Liam Payne aka a ball of sunshine with a big heart…

…has done so much for fans…

….so we, the fans, would like to give back!

In honour of his 22nd birthday, we are raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières (UK), or Doctors Without Borders, a humanitarian-aid non-governmental organization and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

What is MSF about?

MSF exists to save lives by providing medical aid where it is needed most. Since 1971, MSF has cared for millions of people caught up in crises. They go where the need is greatest, be it a natural disaster, a war, an exodus of refugees or to help people excluded from healthcare.They run hospitals and clinics, perform surgeries, battle epidemics, carry out vaccination campaigns, operate feeding centres and offer mental healthcare. MSF currently has projects running in over 60 countries.

How does MSF help exactly?

MSF UK’s projects include:

…and many more!

MSF staff members often find themselves in dangerous and even life-threatening situations, yet that doesn’t stop them from helping others!

Let’s show our appreciation for Liam by helping people in need in his name!

DONATE HERE to support the amazing work of brave MSF staff in honour of Liam’s birthday and help to make a difference!

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The media stripped Liam of his songwriting credits on “No Control” and we want to let him know that we appreciate him and his songwriting skills while supporting his birthday charity drive for MSF! 

paynoisbatman has generously offered to match any donations with the hashtag #songwriterLiam up to $250!!

So how do you do this?

Donate to the charity drive and make sure to include #songwriterLiam in the donation message for your donation to be matched!

You can also leave a lovely message about Liam’s songwriting :)

Moreover, if you add #loosechangeforLiam to the message as well, your donation will be tripled!

Let’s show our love for songwriter Liam with #songwriterLiam Loose Change Special! <3

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You guys are honestly…

Thanks to your generous donations and great support, Liam’s birthday charity drive is at 37% of the goal right now! AMAZING!

So let’s keep this going and get the drive over 40% by the end of May!

DONATE to the charity drive right now to support MSF and their wonderful work in honour of Liam’s birthday! :)

If you can’t donate, that’s ok! We would be very grateful if you helped us spread the word via Tumblr & Twitter!

Let’s celebrate Lima bean’s birthday by doing something good! :)

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Fantastic news! We are extremely happy to announce that Liam’s charity drive is currently at $5,016 which is 50% of the goal!

$712 has been raised in Loose Change donations in May.

Huge thank you to everyone involved! Your generous donations and spreading the word help to make a difference! You guys rock!

There is two and a half months left ‘til Liam’s birthday, so let’s do our best to make the goal happen for Liam and for Médecins Sans Frontières (UK)!

Keep an eye on our Tumblr and Twitter because there are many exciting things about to come! Stay tuned :)

Team Liam

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Photo by Yasmine Ley/MSF

Since May 2011, MSF has ran a 30-bed gynecology and obstetrics hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan.  The facility includes a neonatal unit with 15 beds for newborns with serious medical complications. The care offered by MSF is free which is much needed considering many private maternity hospitals in Peshawar are inaccessible to women in the region.

This baby only weighed 2 pounds when she was born premature, but after two months of proper care her weight was raised to a healthy 3.5 pounds and was able to leave the hospital for home with her mother.