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Stop aliens are evil tropessss

I firmly believe that any species that looks upwards and sees the stars and is filled with wonder and curiosity can’t all be evil.

You assume bug and lizard aliens must be out to conquer other planets.

But look at our piece of shit imperialist species, our asses have barely scraped space.

Our corporate assholes are so tightly clenched that we’ll never waddle out too far.

I swear, the urge to dominate and conquer will never get us off this fucking planet.

Our mega businesses don’t care about seeing beyond their financial gains and exploitation of their fellow beings. They’re JUST thinking about being rich. They can’t see BEYOND the fact that money is a concept and a symbol, an element the same as any other, and look and see a whole universe out there.

They don’t see their own species as their people. They see them as disposable.

And I don’t think a species that only wants to dominate can go to space, I really don’t.

Think about the resources it takes to get to space.

You NEED social cohesion for that.

You COULD enslave or dominate your own people for that goal, I guess, but I again return to the point that it’s difficult for people to look up when they’re too busy looking down on their fellows.

Delusions of grandeur aside, even an asshole would have a hard time NOT being excited to meet another species.

We keep assuming aliens will be hostile but stop it. That’s geocentric.

Any species that’s out there might not be hostile.

No matter what they look like, if they’ve acquired space travel, then who knows? Maybe. JUST MAYBE. They’re really interested in SPACE. They’re SCIENTISTS.

They might be CURIOUS first and foremost about us.

I don’t get why Stephen Hawking, smartest man in the world or whatever, says aliens will automatically be evil and imperialist and want to take over our resources because it’s only “logical.”

Stephen I may not be an expert or anything close, and I may not be as smart as you or anything close.

But how many aliens have you met? You don’t KNOW they have a culture like ours.

Full of the absolute assholish desire to claim every patch of rock they find.

Space is fucking huge. Even if they were looking for resources, maybe they would see we need ours and they would just go looking for another uninhabited planet.

The point is.

I’m tired of aliens as imperialist enemy themes.

I get that it’s fun to make anything other than humans out to be the “ugly enemy” but this is some bullshit right here.

You just naturally ASSUME that capitalism exists everywhere. That every species must live under a rigid hierarchy of the rich and powerful over the poor. That every species follows our system of domination.

Get off with it.