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i was tagged by my awesome mutual @wizardfeet who i should listen to when i am about to do something stupid and i know i’ll regret!

the rules are: post 10 facts about yourself + pass on to 10 of your faves!!!

ok~ here we go!

1. i was in marching band my freshman and sophomore year of high school

2. i know how to play the ukulele, as well as marimba, glockenspiel, vibraphone, and other kinds of keyboards thanks to band~ and i am currently learning how to play them druuuuuums!

3. i am a huge nerd for science!!! like anything science related i love. what is it? physics? love it!, geology? rocks are the best kasjdkajsdkfj;sl SCIENCE!!!!

4. i used to have a strong mexican accent when speaking english.

5. i love learning new languages and learning about cultures around the world, i find it fascinating how every culture is a world of its own and i get really captivated by the customs and traditions they have!

6. i have a short achilles tendon making the muscles in my legs and up to my hips really tight, making it hard for me to perform any kind of physical activities without physical therapy, though it’s not really as bad as it sounds… just, really inconvenient… 

7. i am terrible at videogames, i almost never play them, even though my hand-eye coordination is pretty good bc of my experience with instruments i truly lack the skill to play videogames (i also lack a lot of common sense and end up getting stuck in weird inexplicable places in games all the time *sigh*)

8. my music taste is all over the place, i don’t really have a preference, i like most generes, except for reggeton and banda (los latinos sabran de que estoy hablando) i’ve hated those ever since i started enjoying music.

9. i named my ukulele Marilyn… bc… i don’t know… reasons…

10. finally, i am lactose intolerant, i have already come to terms with this part of myself, and it’s not as bad as it seems really!

sorry i think i already typed too much… ok now i tag *drum roll*

@negroymorado @konorai @a-la-orilla-del-rio @mship aaaaand i can’t really think of anyone else right now… so that’s it for this post!