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i’ve been in this fandom for over 4 years and i think my favorite time in this fandom was the first night of the no control launch

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can you do a concert review ? or just like a run down on your thoughts. i would love to hear it :D if not that's cool. i hope you had a good time. xx

Yeah! I can try, I’m pretty shit at reviews lmao and I’m on my phone soooo it might not make too much sense.

Last night was probably my favorite show I’ve ever attended from the boys (the special shows dont count ie: msg, niam’s bday, 1st 1d concert). Tbh I think the reason is because of the energy the crowd was giving off. Sometimes you go to 1d shows and it can be a little MEH on that front bc the crowd is very Harry (or narry/Larry) centric and to me with Liam being one of the main personalities- it takes away from the experience if people aren’t as responsive to him. The shows are 1000000 times better when you have a crowd that’s more 1d AF, bc all the boys are feeding off of it and they give it back even more. That was last night.

I went to San Diego and I’ll be honest it wasn’t my favorite show and that was mostly why. So yeah. And then on top of that, the boys each stepped it up. Louis looked like he decided to put effort in his look, and he was such a babe. Clean, smiley, and everything I look for in my Tommo. Every time I focused on him, I just had this feeling that he was truly in awe of his life. He just had that look. And he was doing his little old man bop the whole night, dancing and singing along to the boys solos. And flirting up a storm with Liam and fond facing and touching and AHHH. Everything. Nouis. All of it.

NIALL’S voice. MY SON. If Liam’s my most all around evolved performer, Nialls my most improved. He has found such a sweet spot and uses it 100% now. You can see his confidence, he’s so into it. And he looks so good? And don’t get my started on Niam. Why do they anything? They light up around each other. It’s beautiful. My cover band duo.

Harry is Harry. He’s the celeb, our little rock star. A ham. Slightly obnoxious at times but it’s Harold, you accept it bc no one else will do it like he does. He loved my side of the stage a lot and was dancing his ass off any chance he could. He seemed to also really be appreciative of everything, and idk why but I always believe him when he says his spiel. He’s happy being in that band and interaction with the fans. I only wish for him to participate in banter more. I’ve only been begging him since WWAT. Maybe he will listen to me.

LIAMMMMMM. Shit. Yall his voice. HIS VOICE. I have been waiting all your for Liam to get into a zone where he’s not hesitant to just go for it. Last night he went for it. He wanted to sing and all i wanna do is hear him sing. He was doing runs like he was on a marathon, all night long and it was GLORIOUS. I don’t care if singers aren’t pitch perfect when they’re giving it they’re all. He took his risks, changed shit up, and it payed off.
And then his stage presence. 😍😍😍😍 he’s so good at giving fans attention. He and Harry are masters at that. He kept pointing out signs, blowing kisses, having eyebrow conversations, the works. He loves to dance and he isn’t afraid to be a fool in the name of putting on a show. That break dancing bit was sooo cute. And then his interactions with the boys. You’ve seen all the gifs. So much love and time to give his boys. So thankful we get to experience a fragment of that. And then finally HIS LOOK. So fine. Omg so so gorgeous. I think champayne-papi killed my arm from grabbing it so much lmao. He’s gonna only get better and I’m scared of what that is. PUHFECT LIL POP STAR.

Things to look out for? Niam’s ending on spaces. Holy fuck.

This was long and prob not good but oh well! I hope it makes some sort of sense anon. Driving back to LA NOW so I’ll be sporadic in my responses 😘