The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program highlights Kansas Cities own D.I.S.E.“The Show Me State” and home of Tech 9ine. We discuss the ups and downs of life and the elevation of hip-hop through out the globe. The importance of lyrics over flow and why the Mid West is still unrated. Make sure to come out and check out D.I.S.E in Kc Mo performing atThe Elegant Hoondess Musical Program kc in Nov.  


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N.A.B.: Tell me where you got the name Dice and what it means?

D.I.S.E: I’ve had that alias since high school; it came from nothing but being in the school bathrooms shooting Dice for our lunch money, lol. The alias stuck to me and I just ran with it, for years. Everything from life experience, to copyright issues has brought me to recently ditch the “Dice” alias and replace it with “D.I.S.E”. My issues with addiction, depression, and other factors forced me to reevaluate who I was and really dig deep to find my true self and purpose, for the sake of improvement, hence the acronym D.I.S.E (Dice Influenced Self Enhancement). My story and approach at this point fits the acronym perfectly, it’s the new and overly improved me.

N.A.B.: You were born in KC MO? Tell me a story about growing up and KC and when you 1st fell in Love with Hip-hop?

D.I.S.E: Born and raised in Kansas City. My story is a long and tumultuous one filled with the usual, poverty, growing up in bad environments, hanging wit a bad crowd, law issues, culture clashes, etc. Hip Hop was my escape from a world that at that time, I didn’t understand. I was 9 years old playing wit my Rapman Casio keyboard. My life, my therapy, my own world was nothing but headphones and tapes/cd’s, I put out my first tape in 1996 with a high school friend, after a few years I broke off to do my own solo thing, I signed with a production company in 99’ and put out my debut solo project in 2000, released a remixed version of the same project in 02’. I later recorded an album with a label that went belly up before it was even released; it became a downhill spiral from there. I got in the lab from time to time, but overall, my mind got lost and I lost my way. Which brings me to today, I found that way again.

N.A.B.: What would you say your rap style is? And who would you say influenced your style if any?

D.I.S.E: My journey with Hip Hop has been a long and eclectic one, touching all sub genres within our music so I can’t put a finger on any one influence. I am from the Midwest and we tend to be known for that rapid fire fast spit, which I’ll work into what I do, but no direct influence. My focus is to have my own style. My rap style has to be D.I.S.E, it has to transcend sub genre labels. When you think of Eminem, you don’t think of west coast, east coast, crunk, hyphe, and backpacker, none of that, he is Eminem, he is his own entity, that is my objective.

N.A.B.: Which is more important to you, your lyrics or your flow?

D.I.S.E: To truly stick out from the other 99% both need to be tight. To focus on one or the other is limiting yourself and your potential.

N.A.B.: Do you prefer performing or recording?

D.I.S.E: My personal preference is recording, the art of making my story come to life in the lab, just me and the engineer. But to truly stick out, every aspect of your package must be tight. Your show is your window to the world, that’s when they discover you in a lot of cases.

N.A.B.: Do you feel the Mid West is under rated and why?

D.I.S.E: I think at one time the Midwest may have been considered underrated, but as of late it seems that Hip Hop is slowly moving away from the territorial aspect of shit (east coast, west coast, down south, etc). Drake is from Canada, and he is platinum. The Midwest has its champions like everyone else so when it really comes down to it, it’s all about the artist, not the address.

N.A.B.: Where can our listener hear some of your music and reach you?

D.I.S.E: I’m independent so basically the obvious, youtube, myspace, reverbnation, and a few others. I’m in the process of reestablishing a website for my up and coming product.

N.A.B.: Any thank you’s and shout out’s?

D.I.S.E: Thanks and Shouts out to those who saw the Star in me even when I no longer saw it. There are only a few of them, and they know who they are.

