Birchbox Please

So I have to share this very cool item I discover a couple months back. It’s called Birchbox and it’s a nifty little thing.

Let me give you the 411 on it. Basically its a box with samples in it. But it’s not those little samples you get at Macy’s it high end brands. Brands like Khiels, Befit, Benifit, Juicy Coutrue and so many more. It comes every month with about 6 sample sized items. Now how does this benefit the budget savvy girl. Well, I love to save on make-up but sometimes good things do cost a little more. But do you really want to shelve out $50 for a face cream or primer that in the end doesn’t really work for you. See Birchbox lets you try all these products for only $10 a month. Now $10 might be a luxury for you but if you have that extra bill do try it out. As you sample the products you login in to your account and rate them. You get points for rating product and those points can be used for discounts on products. They sell all the products sampled on their website so you don’t have to look around. Now I will be honest I did not just magically stumble on this. Like I said I do watch beauty blogs on YouTube and one of my favorite is MissGlamorazzi or Ingrid and this is where I originally saw Birchbox. I’ve linked the video if you want to see her talk about it. Every month I will have a Birchbox Please post and I will go through what is in the box. This month I just wanted to give you a little intro into the birchbox product.

msglamorazzi video

Birchbox website