mistressandry  asked:

Wait, has the Illusive Man been asked yet? ILLUSIVE MAN PLEASE. ILLUSIVE MAN.

Sure thing! :D

1. My OTP for them: Illusive Man/Eva Coré (from ME: Evolution)

2. A person of the same sex I ship them with: Illusive Man/Desolas Arterius (brother of Saren, also from ME: Evolution)

3. A person of the opposite sex I ship them with: Illusive Man/Matriarch Trellani. He booked her twice! True love right there.

4. An uncommon person I ship them with: Illusive Man/Aria because I CAN AND I WILL

5. A ship with them I don’t care for: Illusive Man/his cigarettes because damn son what’s wrong with you

mistressandry  asked:

Whhhhyyyyy biology?

BECAUSE. BIOLOGY IS THE BEST. i had an amazing biology teacher in high school (ugh seriously k-12 teachers need to be paid more… they actually mold minds and change lives. like so much more than anyone else. but that’s a different thing) and the way he explained things made everything so fascinating. my dad is also a scientist so that probably had a lot to do with it. i’ve always had a science-based, rational way of thinking.

it seems obvious to me–why wouldn’t i want to know about what takes place in my body? there are so many levels on which to examine life but they all seem relevant to me. everything i learn in biology is directly applicable to my existence (except ecology and population dynamics–SO BORING, WHY IS THAT EVEN CALLED BIOLOGY?). life is the most interesting thing in the universe, that atoms can form molecules can form structures can form cells can form the most complex of things! it’s so intricate and everything works together and it all just MAKES SENSE. LIFE IS AMAZING. HOW DOES IT EVEN EXIST. and so many things are so fundamentally the same in all forms of life and omg i just love it. it gives order to my world.

people say biology is a lot of memorizing but that’s not how it feels. i’m learning processes, and knowing the names of things and what happens if they are present or absent or mutated is just part of knowing how those processes work. if i really understand it doesn’t feel like memorization.

blah blah blah omg i’ll stop now. i love and am interested in a lot of fields,but biology is the biggest one. you don’t have to major in biology to plan to go med school, but i honestly don’t think i’d want to learn anything as in-depth as i do biology. i love spanish and linguistics, but these upper-level classes i’m taking are getting tedious and i find myself asking what the point of it is. having had a taste of how intense and specific biology can get, i’m still interested in pursuing it further.