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Do you have any advice for someone who wants their art to get noticed and become a freelancer?

Draw lots of fan art. People like fan art, it’s a sad reality unless you also enjoy doing it. Ride on the coattails of your success as a fan artist and people may be interested in your original work if applicable.

Never, EVER work for free or “for exposure.” Exposure is a BS tactic to try and get people to get work for free. Exposure is nothing, exposure is not guaranteed, and the promise of exposure is basically someone wasting your time.

If anyone says “nothing in life is free” in an attempt to persuade you to work for them? Run.

DO NOT quit your job to freelance full-time. DO NOT DO THIS. IT IS A HORRIBLE IDEA. Relying on commissions sucks and is NEVER stable. I would rather work at a job I hate and be financially stable than have to rely on commissions. It’s why I got a day job in the first place.

Art is extremely competitive. Be compared to compete and practice a lot to make yourself wanted and marketable as an artist.

Draw furries. They’re “in.”

DeviantART is a terrible place to do business due to the points system. DeviantART users do not understand or respect the value of art and will complain that $3-5 is “overpriced.” 

You deserve to be paid a living wage.

Start charging $9-10 for every hour you spend on a piece. The more experienced, skilled, and marketable you become, the more you should charge.

Don’t listen to people who say you should undersell yourself THEN price yourself correctly when you get more of an audience.

Summer and the holidays are “dead” times and you will likely get less commissions if you freelance.

Invest in ads where you can (FurAffinity sells ads for $25 for 1 month) and network with people.

Don’t air your dirty laundry out in public. Keep personal and art blogs separate if you’re looking to go professional.

Don’t instantly trust people who know you’re an artist and want to be your friend. Chances are they want free stuff from you.

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iwaizumi asdfghgfdsa <3


  • First impression: I didn’t even notice him tbh I AM SO ASHAMED OF MYSELF…
  • Impression now: the light of my life. the most precious and pure, too good for this world. the ultimate boyfriend. my eternal love.
  • Favorite moment: when he cries in S2E25 because apparently I love to see my favs suffer.
  • Idea for a story: Iwaizumi as the national team’s doctor and taking care of Oikawa’s knee while cheering his boyfriend on during every game!!!
  • Unpopular opinion: I love bottom!Iwa 👀👌💯
  • Favorite relationship: IWAOI
  • Favorite headcanon: Iwaizumi is really good with kids and teaches volleyball for the elementary school students at the community gym!

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Are artists that get paid to draw what they want a thing? I was told by like the age of 4 that you won't make money as an artist so I've never looked into it I guess.

Yes, it’s possible. It’s really REALLY difficult and you have to have a huge following, but it’s possible.

I know several artists who do this- I can name 3 off the top of my head. Most of the time it’s them drawing webcomics, creating merchandise, or fanart regularly- but knowing art is a job, even that can suck the soul out of you sometimes.

Freelancing is a lot of work. It takes a lot of time and effort and even then you’re not guaranteed to make money. I’m lucky to get what I get tbh.

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  • First impression: “If Kise Ryouta played volleyball, this would be him.”
  • Impression now: HE DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!! a misunderstood character who works his hardest, even when he pushes himself past his limits, and cares deeply for his team!!!! HE JUST DESERVES SOOOOO MUCH MORE UGH
  • Favorite moment: chapter 171.5 “thank you for these three years!” I’M CRYING also “I believe in you all” YESSSS CAPTAIN YESSSSSSS
  • Idea for a story: I could literally go on for DAYS but I want an OVA or spin-off where all the captains end up going to the same uni and joining the same volleyball team and it’s just a huge mess.
  • Unpopular opinion: when people characterize him as a weepy emotional person who can’t live without Iwaizumi jUST NO.
  • Favorite relationship: IWAOI… 
  • Favorite headcanon: he was accepted to Shiratorizawa and could have gone but turned it down because he didn’t want to leave Iwaizumi behind.


  • First impression: “why tf is his voice so deep??????”
  • Impression now: holy shit I love him so much now???? this season has turned me into a giant thirsty mess for him tbh
  • Favorite moment: not really a “moment” but that farmer Ushijima meme always makes me laugh so hard??
  • Idea for a story: U19 OVA!!
  • Unpopular opinion: I HATE the stalker/abusive trope characterization he gets in some fics I HATE IT I HATE IT!!!!!!
  • Favorite relationship: I honestly don’t know if I have any romantic relationships for him but I love his interactions with his team.
  • Favorite headcanon: volunteers at a pet shelter because I think he would be really good with animals!
Signs when someone is not responding to their text
  • I hope you're writing me a fucking essay: Gemini, Leo, Aquarius
  • Waits patiently for 2412638 years: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Spams them for not replying: Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius
  • Doubts themselves if they have done wrong: Cancer, Libra, Pisces

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DAICHI "you're too late" *SLAMS FIST* DAICHI

omg HAHA LUNCH YES just for you ;3;

  • First impression: why does he look so much like Yamamoto Takeshi omg I love him already
  • Favorite moment: simultaneously my fav and most painful but when he got injured :’( bb :’((((
  • Idea for a story: imagine the endless possibilities for when he goes to uni and becomes really good friends with Kuroo and Bokuto who get him into a bunch of shit and just generally make his life better (((worse))).
  • Unpopular opinion: I used to be soooo weak for dai//suga and don’t get me wrong, I still like them!!!! but JUST THINK ABOUT KURODAI OR TERUDAI PLEASE….
  • Favorite relationship: kurodai fjdhdjfkfkd I LOVE…
  • Favorite headcanon: wears sweatpants a lot because of his Giant Thighs

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I love Kuroo a lot and it surprises me how little I talk about him tbh!

  • First impression: MY FIRST FAV CHARACTER. I actually started watching the show because of him. I saw a fanart of him and he looked so hot lmao and that’s what convinced me to watch!
  • Impression now: I still love him so much! The only thing keeping me reading the manga rn is to see him and nekoma again tbh.
  • Favorite moment: literally every time he breathes
  • Idea for a story: Kuroo goes off to uni in Tokyo and is roommates with Oikawa! Iwaizumi visits all the time and he and Kuroo become gr8 friends who tease Oikawa relentlessly. 
  • Unpopular opinion: KINDAAA related to him but I really do not like kuro//tsuki I’m sorry .__.
  • Favorite relationship: kuroken aaaaaa I am always weak for childhood friends! (but kurodai and bokuro are very closely tied for second)
  • Favorite headcanon: Kuroo and Daichi are gym buddies!