To every student participating in walking out today

- Stay together

- Remember that the school cannot legally punish you any more than they can punish you for skipping a class or even skipping school. If they’re threatening to have students be excluded from things like school activities, prom, grad night, or even the graduation ceremony for walking out, they cannot legally do this. Know your rights.

- If you notice someone acting suspicious, then please notify a teacher or someone of authority. This event sadly could be a target of a shooting. If you hear shots, run or wheel as fast as you can and take shelter.

- Good luck. Y’all are brave.

13 times Nikolas Cruz was failed to be helped or stopped

  • Jan 23, 2002 - Cruz is diagnosed as developmentally delayed, including difficulties in processing emotions. It is decided he would be given no further help
  • Aug 28, 2012 - Cruz is suspended for fighting at Westglades Middle School - he was averaging at nearly 3 disciplinary incidents per month
  • Jan 15, 2013 - Lynda Cruz calls a Broward County Sherrif to say her son has anger issues and ADHD, and had thrown her against a wall for taking away his Xbox. Professionals decide not to hold him under the Baker Act, which the sheriff had recommended they do
  • Feb 6, 2014 - Cruz transfers to Cross Creek School in the 8th grade, a school which specialises in troubled kids and offers on-campus psychiatric treatment. On Jan 13, 2016, Cruz is allowed to transfer to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for the 10th grade, despite having shown little to no improvement
  • Feb 5, 2016 - an anonymous report is filed by an unnamed neighbour about Cruz threatening to shoot up his school on Instagram - the report was forwarded to the MSD school resource officer - no further action is taken
  • Sept 28 - Nov 12, 2016 - on the 28th, Cruz shows himself on Snapchat cutting his arms and says he wants to buy a gun. Henderson Behavioural Health Professionals choose not to hospitalise him under the Baker Act. The same day, Florida Department of Children and Families open a case on Cruz regarding medical negligence. They describe Cruz as “a vulnerable adult due to mental illness” - the case is closed on November 12, the closing statement from FDCF being that Cruz’s “final level of risk is low”
  • Jan 19, 2017 - Cruz is reported for allegedly assaulting another student and referred for a threat assessment, according to MSD discipline records - no further action is taken
  • September 2017 - on a YouTube video by Ben Bennight, a comment by Cruz reads “I’m going to be a professional school shooter” - Bennight alerts the FBI and 2 agents interview him - no further action is taken
  • Nov 1, 2017 - Lynda Cruz dies of pneumonia - a family friend Rocxanne Deschamps takes in Nikolas and Zachary - Lynda’s cousin advises a sheriff to take away Cruz’s weapons in light of his mother’s death - they are not taken away, and this is the only evidence of professional concern being shown over how an armed Cruz would respond to his grief
  • November 2017 - Rocxanne Deschamps calls law enforcement worried to say that Cruz has been digging in the backyard for 15 minutes, stating “I’m positive he hid a weapon” - no action is taken
  • Nov 30, 2017 - Broward County Sheriff’s Office receives a tip from someone saying that Cruz is collecting guns & knives, and could potentially kill himself or shoot up a school. A deputy refers the call to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office - no action is taken, Palm Beach SO claims it was never told of any threat
  • Jan 5, 2018 - the FBI receives a tip from “a person close to Nikolas Cruz” who is worried about Cruz “getting into a school and just shooting the place up” - the caller also expresses that Cruz shows erratic behaviour as well as a desire to kill people - no action is taken
  • Feb 14, 2018 - Nikolas Cruz takes an Uber to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School carrying a black duffel bag. He opens fire in the freshman building with a legally bought AR-15, killing 17 people - action is finally taken

911 Call Made from Student during the MSD School Shooting

Dispatcher: 911, what’s your emergency?
Student: Please help, please help, someone’s at our high school. [Inaudible]
Dispatcher: Alright, what’s the address ma’am?
Student: 5901 Pine Island Road.
Dispatcher: Pine Island Road, but what school was it?
Student: A shooter… A shooter.
Dispatcher: Okay, is anybody injured?
Student: Yes! Yes! A lot of blood, please help, please.
Dispatcher: Okay, we’re already sending the paramedics. Are you in a safe location where you can keep talking?
Student: [Crying, inaudible]
Dispatcher: Hello, ma’am?
Student: [Crying]
Dispatcher: ‘Kay, ah, hello? Alright, we already called the paramedics and the police okay?
Student: Yes, right now, please.
Dispatcher: Okay, do you know how many people are injured?
Student: I don’t know… [Inaudible, followed by heavy breaths] Christ, it’s real.
Dispatcher: Hello?
Student: It’s real. [Whispering] Please help.
Dispatcher: Hello ma’am?
Student: [Whispering] Please help.
Dispatcher: Hello?
[Calls ends]  

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For my anon who wanted to see the video of Joaquin Oliver joking and hiding in a cabinet… moments before he was brutally murdered 😭

RIP Joaquin, you beautiful soul ❤️❤️

Warning ⚠️ This footage may be disturbing for some ! xx

This is 15-year-old Anthony Borges. He is credited with saving up to 20 lives during the Parkland school shooting. 