Written By: A.D. The General

Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011’


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Realz The God a.k.a. Mr.Himm

Realz has always been an entertainer. Music is in his blood as his father was and still is a musician. In the summer of 2010 Realz & his father came together to release a track titled “Power of the Dollar”. When Realz was in High School besides his love for hip-hop was present. He hooked up with local break-dancers from around the town & they formed one of the illest break dancing crews in the town at that time called “Uptown Breakers”. As the Uptown Breakers traveled & competed, his skill & desire to be an MC was noticed. He would free style over songs being played on the radio, which got most of his peer’s attention, which made him focus more on the writing of his lyrics. Realz released a series of mix-tapes as a super group called Silva Blaq Soljaz. The group consisted on 6 rap artists and 1 R&B singer. While recording for the mix-tapes Realz and his cousin Shak’ decided to form a duo-group called Blood Cuzinz releasing an album called “Blood Thicker than Water”. After the incarceration of his cousin Realz decided to focus on himself & his own indie label called “Spazz Outt Entertainment.” Focusing on Spazz Outt Ent he Released 2 Mix tapes in 2010 the first one called “Mr. Him the untold story.”

& The other called “all bout Bizzness” the A.B.B. mix tape. Spazz Outt Ent went on in January of 2011 to meeting with a group who would be called Ambush City, who went to work collectively on a mix tape to put a spotlight on all of the talent in the city of Perth Amboy. Ambush City and Spazz ENT went on to start their own clothing line, which is now featured in 2 Clothing stores in the city and more stores to come. But their grind did not stop their…Spazz Ent also started a small production called Spazz Outt T.V., focusing on local artist, business and events in the community which you can check out on As you can see Realz the God & Spazz Outt Ent’ are already striving and progressing on our own.

N.A.B: For those who may not know, how did the name Realz come about?

Realz: My name was giving to me by my older brother chris aka bann.

N.A.B: Besides your dad, who else made a big impact on your influence and motivation to pursue music?

Realz: My cousin shak he is now doing a life sentence so everyday I wake up its like I have him right in my ear telling me to keep doing this.

N.A.B: What do you feel that you bring to the table and how do you separate yourself from other artist?

Realz: I bring realness to the table; I’m just my self and being yourself separates u enough.

N.A.B: What does Spazz Ent’ stand for and how did you go about putting together your own indie label?

Realz: well, Spazzoutt ENT is my company it was something that I really use to do out here on the street. So as I got older an realize what I was doing I said enough with the bull junk lets get money…also I didn’t want to be under any body’s label.

N.A.B: How did you hear about the Elegant Hoodness Programs? What do you think about Adthegeneral’s mission and how has the establishment benefited you as an artist?

Realz: I heard about it from my man Ian Rousey, I think what A.D. is doing is great for artist like me A.D. The General keep up the good work. We need something to channel all this hot music

N.A.B: What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment to this date?

Realz: Putting out these CD’S, I love making music.

N.A.B: As we close who would you like to shout out and tell the people where they can connect with you, your music, clothing line and Production Company?

Realz: Well first off I would like to shout out A.D. THE GENERAL & The whole E.H.M.P, TEAM NAN/NAB, also the hole Ambush camp ,my monsatrr cliq homies and my spazzoutt ent family,u could find me realz the god ,twitter@realz the god , an also on thank u so much ..

Written by @gsteam843



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Hafa Adai, (Hello) let’s go in to the world of Tatiano. With a distintive language and culture, Tatiano breeds soulful music. He than moved to Oklahoma with his family. Being in Oklahoma he has acquainted moreso with r&b which became the foundation of Tatiano. His first single “Can’t Let It Go” bought forth great effort and feedback. “I’m all about making relatable soulful music that comes from the heart” is how Tatiano puts it. SpecialGift was blown when I heard it for the first time. As the track lead off it was so soothing and enlightening. Tatiano let his soulful sound go with the flow very much accordingly. As it was of course time to come again, here goes “Game Over”. Omgness, dope track its from the heart and soul all the way. Today it’s very much hard to find a true r&b artist. Immacuately on point with every tune, this is a rare breed of an artist. Much success will come for Tatiano due to the grace of his artistry. Take a moment with N.A.B. and find out more about Tatiano, his 1st place win at Elegant Hoodness and where he plans to go from here.

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SPECIALGIFTNAB: Taitano, where did you get that name? Who is Taitano?

TAITANO: I’m from the island of Guam. Taitano is a very popular, very strong last name on the island. My mom’s maiden name is Taitano, she made that my middle name, and I made that my stage name to, in a way, dedicate all my music and any success to my mom since she made me who I am.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Your very first single “Can’t let it go” is an amazing track. Tell us what inspired you to develop this single.

