Title: The Shape of You

Rating: M

Ships: Klance

Event: @voltronbigbang

Artists: @thislovelymaelstrom​​ @lil-miss-epic​​ @noririna​​

Betas: @momoftheyear2k16​​ @merc-era​​


The AU where Lance was actually Keith’s gay awakening and he doesn’t realize until he sees Lance in that skin tight underarmor and proceeds, without delay, to walk into a wall.

Starring Pining Keith, Oblivious Lance, Best Wingman Hunk, and Big Brother Shiro.


This fic has been such an insane labor of love. Based on one of the first ideas I had when joining the fandom and I am so happy it is finally here and posted!! I want to thank all my amazing artists and betas that helped bring this fic to life. I don’t think I’ve ever been as emotionally attacked to a chapter as I am to this one. And I really hope you guys like it!


Keith had not been born knowing he was gay. He had not exuded any of the early signs. Never play flirted with other boys. Never had any too close boy “friends.” Never imagined himself getting married to a boy. Either through stunted emotional growth he’d been told came from being shuffled from one foster home to the next (some better than others) or simply because he had never really… ya know, liked people, Keith had never thought about dating or sex or sexuality. He’d only ever gone with it. In the same way he never really tried to make friends or hang out, Keith never asked people on dates. If a girl or a boy wanted to go out with him, he said yes because it was easier than saying no. It helped that there was never a second date.

And as for sexual attraction, he’d felt it. Known in that abstract sort of way that sex sounded nice and he’d liked to have it one day. Yet when he masturbated (because he was a teenager and he was not as uptight as Lance seemed to think) he never really saw someone. Just feelings and hands and ideas of what one did in that sort of situation.
So the first time he was truly and dearly attracted to someone it had been more than left field. It had crash landed from outer space and left a crater of confusion and maybe this metaphor was falling apart but it made sense. Sorta.


anonymous asked:

It would be so amazing if u could do an Iwaoi mermaid au please!!

OKAY ANON!!! I’m sorry it took a bit but here you go!!! You’re mermaid AU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rating: M

Ship: IwaOi

The fresh snow crunches beneath Iwaizumi’s boots, falling from the rocks as he steps across them. The top of the mountain leads nowhere, and the horizon only clouds. Iwaizumi looks back at it from the ledge, and steps away, letting his bag drop with a whispered shuffle. He made it.

His air is weak in his lungs, not thin enough to need oxygen, but harder to breathe, to hold. He heaves it into his chest and stumbles back, laughing. He made it- Iwaizumi’s heart pushes up on his chest like it wants to break free, and his skin feels like it’s vibrating, the energy coursing through him.

He raises his hands above his head and screams, the deep rumble rolling through the clouds below him; freshly fallen snow blowing past him, picked up by the wind. He could stare at the horizon for hours, at the blue and orange sky that bleeds together like paint, dripping evening into day.

He picks up his bag, though, and swings it on his shoulder, turning into the mountain and the isle between the rocks, following it through to the other side. There are stories, of the mountain springs. But the stories can only be that, speaking of golden water, and rocks draped with silver ivy, only stories.

Iwaizumi turns into the cavern and faces the water, the deep blue pool untouched and glassed over in snowlight, white and blinding. Steam rolls over the surface and melts the snow around the edge.

“Undress-” His voice whispers in Iwaizumi’s ear and calls his attention to the corner of the pool. Iwaizumi squints in the dark corner, the man’s eyes nearly glowing, white in the darkness, leaned up against the rocks, his wet hair dripping on his nose and hanging in front of his eyes, empty and cold but filled to the brim with alluring hunger.

Iwaizumi unzips his jacket before he can think anything else.

“You’ve come for nothing-” his voice is melted silver that drips into Iwaizumi’s ear, down his neck and makes his skin burn. He removes his shirt as the other speaks, slowly feeling the bite of the frigid air.

“I come for nothing.” He says.

“Good-” he responds.

“Then you will live-”

Iwaizumi watches the man in the pool, his skin a pale white and dripping with the shine of water, the skin on his waist fading and separating into scales, pulling his body into a long tail of silver that flips under the water. The fin ripped and tattered silk, transparent and spread like a fan, moving like a piece of fabric in the water.

“Come-” He says.

He pushes off the wall of the rocks, swimming to the center of the pool, as Iwaizumi removes his pants and underwear. He stands naked before the creature, his blank white eyes dripping over his body like bleeding thought.

“What are you called?” Iwaizumi tries not to move quickly, his body shaking from the cold. His breath fades out in clouds before his lips and his voice quakes as he speaks. He dips a toe into the water expecting the heat to warm him but his body is shocked by the cold. When he tries to retreat the man reaches out and grabs him by his ankle- his curled black nails digging into Iwaizumi’s skin- drawing blood into the clear pool. He hisses and bares his teeth, the sharp needles that feather his mouth.

