“I drove for miles just to find you and find myself. All these screams, all these voices in my head. You gave me strength, gave me hope for a lifetime. I never was satisfied. This time won’t you save me? Baby I can feel myself giving up…”
Microsoft Security Essentials Review

Microsoft Security Essentials is a security suite designed for consumers and lacks centralized management features which are found in Microsoft Forefront Client Security. It includes the same anti-malware engine (dubbed “Microsoft Malware Protection Engine”, or MSMPENG for short), and virus definitions that all other Microsoft desktop anti-malware products share, including Forefront Client Security, Windows Live OneCare, and Windows Defender.Before installation, Microsoft Security Essentials checks for the validity of the installed copy of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Security Essentials requires no registration or personal information.Microsoft Security Essentials disables Windows Defender, since Microsoft Security Essentials also provides protection against spyware and adware. 

1. Life does not depend on Facebook friends, Twitter and Instagram followers, and social media. In general, life does not solely revolve around popularity and the amount of attention (may it be positive or negative) you get from the people who barely know you.

2. You, your friends, and your family only have one life to live. Make every second of it worthwhile.

3. The world is not cruel, harsh, or unfair. Sometimes, it is the people in it who make life difficult for themselves or for each other, but we all have problems of our own to deal with. Maybe it would be better if we focused on our own battles rather than others’. The earlier we realize that, the better life will get.

4. You aren’t always going to say or do the right things and that’s okay. Sometimes life’s circumstances hinder us from saying or doing them, and that is not your fault. It is how you make up for it that matters.

5. Always be a good person to the people around you, no matter how badly they treat you. No, it is not because “karma will find its own way of getting back at them,” but just because being a good person is the best way to live your life.

6. Sometimes, being rebellious has its perks, too, but learn how to limit yourself only up to a certain extent.

7. It’s okay to be extremely happy to the point that it freaks out the people around you; it’s okay to be terribly devastated and upset to the point that it makes you think of scary thoughts. They are called emotions and they are proof that you are a living, breathing, and well human being. Be proud that you get to feel, even if it’s to an extreme amount. You can be surprised with the amount of people who have forgotten what that was once like.

8. Then again, it is also okay to feel nothing. There will be days wherein your mind will be too messed up and confused to compose proper thoughts and emotions, and that is okay. Just don’t let any of the horrible ones get to you and destroy you. It will go by.

9. Mistakes are called mistakes for a reason. They’re meant to be forgiven and learned from. Never hold someone’s mistake or past against them.

10. Looks are important. It’s sad, but we are all too far in it to try and change; it is already engraved in our heads that beauty will always come from the outside first. Still, it is the beauty of one’s soul and the goodness of one person that will prevail in the end. Do not make looks your only purpose in this world. Again, there are so many more valuable things in life to hold on to.

11. It is okay to feel jealous and envious, but do not under any circumstances feel the need to become a terrible person because of your selfish yearnings.

12. Stop whining. If you want something, go out and work hard for it. You’ll never achieve anything by complaining about wanting to have something and not actually do anything about it.

13. Breathe.

14. Talk less, listen more.

15. You don’t always have to look at the bigger picture. Sometimes the amount of little things in your life that make you blessed will surprise you. Just learn to be appreciative.

16. Wanting to surround yourself with a lot of people to keep yourself from over-thinking is alright, but don’t forget to give some time for yourself too.

17. Write. Read. Watch TV shows and movies. Sing. Play instruments. Travel. Eat. Then eat again. Then eat again. Play sports. Dance around. Dress up. Dress down. Be comfortable and enjoy life for what it is - a beautiful gift given to you.

18. Always try your best to be happy. You have your whole life ahead of you and you have to at least make 75% of it happy memories. If you cannot find a bright side in your situation, revel in your friends’ happiness. Their happiness is your happiness.
—  Some things I need to remind myself every once in a while
Useful Magic Set Editor (MSE) Tips

Hi! I’m DamnYouModoShuffler (DYMS, never came up with a better shortname). I’m a reasonably well-known (not really) custom magic card designer. I wanted to share some tips for those who use MSE, since this reduces the hassle of design, improves the quality of the work, and thus increases the other part of designing - the fun!


You’ve got some kickass flavor text attributed to some super badass in your story. Make sure you save space and template properly! Otherwise they won’t be so badass. Have the attributed person’s name go on a line directly beneath the quotes. To do this, hit Shift+Enter instead of simply hitting Enter to go to the attribution line. Also be sure to type the dash twice (no spaces!). It converts it from the short dash to the long dash used for quoting and card modes (but we’ll get to that later).


Be sure to put your name/url/username/whatever in the “Copyright” section before you start making cards. It’s in the “Set Info” tab at the top of your screen. Do this every time you make a new file!

This will automatically put your name into every card you make. It’s a lot easier than doing it individually!

You can also edit any individual copyrights at will, but you can’t make batch changes, even if you change the copyright. It only affects new cards made.

Your work is art too! Make sure that people know who made it! This is great for building followers too, since sometimes custom cards go viral and you want to make sure they know who the designer is.


Have a cycle? Rather than make the same cards over and over, make one card and then copy+paste it four/nine times!

To maximize your awesome skills, fill out all the cycle-bits before copying. These are the rarity, card type, subtypes, mana cost (minus color), and abilities. Also, if you leave the name blank, it stays with the editable [CARDNAME] field, which will allow easy cycle-filling once you’ve copied the cards. Don’t give the first card a name before copying!

Also, the [CARDNAME] field is created by typing ~ instead of actually writing the word CARDNAME - don’t do that! That’s silly and nonfunctional.

Now this is a great copy template!

And the fruits of our labor!


Here’s a bullet point. •
I found mine here, at
If you lose this post, just remember to Google ‘Bullet Point’ and you’ll get the Wikipedia page as your first result.

When making cards with modes, be sure to type the dash twice when saying “Choose X”. Also be sure to hit enter when going from the ‘choose’ line to the modes, and shift+enter when going between modes. Save space, template smart!


Not sure who the artist for your piece is? Run a Reverse Image Search through TinEye. I also believe that Google has a Reverse Image Search, but I am not knowledgeable with it. - TinEye lets you upload images or enter a URL. Look for DeviantArt pages or anything that has a real person’s name in the search results.

If you’ve lost the image file but still have the image on your card (happens to me plenty, actually) - just do this:

1. Export the card image.

2. Open the card image file you just exported in your photo editor of choice. (I use paint for expediency on this)

3. Crop out only the art, and save that as its own image.

4. Run it through TinEye! Even if the image is stretched or cropped, it should still find what you’re looking for.

Artists put their heart and soul into their work. Be sure to credit it! Don’t have no heart and no soul by refusing this.


Thanks for reading! I hope you learned something from this. To those who already knew all of these, I hope you read it and realized your awesome skills! Now go out there and make cool things!