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Betting on Love (Requested Justin Bieber Imagine)

Request: Can you do an imagine that Justin made a bet with his friends that had to date you for one year, and when it hit one year he had to reveal that the whole thing was a bet in front of a concert, and he tried to get you back?


“Flight 110 to New York City is now boarding.”

I grabbed my belongings that were piled up next to me and smiled to myself, this is it: I’m heading to New York City to surprise my boyfriend of 1 year on our anniversary. 

I let out a squeal of excitement as I jumped into my spot in line to board the aircraft. I looked down at the Michael Kors watch that rested on my left wrist and quickly calculated the time that I would be landing down on the other side of the country. 7:00 PM, perfect. I smiled to myself knowing that I was going to be able to pull off a surprise this big because Justin probably didn’t expect it, which made all of this so worth it.

The whole flight I was thinking about Justin’s reaction. Was he going to be happy? Excited? Would he be glad to have me at his last show of the first leg of the Purpose Tour? Ecstatic? Butterflies erupted in my stomach as I imagined the way his strong, muscular arms would wrap around my small waist and pull me into his chest for a hug. I could already feel his lips against mine, and I could already feel the excitement I would feel while watching him do what he loved most– performing

My thoughts were cut off when I felt the plane touch down onto surface once again. I couldn’t help but let a grin take over my lips, this night was going to be one to remember.

If you thought getting ready in one hour was a record time, you best believe I was going to be the new face next to “Getting Glammed the Quickest” in the Guinness Book of World Records, I had my hear and make-up done to perfection in thirty minutes.

Taking an Uber to Madison Square Garden felt like it took forever, but in reality it  took twenty minutes. I thanked the driver quickly before running into the back entrances, waving at each security guard as I did so.

“Have fun tonight!” A security guard yelled to me, I turned and smiled before taking off again, sprinting into the building and internally thanking Scooter for letting the guards in on the surprise for Justin.

Once I was safely inside the large arena, I smiled to myself. This was it

I walked around aimlessly, only because I had no idea where I was going or what direction would lead me to my boyfriend, who I hadn’t seen in months. 

“You made it!” 

I turned quickly to see Scooter standing behind me with his arms spread wide, waiting for a hug. I let out a laugh as I walked into his arms, while throwing mine around him in return, “I did!” I replied excitedly, “Thank you so much for helping me plan this.”

“Anytime. Personally, you’re my favorite girlfriend that Justin has had,” Scooter smiled at me, “Speaking of Justin, he’s actually down the second hallway over there, and in the third room on the right.” 

“Thank you,” I smiled, while turning into the direction of Scooter’s pointer finger. I walked down to the second hallway, and I counted the doors as I walked passed them. 



Three. This is it. The third door on the right.

I took a deep breath and I let my hand lay flat on the wooden door that stood in front of me. The butterflies that once were in my stomach regained their presence back in my stomach and my heart fluttered with happiness because I was moments away from seeing my happiness. Justin was definitely my happiness. Everything about him made my heart swell, especially the way that he still managed to care for me and make sure I was okay while being thousands of miles away from me for months. 

I took another deep breath and I began twisting the door knob, but I froze when I heard Justin’s voice from behind the door:

“C’mon, I’m not doing it,” Justin whined.

“It’s been a year. You said that if you made it a year with her, that you would break up with her,” I heard another male’s voice, suddenly pairing it to Fredo. That was definitely Fredo.

“You weren’t supposed to fall in love with her!” Another voice added.

Za. Definitely Za.

“I know, but to do it in front of the whole arena?” Justin’s voice said.

“A bet is a bet, my dude,” Za laughed.

I let go of the doorknob in that moment, and I stood there frozen. My legs didn’t want to move, my jaw was dropped, and my hear was shattered

Was this real? This was real life? My boyfriend, my Justin, was planning on breaking my heart in front of everyone? 

I shook my head, not wanting to believe it, but it was impossible not to. I heard it all from the sources, and it hurt like a mother fucker. 

I took a step back away from the door and I walked back down the second hallway, getting as far away as possible from the third door on the right. My eyes were burning, but at the same time so was my heart. I walked quickly, with my head down and when I felt something crash into my body I looked up.

“Sorry,” I mumbled, meeting the eyes of Dan [Kanter]. 

“Yo, it’s cool. Did you see Justin yet? I’m sure he’s stoked you’re here,” Dan smiled. 

I tore my eye contact away from his and I nodded, “Yeah, he’s super excited.”

