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do you have any advice on getting more followers as an artist?

Tag your work. Draw lots of fanart because people flock to that- people are looking for content they already love and know about. I don’t really do this much though so it doesn’t apply to me. People know me for my original stuff and it’s not easy to get recognized that way. If you’re a fan artist sometimes people will be interested in your original content, but not always.

Also: NEVER be rude to your followers. I’ll just copy/paste some stuff I put on twitter the other day:

Because I see this kind of behavior a lot. It is NOT your followers job to support you, that is their choice and you are not automatically entitled to it. It is your job to produce content that they like and have a personality that would make them want to support you regardless of what you do.

You don’t have to put up with rude people who happen to follow you, but that doesn’t mean you should boss around and be nasty/tactless to the rest of your followers, either. Don’t let popularity and the power you have over others get to your head. If you’re modest and humble people will see and appreciate that.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:twenty one pilots are going to be playing two shows at madison square garden which is a huge and such a well known venue and the first show is tonight my beautiful boys have come so far and they've gotten so much recognition over the past year and honestly they deserve it more than anyone else and this is probably going to kill me because seeing their success is like watching a child of mine grow up and i'm just so proud because they're gonna be playing these gigantic shows and they have so much support and i love them so much

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I may have just missed it or something, but since I'm currently at work (>3>) I can't look through everything, but what happened to your furbaby? I understand if you don't want to disclose that information, I was just curious and concerned.

The TL;DR version.

  • My cat and I were living with my family. I moved out in June this year.
  • Had the money for the pet deposit, but I could not take my cat with me, because family insisted that he belonged to my brother. Argued with them and told them they were unfit to take care of the cat, and they REFUSED to budge. Reluctantly gave in and let them keep the cat.
  • 2 months later my brother tells me the cat has been thrown out onto the hot patio and is basically being abused. I agreed to take the cat. Told my family off and told them I was taking my cat whether they liked it or not.
  • My father helped me afford the pet deposit and also gave me money for supplies (food, litterbox, bowls, etc). I did not ask my father for help, he saw that I was upset and wanted my cat, so he helped me out because he’s great like that.
  • Went to the house to pick my cat up. He was INFESTED with fleas and not allowed in the house; the patio was dangerous because it was filled with junk and chemicals. I was furious.
  • Took the cat, treated him for fleas successfully. He is now flea-free. I have had him for about 2 and a half weeks and he has adjusted well.
  • Found out he was not updated on his shots and fleas can lead to worms. Got a voucher for a free pet exam in the mail, so I scheduled an appointment for him at the vet.
  • Fast forward to today. Went to the vet, everything that was done is shown in the bill. He is now up to date on his shots, flea-free, and will soon be tested for other things on his next visit as well as a check-up.

Unfortunately to afford the vet visit I had to tap into my rent a little, so I need to make up what I lost. My rent is due September 5th and I’d like to have it in before then. I need about ~$100 because this is the second time I’ve had to tap.

I hope that’s sufficient!

A few highlights from MSG

-Zack came out during the medley and rapped kitchen sink!
-They played Message Man!
-Tyler called the hamster ball the ball of death!
-Josh got in the hamster ball
-Tyler called Josh the love of his life
-Michael Gibson is leaving the crew :( (he’s been there from the beginning so Tyler made a moment to thank him)
-Tyler recognized Chris Salih during his trees speech and said he taught him a lot about how to put on a performance and even made him the piano

This is just a quick list feel free to add on more!