“You can not turn away once you’ve touched the water-” He says, his voice sharp and scratching through the air.

Iwaizumi’s heart shutters at his grip, at the voice and at the cold, falling weak to the strength of the man.

He continues into the water and heaves the air in his lungs as he’s absorbed by the cold. He wades past the edge of the rocks, into the bottomless center when the other man waits.

“I am called many things, but you may call me Tooru-” he whispers and takes hold of one of Iwaizumi’s arms, unfolding them from his chest, forcing them out. His touch is slick and leaves a residue on Iwaizumi’s skin, like grease.

He shivers as Tooru’s hands trace down his body, his nail digging grooves into his skin.

“Are you afraid of death?” Tooru asks, and Iwaizumi tries to breathe through his answer but it comes out more like a gasp, his body fighting his environment his limbs feeling numb and broken at the tips like he’s made of ice.

“No-” He says, he knows to say it- it’s not a lie.

Tooru’s eyes flick up and reflect Iwaizumi’s image, blue and shivering in the water, he sees his lips part and blood start to drop down his cheek, he watches himself corrode and shrivel and then it reverses and he’s him again, pale and freezing.


Tooru’s hand wraps around Iwaizumi’s neck before he can take another shaking breath. His lungs fill with water as he’s pushed beneath the surface, burning and striking against his chest. He watches Tooru’s face, his teeth pointed out as he swims, his tail flicking and flicking them further.

Iwaizumi clutches at Tooru’s hand. His nails dig holes into the side of his neck and he can feel his warm blood seep into the ice water, the chill invading his body. He can’t feel his lungs anymore.

When all light disappears from above, and iwaizumi can only see darkness, Tooru stops and lets go of him. His body still shakes, but is limp and filled with water. A shallow pool of air in his lungs keep him alive.

He lifts his weightless head in the water and tries to see through the darkness at Tooru when he sees the light.

Tooru’s hair whips at its roots, waving in the current. He looks at Tooru- at his skin, and he forgets him, for a moment. He’s almost new.

His skin is no longer solid, but a transparent sheet spread tight over his bones, revealing his internal structure- his beating life. Iwaizumi’s chest feel so tight he thinks he might burst, but he continues to stare. Tooru’s bones are almost luminescent, glowing in the depth of the mountain, his eyes glowing too fixated in the skull Iwaizumi stared into.

A bubble escaped from Iwaizumi’s lips. The last bubble from his lungs and his eyes don’t feel heavy, but his body starts to sink. When-

Tooru’s hand grips the side of Iwaizumi’s waist, his body coming closer, and then warmth. Warmth spreads through Iwaizumi’s body, from the tips of his lips to the ends of his toes he can feel his whole body vibrating.

Tooru’s lips press against his, and Iwaizumi doesn’t have the strength to pull away so he lets Tooru breath into his lungs and fill them with air. He’s saving him- he’s giving him what he asked for- nothing.

When he expects him to pull away, Tooru pushes closer. His nails begin to dig into Iwaizumi’s side then his back as Tooru’s arms wrap around him, pulling him as close as possible.

Iwaizumi’s lungs feel filled with something heavy, that weighs him down but keeps him all the same afloat. Tooru’s lips rip away from his and now he has the strength to move, now he has the strength to pull in a breath of water, but he doesn’t push Tooru away.

When his teeth sink into Iwaizumi’s neck and he feels the skin pull apart and bleed he doesn’t feel the pain, his body feels cold. He can’t kick his legs anymore, and he doesn’t push away. He pulls Tooru tighter, hugging and scraping his fingers across his back as they grow and pull away the transparent skin, black oozing blood lifting from under his hands like smoke.

Tooru screams and pulls away, and Iwaizumi gasps, pressing his palms to his eyes. The glowing light from Oikawa becomes fainter and fainter, fading into a white film that covers everything. He blinks and rubs at his eyes, the pain fading as the witness gets brighter. The skeletal Tooru he saw disappears, and Iwaizumi blinks into a brighter surrounding.

“You’re coming through-” A new voice speaks to him, and Iwaizumi sees both a colored world and dark one through his eyes. He sees Tooru come towards him and move his mouth but-

“What are you looking for?” He asks.

Iwaizumi blinks his eyes again a few times, the darkness fading and the bright green algae on the rocks begins to appear.

“Nothing-” He says it like he did before, but when he looks up Tooru is different.

“No- you came for nothing-” Tooru says.

This Tooru’s face is softer, his teeth are human, and his eyes- his eyes are brown, deep and full of life. He smiles and flicks his tail, a shimmering teal, the scales scattering around his waist and patching all the way up to his cheeks, like stars on his body.