“Awesome! I’ll save your seat in the MIX.” Dan smiled as he walked away. 

I spotted a fold up chair that was unoccupied at the end of the hall and I decided to take it. I sat there and waited, waited for the show to start, waited for my heart to feel real pain. 

I sat there for what felt like hours, and maybe it was hours. But, I couldn’t tell. My eyes were burning from the lack of blinking I was doing as I stared at the ground beneath my feet. 

“Let’s head on out to the MIX, the show is about to start,” Scooter smiled at me as he walked by.

I pushed myself up from the chair, not even wanting to move but doing it anyway, and I followed Scooter. 

We pushed our way through the crowd who was still hyped from the opening performances and we climbed the few steps that took us to the MIX. 

The lights went dark and my heart was still numb. All of the excitement I was supposed to be feeling wasn’t there because I knew how this night was ending.

Happy one year anniversary

Justin appears over the stage in a clear box as the melody to Mark My Words played. He scribbled on the walls of the box as he sang passionately words to a song that was nothing but lies.

The rest of the concert was a blur. 

I stood there with my arms folded across my chest waiting for it–waiting for my heart to get shattered. 

Justin walked across the stage, scratching his head. He was slightly out of breath from the last song, and he took a sip of water.

This was it

“So,” He started, and as soon as he did my heart sunk knowing what his next words were going to be, “You guys know my girl, uh, girlfriend, right?”

The crowd cheered, whether it was boo’s or cheer’s, I couldn’t tell because I couldn’t careless.

I looked over at Scooter, who had a look of confusion plastered on his face, before looking back to Justin. 

He didn’t know I was here. Maybe if I saw him and went through with the surprise he wouldn’t be doing this right now.

“Well, that wasn’t real,” Justin blurted out, “Well, she thought it was real–but it wasn’t. You see, I made, uh, I made a bet with my friends a year ago. They didn’t think I could get her to date me, but if I did I had to break up with her a year later and tell her it was a joke—in front of, uh, in front, uh, in front of the crowd.”

The crowd again got loud, but all I heard was my heart beat and my body was completely numb. My mouth was dry, and I was frozen. I was unable to move.

I saw Scooter run off of the MIX from the corner of my eye, and Justin walked off of the stage. The arena was suddenly bright and the crowd began being forced to leave the arena. 

Not wanting to be recognized, I quickly walked backstage. I didn’t want to, but that was the only safe place to be until the crowds died down. 

“I didn’t want to do it!” Justin yelled.

I didn’t see him, but I heard him.

“Then why did you? She is fucking here! Did you know that? Did you know that she planned this surprise for you, that she is in this building and she witnessed you say all of that!” Scooter yelled.

I didn’t hear Justin’s response if he even had one, but I walked right into the mix of the argument and I waved, “Good show.”

Justin’s face dropped. His sweaty face flushed, and his eyes filled with regret.


“Save it,” I said softly.

Scooter had walked away, and so did any bystander.

“I still want you–I want us,” Justin said, “Look, it was a bet. I didn’t want to do it. I swear-” Justin grabbed my hands, and pulled me closer to him.

“Well-” I yanked my hands away from his, as a tear slipped from my eye, “I don’t want us. I don’t want you. I don’t want someone who let their pride get in the way of this relationship. You could of lost the bet, you could of– I don’t know. I don’t know,” I grabbed my head in frustration and at this point tears were falling continuously, “I thought this was real.” 

“This is real,” Justin said, trying to hug me.

“This wasn’t real, this was a bet,” I shouted, “This was nothing to you. A year. A year of nothing. A year of making me look like the biggest dumb ass in the world. Thank you, Justin. I really appreciate that.”

“I’m so sorry, I really am. I love yo-” 

“No you don’t,” I said bluntly, while wiping at my face, “You love your pride, and now that’s all you’re left with.”

I pulled the white envelope that contained the long letter I wrote inside of a Hallmark card and threw it at him, “Happy one year anniversary, babe. I hope it was worth it.


WOW, OKAY. I’ve been working on this one for like ever, but yay it’s finally done! I’m still taking imagine requests so feel free to send some in 😚

So, yestarday in the Madison Square Garden was the last date of purpose tour in the USA. Now, he can take a break of 1 month before starting again for purpose tour europe (20 august 2016). During this break, I will just post normal justin’s pic like this one. Make sure to retweet this and follow me for the next step of purpose tour. Peeeeace.