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What is the best/kindest thing someone’s ever done for you?

well I don’t know about the best, but I can’t really think of something else so… I went to a music camp two years ago, and It was the first time I’d ever went. Now, I’m a percussionist, so of course following the stereotype, I was the only girl. There was this one percussion guy who just acted really nice to me, not flirting, but being nice. He’d say hi every time I saw him. He complemented me on my playing, and said I was the only girl awesome enough to join percussion. It may not have meant much to him, but to me it just made me feel so awesome about myself. I still remember it to this day.

How old were you when you joined tumblr?

Well, I made it a while back, but I’ve only been using it for about 3/4 of a year. So, 15 years old.

Most embarrassing talent to demonstrate?

Acting probably, even though I do a lot of it. It’s a bit scary doing it in front of my peers.

What is the shortest/longest you’ve ever had your hair?

Shortest, a bit below my ears, longest, almost to the small of my back.

What are your two favorite ships? If only one could be cannon, which do you choose??

ugh you expect me to choose only two? *grumbles* Destiel and… uh…um.. tied for second are Cecilios and Jack/Ianto. because yes, I can do that. for which one I would chose to be cannon- Destiel! because the other two are already cannon hehe 

When is the last time you drew/wrote something for fun?

well earlier today I was drawing something in paint tool sai. It didn’t turn out to well. 

If you could instantly possess any skill, what would it be?

not really a skill, but work ethic. yes. I’m talented enough to easily develop most of the skills I want, but I have no effort. It’s kinda sad, really…

If you could swap lives with anyone who would you swap with? (note: the swap lasts for the next three years, then you are back to being you, they are back to being them, and you have to deal with whatever they did with your life in your absence!! O.o)

Misha Collins. Not so much for me living his life, although that would be also be great, but it would be awesome to come back to my life and deal with what he had done to it xD

Favorite food?You must eat afore mentioned food at least once every day. Still your favorite??

any type of poultry. chicken. turkey. yum. eat it everyday for a month? yep, still love it.

What is/would be on your Christmas list?

A kalimba! A cute thumb kind of piano!

What three words describe your relationship with your favorite person?

weak, non-existent, lacking. (it’s a one-sided kind of thing. Cause I’m a loser.)

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1. Very favorite fandom? why is it your favorite?

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4. Take public transportation or drive/walk/bike to school or work?

5. Left brained or right?

6. which of the 5 sense could you go without?

7. Cold or hot?

8. Describe your town or city.

9. Are you superstitious?

10. Favorite word?

11. Fav ship?

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