“What are you looking for?” Tooru asks again. This time Iwaizumi flicks his own tail, looking down at the deep midnight blue. His fin, like Tooru’s, fluid and transparent. He looks up at Tooru, who places a hand on his shoulder and raises an eyebrow.

“I’m looking for Atlantis.”  

AU-Not Famous

Maybe we can be (each other’s company)

By- foolishbangtan

in which jeongguk is an idol, and taehyung is a dedicated fan account. 

Rating: M 

Ship/s: Vkook, JiHope, Namjin, Sugamon, Yoonjin


Trust your heart if the seas catch fire

By- maxx

“Sometimes I wonder whether you’d be better off without me. Whether you really need me at all.”

Taehyung has always doubted his necessity to the group, as well as to Jungkook. Usually a knock on the head would suffice to bring him back to his senses. But this time, it seems someone was listening to his request. Now, everything has changed. He’s in a world where Jungkook and the rest of the group are still famous, but he isn’t.

Rating: M

Ship/s: Vkook, Markson 



By- goog

Jeongguk left his boyfriend for 4 months without saying goodbye. Now he has to make it up to him.

Rating: M

Ship/s: Jikook


you look happy (and that’s enough for now)

By- willinglywastingmytime

this is all taehyung’s fault. jeongguk just wanted to watch anime, and now suddenly he’s helping a hot crying boy get revenge on his ex boyfriend.


‘i came to this club looking for a one night stand and you were crying about your ex boyfriend so i though you’d be an easy lay but you’re telling me what he did to you and wow i had no idea people could be such assholes and i’m kind of disgusted with myself.’ au

Rating: M

Ship/s: Jikook, Platonic Vkook



To Have And To Hold

“Alexander knew very well just how lucky he was.

The ring on his finger had gotten him farther than he could had dreamed as a child. An omega was only to get an education if their alpha wanted it to be so. The questions about the lack of bite mark followed him everywhere, but it was easy enough to brush off with the explanation of his alpha wanting him educated before their bonding. An educated omega could better raise educated alpha sons, after all.

The ruse couldn’t last forever.”

Rating: M

Ship: Whamilton

Tags: Canon Era, Mildly Dubious Consent, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics

But I’ll Let It Slide

Hercules looked at Burr, searching for the sliminess Alex always said the man oozed from every pore. When he couldn’t find it, he grinned and stepped closer. “Well, I imagined you to be much more snake-y. Scaley. Not nearly as attractive. You’re like a walking model.”

Rating: T

Ship: Burrcules

Tags: Modern Setting

To Those Who Can Afford To Live By It

Magic wasn’t supposed to be flaunted. It was a gift, treasured and appreciated, but never shown off. James didn’t know why, but it seemed as if Hamilton had never been taught such things. If Hamilton did know, he didn’t care.

There were always whispers that Hamilton had only gotten where he was because of his magic. Hamilton had nothing else, after all.

James had thought that too, before.

Rating: T

Ship: Alexander Hamilton/James Madison

Tags: Canon Era, Magic

Please, Whatever You’re About To Do, Don’t

“Thomas Jarmond had made many mistakes in both of his lifetimes, but running into Alexander Hendricks would lead to one of the worst.”

Rating: T

Ship: Jamilton

Tags: Modern Setting, Reincarnation
Cruellest Conquests: Chapter 3 - End of the Line
When Arthur’s family ventures to the New World, it feels like the end. He’s not quite coming to terms with what’s happening in his life and he is just coasting through, intent on surviving so he could go back home to England as soon as possible. These plans change when Arthur encounters another boy who, by all intents and purposes, should be considered an enemy. But Arthur just can’t bring himself to properly hate him.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: M
Ships: FrUK
Type: Romance/Adventure/Human AU
WARNINGs: Blood, gore, violence.

Sorry for being a week behind… I’ll try not to let it happen again D:

With You In Mind

Chapter 1: The Scars On Your Feet

NEXT–> chapter 2

Rating: M

Ship: Iwaoi 

The top doesn’t look that high. He could probably reach it if he had something to stand on. Oikawa sits on the floor, the white light of the summer beaming in on the kitchen, refracted by the glass of the transparent cookie jar. He just needs to reach the cookies. His eyes transfixed on them, on the top of the fridge.

“Stop looking at the cookies Tooru, you’re not getting any before your lunch.” His mother says, opening the fridge door. Oikawa doesn’t move his eyes away from the brown biscuits.


“No.” His mother cuts him off. Her head still stuck in the fridge. He just wants one.

“TOORU!” He can’t hear her anymore. He can hear him, his screams, and the crunch of shoes over glass. Oikawa’s toes hurt, the skin underneath his feet twitching and breaking, he’s in pain, and he can’t make it go away.

