————————————————— Auto-portrait de Curiosity réalisé avec la caméra MAHLI au sol 1065 au site du forage “Buckskin”. Cette mosaïque a été réalisée à 13h00 heure locale. Le ciel a été généré par Steve Albers. Les couleurs du ciel et du paysage ont été ajustées pour correspondre aux couleurs calibrées des images PDS.

Comparing Terran and Martian sunsets

The two photos here have been scaled to depict the same angular width, so that the sinking solar orb and the dance of its light in the atmospheres of two worlds could be viewed side by side. The most obvious difference is the colour, an eerie bluish grey on Mars contrasted with the deep multicolour palette of a wordly evening.

There are several reasons for this, one being the layered nature of our atmosphere, and the contrasts in dust and aerosol content between the layers. Another may be the nature of the dust: scientists don’t understand as yet why the Martian examples have a bluish tint, but speculate that something in the nature of Martian dust and its interaction with light is probably the cause. The Arean orb also appears slightly smaller than ours due to the greater distance of Mars’ orbit around the sun.


Image credit: Damia Bouic/NASA/CURIOSITY

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We had an art comp at St. Johns tonight and since I’m not arty, I instead made a shoebox display of the MSL Curiosity landing on Mars. Due to happen next month!

I got second prize, but still pleased. Even if no one knew what it was. .___.

But I wouldn’t have had the good idea if not for Hank Green and SciShow !

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The Mars Science Laboratory “Curiosity” rover, the most advanced rover/probe sent to the Red Planet, will be landing on August 5 2012 and is one of the most highly anticipated NASA events of the year. 

This landing, however, is not routine…and is NOT without risk. Additionally, there is a communications delay of about 14 minutes between Earth and Mars. When Curiosity enters Martian atmosphere it will have already landed before we learn if that landing is successful. The following video will explain everything, and show you whats in store on Aug 5 2012. 

Curiosity’s 7 Minutes of Terror

“When people look at it, it looks crazy. Thats a very natural thing”

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We’re going to Mars, people!