TAITANO: I was in this relationship a few years back that fell apart. I moved on and so did she, but I wondered how I would feel if I was still in love with her and couldn’t get over her. So, I wrote how I would feel in that situation. My feeling would be that “I just can’t let it go.”

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What do you think makes your music different from other r&b artist of this time?

TAITANO: Well, there are a handful of artists that are keeping R&B where it’s been. On the other hand, there are a lot of artists I feel that aren’t keeping R&B where it should be. What makes me different from some of those artists is that I’m trying to keep the love and that soulful feeling in R&B. I want to keep it raw as far as material, and I want R&B music to keep giving people the same goose bumps I used to get with R&B music in the past. That’s my mission.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Will you elaborate on your experience with A.D. the General and Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

TAITANOA.D. is a sweetheart. She’s thug, but she’s sweet. lol It was a real honor to meet her. As far as the program, I really enjoyed being a part of the program. It’s funny to me because I didn’t even know we were competing! I just thought we were performing to have a good time and have something positive going on. My adviser really didn’t tell me that it was a competition. I really didn’t know it was until they started calling out winners, and I happened to take 1st place!

SPECIALGIFTNAB: If you were able to acquaint other artist with Elegant Hoodness, what would you say?

TAITANO: The Elegant Hoodness network gives independent artists like myself an outlet for their music to be heard! My music has been exposed to other regions across the United States that I may not have been able to reach because of the opportunities that they provide. They are very professional and consistent I’m happy that I am affiliated with them, if you are not familiar with them you need to become acquainted.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: I’m sure there’s a lot in the making Taitano, give us a heads up on something you haven’t expressed to your fans as of yet. What do you want your listeners to get out of your music?

TAITANO: First off, I want my fans to know that I’m doing what I do for them. I make music for them to enjoy. There’s no point in entertaining when there’s no one to be entertained by it. Lol I also want to thank them for appreciating my craft and all that. When they listen to my music, they should not only enjoy it, I also want them to relate to it and reminisce. They can even consider some of my music as almost therapeutic in their life.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Soulful is the best way to describe Tatiano’s music. Who has inspired you thus far? Please elaborate.

TAITANO: By far, Michael Jackson inspired me. Even though I would listen to different music, I bought only Michael Jackson music until the end of my 6th grade year. Then I got into Dru Hill which is a big inspiration, Usher, andGinuwine. Nowadays, I look at what Ne-Yo does as far as a writer, Trey Songzand Chris Brown as far as swag and where they take their music to.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What should we be expecting of you next?

TAITANO: I’m working on mixtape material, just to give away and let spread as far as I can get my material to spread. I’ll be working on a new album pretty soon. Right now, I’m focusing on getting the name TaitanO and Northwest Arkansas out there, since that’s where I reside. I’m performing a lot as well.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Where can we find more of Taitano?

TAITANO: You can listen and download my music as well as . You can find me on Facebook and like me at , and you can catch all kinds of TaitanO videos . I need to tell everyone to check out as well. Just a little plug. lol

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Anything you would like to leave us with that hasn’t been expressed thus far? Shout Outs? Etc…

TAITANO: I just want to thank everyone for the love and support. It’s never taken for granted. Stay up to date with TaitanO because I have so much more under my sleeve. Get ready! Lol Shout outs: My TaitanO Exec Team (Earl Shine with Feel It All ProductionsAmanda MarieTwin), tEcH and his Verbal Tapestries movement, KBKoolaideDrewAddott MitchTweezyMississipi Menace, My momdad and the whole Taitano/Sanchez family, my kidsbecause I work my ass off for them, and last but definitely not least: A.D. the General and her Elegant Hoodness movement.




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If your an up & coming artist, producer, radio personality, magazine owner, media faces and all seeking to gain exposure.

ELEGANT HOODNESS host showcases every third Wednesday of the month in NYC. We are also traveling throughout the globe. Hmu to find out more details.