“Mommy?” He calls through the silence of the room, cutting it like a knife his words penetrate his father’s ears.

“Mommy…” Oikawa wiggles his toes. His eyes are blurry, why are they so blurry. He blinks three times. The tears are warm on his cheeks, and they slide over his lips. They taste salty.

“Mo…mmy” He reaches out for her hand but is picked up and pulled away from her. He can’t see her face, he can’t see her eyes. Where are her eyes?

All he can see is her hand, protruding from beneath the toppled refrigerator. The shattered glass of the cookie jar spread out on the floor and embedded in his small feet, leaving growing scars he still feels today.

“MAAACHHMMYYY” He screams, his voice breaking like glass shattering within him. His father holds him away. He can feel his heart against his body, racing like it’s dying, like it’s breaking.

The white light still streams in, illuminating the dust in the air, making it look mystical. The air is so silent, the dust remaining still.

Oikawa’s heart doesn’t leap when his eyes open to the darkness. He doesn’t look away from the black light that makes faces in the absence of focal points, the dance it creates in its chaos. Oikawa sits up in the bed, hearing his spine crack in the morning, knowing the world is alive because he can hear the voices behind the door, the change of the guards, and the lights suddenly come alive.

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Texting Fics

That’s gay (smolsyub)

mother slut: but yoongi don’t you love us

don’t talk to me: id sell you to satan for a cornchip

eommajin: what about jimin tho, surely hes worth more than a cornchip to you

don’t talk to me: no?? I hate u all equally none of u are worth more than one

minnie: excsuse mne? my ass alone is worth one cornchip u fukker

By- smolsyub

Rating: M

Ship/s: Vkook, yoonmin, namjin



minsugagenius: everytime you say you gave birth to us I wanna puke

mommy: I gave birth to ALL OF YOU




[minsugagenius left the group]

By- sotaekook

Rating: M

Ship/s: Vkook, Yoonmin, Namjin


SUN PRINCE (daeguarchives)


:) hobi :): Me

jiminiii: me 2 ho


/ where jungkook is whipped for taehyung, taehyung is platonically in love with 6 people, yoongi and jimin are way too oblivious, seokjin and namjoon are the parental figures and hoseok is the lone heterosexual, in love with a girl that could beat his ass. /

By- daeguarchives

Rating: M

Ship/s: Vkook, namjin, yoonmin


Too high, we on trampoline (pizza_netflix_hp)

taelicious: anyway his insta is @jeonkookie pls follow him he’s beautiful and ruining my life

dadjoon: …Tae.

taelicious: …hyung.

dadjoon: I know the boy whom you’re Instagram stalking.

or: in which taehyung is a Grade A instagram stalker, yoonmin are stupid and in love, and namjin and hoseok are just here to roast and make sure no one dies

{title from english translation of not today, by bts}

By- pizza_netflix_hp

Rating: M

Ship/s: Vkook, Yoonmin, Namjin


Chong! jojun! Balsa! (Point! Aim! Shoot!) (nutaella)

sunflower <3 to [HEADS UP HOES]

sunflower <3: OMG GUYS

sunflower <3: MY BOY REPLIED

(basically taehyung is the most precious, jeongguk is two hundred percent whipped, yoongi is the best brother, seokjin is a nagging mother, jimin is the bestest best friend, namjoon is the most normal, and hoseok is the meme king and the lonely one)

By- Nutaella

Rating: M

Ship/s: vkook, yoonmin, namjin


Soulmate Au

Sea Foam and Tangerine (and the others in between)

By- LAYmedown (InfernalMCR)

Jimin laid in bed and watched the strip on his wrist change color. Again. He really worried for his soulmate, dyeing their hair all the time probably wasn’t good for them. At least the new magenta color was pretty.

Rating: M

Ship/s: Yoonmin, Sugamon, Namjin


You’re a fantasy (but I’m your destiny)

By- areumdaums

and maybe when you love with all your might and give everything, he might love you back.

(soulmate/hanahaki!crossover au)

Rating: M

Ship/s: Vkook


Will you be my Forever?

By- flywithtaetae (kimtaehyungs)

From the moment Jungkook turned 18, he had been excited to see the numbers appear on his wrist.


Just 762 days before he finally meets his soulmate.




And then it stops.

Rating: M

Ship/s: Vkook


you don’t have to say i love you (to say i love you)

By- pizza_netflix_hp

Jimin knows he’s going to hate his soulmate from the moment he learns how to read and sees the words go feed yourself to the fucking sharks written on his wrist.


in which the first words one’s soulmate says to them are tattooed on their wrist, yoongi doesn’t like feelings, and jimin just wants to bang his head into a desk because why is his true love so dumb

Rating: M

Ship/s: Yoonmin, Vkook