Forbidden Kiss - Seppuku-survivor

Heisuke glared up at his friend. He was rather annoyed he had been put up to this, especially by someone he thought he could trust! Heisuke didn’t want to kiss the other man, but clearly he had no choice in the matter. He saw Sanosuke snicker at him, which only served to fuel his annoyance. He grabbed the edges of the taller man’s jacket, quickly pulling him down for a kiss.

Heisuke felt his cheeks heat up as he kissed the man he thought to be one of his best friends. He softly but firmly brushed his lips against the red-heads, wrapping his arms around Sanosuke’s neck to keep him from pulling away. Heisuke gently pushed his tongue into the other’s mouth, deepening the intimacy between them as he pressed his tongue against Sano’s. Heisuke remained like that for only a few moments, before pulling away, his face a deep shade of crimson.