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Shout Out’s at Mottz Gigante! Up and coming hip hop artist doing what it do. Presently under the Hand Made Beats indie label. Mottz had a late start in his career. A late bloomer he calls himself, lol. Born and raised in the heart of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Thing is this didn’t stop him for putting in that work. Radio spins and quite a few views on youtube. He has already has a mix tape release and plenty of stage performances. Mottz Gigante spends a lot of his time in the booth or lurking that next gig to put on his resume. While where on the subject of resume’s, on his track list we have “Super Gigante” which is fire. Than we also have “Shorty Wanna Ride”, “2 Minutes Of Fame”, “Money Makes The World Go Round”, “The Time Is Now”, “My Bumper” and plenty more dropping soon. He has performed several times at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and recently announced 1st place winner, Dec 2011. Let’s become further acquainted with Mottz Gigante.

SPECIALGIFT: You had a late start with you music career and on top of that there was a fear inside of you. Now you have over came that hurdle how does it feel?

MOTTZ GIGANTE: Yes, I started late, during the last few Years of high school. I was watching and listening to my friends at the lunch table rapping and getting everyones attention. I wanted to be apart of that atmosphere but I was too quiet. I thought my rhymes was gonna be weak and I was going to embarrass myself. As I got older, I gained more confidence in myself and my lyrical ability. I managed to overcome my fear.

SPECIALGIFT: Tell us about your affiliation with Hand Made Beatz? What would you say has benefit you from the time to signed on with them till present? Elaborate.

MOTTZ GIGANTE: I am a hip-hop artist for HandMadeBeatz, (HMB). Around 2008, I was introduced to SL Jones by a friend who told me that he wanted to hear me rap. Once he heard my style, lyrics and flow, we made music ever since. Once I got a chance to be around the HMB camp, I knew that this is where I wanted to be.

SPECIALGIFT: What do you have in the making at this time? Give us complete details.

MOTTZ GIGANTE: Well, at this time my mixtape “The KingsBorough Project” is Out On, MixTapeFactory.Com And DatPiff.Com as a free download. I am working on several mixtapes and my first EP “KBP2”. I am also trying to shoot more videos for the mixtape. Pretty much trying to stay focused and confident while giving the streets what they really need.

SPECIALGIFT: You have recently won 1st place at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program. How did you feel in there arena and win you heard them announce your win? Would you suggest other inspiring artist to the program?

MOTTZ GIGANTE: Coming in first place at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program was the highlight of 2011 for me. I been apart of E.H.M.P for some time now and I never won. A few of my HMB fam, (Neeka J & Mr. Brite) had a chance to be winners. I wanted to experience that, but damn, I NEVER expected first place. “I STRONGLY SUGGEST ANY UNSIGNED ARTIST TO JOIN AND BE APART OF THE E.H.M.P. SHOWCASE #SUPERFACT”

SPECIALGIFT: Any future collabs we should look out for?

MOTTZ GIGANTE: Honestly, No. The only thing im working on is me, “MOTTZ GIGANTE”! Building my catalog to the point where I can flood the streets. I have all I need with HMB. Songstress Neeka J, Hard-core Nitro Spitta and multitalented Mr. Brite are the people I feel I make my best music with.

SPECIALGIFT: Where do you see your career to be in this hip hop industry in the next 3 years?

MOTTZ GIGANTE: Just to be heard around the NY Tri-State Area and give the Hip-Hop listeners a chance to hear Mottz Gigante and HandMadeBeatz. Maybe get the attention of some A&R’s in the industry and hopefully open their ear up to some new unsigned hype. Honestly I never expected to get this far with my talent. I just wanted to rap for myself and some friends of mine. I would have never thought I would get this far, so anything would be a blessing and a huge honor for me.

SPECIALGIFT: Who would you like to shout out at this time?

MOTTZ GIGANTE: This is the hard part! KingsBorough Houses, Diesel, Lyte, Perc, MoneyGang, 225 Buffalo, Slime Gang, Buckets, Rah Dollaz, RodyBlood, Maino, Hustle Tha Supplya, HMB SL.Jonez, .Nitro Spitta, MurdaMarv, Billy Clippings, Mr Brite, Neeka J, Jae Nealz, Bonnie Geo, Traffik and S/o to everyone I forgot Too or didnt mention.