*pops champagne*

Okay, before I get into showing this sideblog how to live, I really needed to start off by toasting the fabulous Elyse aka @colewald aka @ohkinney aka @msjessicaday aka a few other names but I try to limit myself to those three, tyvm. 

I’ve always known I could count on Elyse to scream with me about all of my favorite shows, and I’m happy to say the number of shows we scream about is rapidly expanding (mainly due to her influence). Elyse just keeps introducing me to new darlings and then also makes me fall in love with my current darlings even more, and at this point I know it’s futile to deny it’s going to stop any time soon.

And then, after giving her a fair amount of shit for her plethora of sideblogs, I finally came to realize I really needed to use one too. Elyse was exceedingly gracious in accepting my defeat….and, even more than that, created this BEAUTIFUL SIDEBLOG FOR ME. I mean, seriously!!! Have you LOOKED at it?!?! Do you see how all the colors are just everything happiness and sunshine?!?! Have you seen all the beautiful sidebar images she created??? I bet you haven’t, because you haven’t refreshed this lil ole blog over and over and clicked all around to see HOW MANY THERE ARE THERE ARE SO MANY!!!! (Remember how I said she keeps making me fall even more in love with my current darlings? She seriously did it JUST by creating all these amazing images!!! LOOK HOW PRECIOUS THEY ALL ARE!!! I literally squealed and clutched my chest with each new one she sent me.)

Anyway, all this is to say that Elyse is the very very best and I’m so grateful to have her as my friend even if I sometimes show my affection via trash talk. And it feels so right that she played such a huge role in building out this sideblog for shows and characters who always make me laugh and brighten even my gloomiest of days, since she never fails to do the exact same thing. 

All the love and hugs to you, my friend, and thank you for everything!!!

CHEERS! <333 

hey :) just wanted to make my first follow forever as a celebration of reaching my end of year goal and also to say thanks to you all for being so lovely and making my dash so pretty. this is literally just a list of all my mutuals so as well as being amazing people in general, you all follow me back which is crazy.

some of you i’ve been following since the beginning and some more recently but you’re all here so thank you again!  xx

♡ a - d ♡

@agentzapata ✿ @akendrink@aleclary​ ✿ @alecliqhtwooods ✿ @amyjake ✿ @archiandrws@argentnecklace​ ✿ @badwollf​ ✿ @benjiwyatt@birdsovprey@bisexualinetti@boothnbrennan​ ✿ @boothseeley@brennansboys@brennanscully@brianneslarson@brookedovis​ ✿ @brookheimers​ ✿ @cam-saroyan@cameronswan@candicepatton​ ✿ @canniballs@carolinesalvatore​ ✿ @chelseaperetti@clhampir​ ✿ @davidsduchovny​ ✿ @deeraynolds​ ✿ @deschanels@drew-barrymore​ ✿ @drtemperancebrennans ✿ 

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@emmawswan ✿ @fandomshandom@fangirlingwithjen@flawtons@floraizon ✿ @fraddit​ ✿ @geniusparker ✿ @gilsmore​ ✿ @hannahisabelle@hellbentclara@hornbookrule​ ✿ @jahcobperalta@jakeyjohnson ✿ @janetfuckingking ✿ @jemswalker@jennaush@jesscamiller​ ✿ @jessicafday​ ✿ @kyrafic@leiaorgauna​ ✿ @leslie-wyatt​ ✿ @lets-celebrate-me ✿ @lilypotthr ✿ @lydsiargent ✿

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@maddieblossom✿ @meredithgreys ✿ @mermaeids ✿ @miilesaway@mohabbatpyaarishq@mr-and-mrs-schmidt​ ✿ @mrnickmiller​ ✿ @msjessicaday@newgirlfanatic ✿ @newgirlthings ✿ @newgirlystuff@newjessck@ness-new-girl@nessa007@notannawintourr@obrience ✿ @oyprongs@pambeeslys  ✿ @patriciawalkerd ✿ @peppernights@pleasestyles@prophecysgirl ✿ @queeniigoldstein ✿ @royalsz​ ✿ @rsemciver@rumpledsmalltownpi ✿

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Since I’ve reached my next k and new girl is over (rip) I thought I’d do a mini follow forever! I also haven’t done one in a few years? I love every single one of these blogs and I recommend following everyone on this list! Y’all mean a lot to me even if we’ve never even spoken before and I’m sorry if I have forgotten anyone pls don’t take it personally. 💜


@agingintomypersonality @akendrink @allaboutnewgirl @anewgirlthing @apartment4d-hallway @bellarknewgirl @callmelauramiller @cecilia095 @cool-nick-miller @cosmictrap @fandomshandom @friendshipsaremasterpieces @fuckyesnickjess @gilmoresgifs


@hellbentclara @itsaturtleface @jakejohnson-adamscott @jakeperaltas @jakesjohnson @jakeyjohnson @jessicadaymillers @jmort124 @literatigifs @lorelaigilmoresdanes @lucasandlorelai @monicaegellers @mrnickmiller @mrsgilmoredanes @msachsen @msjessicaday


@newggirl @newgirldaily @newgirlfanness @newgirl-is-superb @newgirlthings @newgirlystuff @outofcontextnewgirl @paradisezooey @schmeceworld @schmidtsburg @targarvyns @theawkwardanglophile @tinfinity @tuxedos-are-not-suits


@whatsmypogo @youcantmakeme @zooeycutechanel @zooeydeschanel @zooeyslaychanell @zooeyss

After years of postponing this, I finally made a very short list of my favourite New Girl blogs to follow- the Roomfriends™. So this is @newgirlystuff ‘s (yours truly) follow forever list! 

There are blogs that fit into more than one category, like @youcantmakeme @allaboutnewgirl @deschanels or @newgirl-videos that are too awesome as well. I’m sure I’m forgetting many amazing blogs, feel free to reblog/comment and add yourself!

hey hi hello i have been stalking/following all your accts since the finale (pretty sure i’ve sent you all anonymous asks oops) but now that we are RENEWED FOR SEASON 7 i thought i’d finally make an account soo…. can i be a roomfriend????? pls i have pink wine and many jake johnson gifs 😏😏

also i wanted to say thanks to all of you for unknowingly helping me through the waiting game.. ya’ll are the best and the new girl fandom is my favorite thing in the world

@zooeyslaychanell @callmelauramiller @zooeys @newgirlystuff @jakeyjohnson @msjessicaday @msachsen @myfictionalfavorites @whatsmypogo @jmort124 @youcantmakeme @livelovecaliforniadreams @whoever else i missed but trust me, i love you all