Anon: i'm curious at how you're so good at drawing poses and bodies? Any tricks for drawing bodies that would be good to know?

Naaahhhhhuuhhh, THANK YOU, tricks though… hmmmm… 

There are tricks, but first, before any shortcuts can be made, you have to be familiar with the figure. I strongly recommend taking figure drawing classes if you want to get better with anatomy/figures. I have taken figure drawing 3 times, and I’m not even in college yet. I realize I’m very lucky to live in a very art friendly city, BUT you can do it over the internet too. Look up nude models on google images and start sketching them, except start by doing gestures, which are like really fast scribbles. Do like 10 of those before you start on an actual detailed drawing of a figure, (do all this traditionally, and go nuts with the fast drawings, like really thrash that page if you want. Also, don’t forget to draw from you shoulder when doing gestures!)

If you just want know how I do it, (without a reference, which I wouldn’t reccommend doing until you’ve studied figures for a while, I don’t think I’ve even had enough figure drawing honestly,) I can give you a strange tip that helps me a lot…

When doing the initial pose sketch, don’t draw the head!

Some people use the head to measure out the rest of the body, but to do that you’d have to always follow ‘perfect proportion’ rules, and let’s be honest, not everyone is built perfectly. So, I wait to do the head last to make sure it’s proportionate with my imperfect body!

Now, I know muscle placement from doing figure drawing, but by no means am I skilled at it. If you’re unsure about where the muscles go, look it up! There’s no shame in that.

Now I added the head, and you can play around with sizes and suchduring this phase, whatever fits best.

final sketch

I’M ADDING THE LINEART JUST FOR THE HAY OF IT, and you can see I accidentally colored on it, (grinds teeth.)

And color!

The only other ‘trick’ I can think of is constantly flipping your drawing to see if it’s okay. At first it’s painful, but after a while your drawings will look less strange when flipped and it’ll become much easier to draw!

That’s all I can really say about figures, I AM AN AMATEUR  so whatever info you can get from a pro I would go with that.


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