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Warning for those of you lazy, self-absorbed and/or just plain inattentive parents »> all the censorship in the world won’t make up for bad parenting. If your child is more influenced by our music than mommy & daddy, both you and your offspring have much bigger problems than our lyrics. So before you go hauling us or any other artist into court, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you did the best you could, because obviously if you’re considering taking us to court, you didn’t. Mindless Self Indulgence »> You’ll Rebel To Anything

Mindless Asks
  • tight: your favourite bassist of MSI? (vanessa yt/lyn-z)
  • shut me up: favourite MSI album?
  • bring the pain: least favourite MSI album?
  • stupid MF: what do you think about MSI's lyrics?
  • witness: do you prefer old MSI music or new?
  • personal jesus: favourite stage outfit/look of jimmy urine?
  • straight to video: favourite stage outfit/look of steve righ?
  • fuck machine: favourite stage outfit/look of kitty
  • animal: favourite stage outfit/look of lyn-z
  • tornado: favourite MSI song?
  • bullshit: least favourite MSI song?
  • get it up: ever seen MSI live?
  • revenge: how did you get into MSI?
  • vanity: opinions on pink?
  • angry boy: favourite MSI member?
  • 5TR82HE11: favourite MSI lyrics?

“Persecute the weak and willing
I’ve been here so long
For the love of God”

MSI’s Pink album is slowly taking over my life…This was supposed to be the Christian hand gesture for crossing someone but you can interpret it to mean whatever you want… This is Mindless Self Indulgence, after all!
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anonymous asked:

do u think msi is gonna release another album ?? or are they all just chilling doing their own things

They are, I’m pretty sure! Like I’ve said, Jimmy mentioned he’s working on MSI songs and he always likes to make it clear that this is JUST A HIATUS, they will be back, there will be more Mindless. :)

anonymous asked:

do you think msi are gonna realize another album within the next couple of years? I get they’re taking a break and I respect that, but after pink came out they kinda just dropped off the face of the earth with nothing else so.

They’ve taken long hiatuses before so this isn’t like an Unusual Thing and even in an interview in 2008 Steve said they always take years to release new albums so! Jimmy also said he’s currently working on new MSI songs now that he’s got a break and he’s made sure people know many many times that MSI have not broken up and are just taking a break! I have a feeling they’ll do one more tour in about a year before they break up :)

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