He was shot five times during the Feb. 14 school shooting. He barricaded a classroom door and used his body as a human shield as bullets flew, protecting a class full of students from harm. 

“I think I was going to die,” Borges said.

As a result of the shooting, a third of his lung had to be removed. One bullet came dangerously close to his liver, and three others tore through his legs.

“He’s a hero,” family attorney Alex Arreaza said. “He’s the real deal.”

Read more here.

songs about / inspired by / that reference columbine

pumped up kicks - foster the people

cassie - flyleaf

disposable teens - marilyn manson

yonkers - tyler, the creator

pigs - tyler, the creator

a new hope - five iron frenzy

head for the barricade - limp bizkit

who knew - eminem

the way i am - eminem (both eminem songs reference eric and/or dylan)

one by one - the calling

roman reloaded - nicki minaj

feel free to add more boys


Love my girl! She poses so good! Must admit the shoes make it a bit harder because they’re not completely flat on the bottom, so I had to hold her hand in the last picture. But without the shoes she can stand like that on her own (see my previous post).
In my opinion, the Minifee Siean head fits better on the @dollits D.K.D body rather than on a Fairyland body. Siean is a more mature looking head, so I think she fits better on a more mature looking body. Gorgeous faceup by @studiodarjeeling ♥️ Wig by @frappzilla! 😍

my story.

here we go.

i haven’t posted about this publicly anywhere. i’ve only told friends and those who have asked. this is one of many times of writing this out however. it may be messy and i’m sorry if it is, but it’s hard to compose my thoughts.

february 14, 2018.

valentine’s day. a birthday of a friend who has saved me from hard times and brought me closer to others.

i was excited. i remember sitting in creative writing (first period) and laughing. writing how i don’t hate valentine’s day, in fact i loved it. i loved how the day was filled with self love and love for others. i remember showing my friends a note a boy had given me the day before and getting advice on what i should do next. we agreed i should write him one too, and give it him the following day.

second period rolled around. i forgot to write my essay for english. so did my friend. the fire alarm blared. normal. we wandered out, laughing, joking how “god” has heard us and saved us from the essay. as i walked through the double doors outside, i bumped into joaquin oliver. i smiled at his presence, i see him everywhere. my friend showed me the gift her girlfriend had given her, it was adorable. we heard the bell and we walked back into class.

third period. personalization. i wrote more about valentine’s day in my journal. i loved valentine’s day.

lunch. fun. i found my friend from english again. she was smiling and we hugged. i saw joaquin. he was wearing a pink sweatshirt if i remember correctly. i smiled, i saw him everywhere. i said my goodbyes to my friend and walked to fourth period.

biology. notes and a lab. around 2:20, the fire alarm went off. weird. culinary must have burned something again. we lined up at the door and walked out, down the stairs, and towards the football field where we would wait until allowed back in.


what was that? whatever, keep moving sophia.




everyone was running towards me. towards the freshman building. i was yelling “WHAT?” as i followed a teacher. she fumbled to open the gym classroom.


so i ran into the nearest classroom. a girl was having a panic attack. i found a girl from my bio class and we decided this was a drill. i texted my mom how i was safe and things were weird. i looked around. saw familiar faces. saw david hogg.

“someone’s been shot.” i heard.

that’s not true. rumors spread like wildfire. this is a drill. my teacher’s phone buzzed and she answered it.

“this isn’t a drill?” i watched her face drop. the room got even more silent than it was. she walked towards the back of the class, face in hands.

not a drill? then what is this? what were those sounds? not gunshots? right?


i heard another. the one i believed killed peter wang. (update: i’m wrong i got mixed up in the information, he passed in the freshmen building)

my friend was running to walmart. she called me, breathing heavy as i talked quietly.

“i love you.”

“i love you so much.”

my teachers turned the radio of the school on.

“we don’t know where he is.” “he’s gone.” “third floor.” “nikolas cruz.” “we’re not sure.” “he’s running with the crowd of students.”

i texted my friend immediately to let her know. she later was in the same subway with him that he ate and got a drink.

i was scared. so so scared. i sat there. in the dark, silent room. scared that someone would stand up and take us all out. kill us when we we’re blinded by fear.

a friend i had a falling out with texted me.

“where are you?”


“text ****** she’s not responding.”


to ******:

“hey. are you okay?”

“im fine now they shot at the window i know one of the guys who died.” “i’m off school.” “they walked us off” “i saw so many dead bodies.”

what the fuck is happening.

an hour later they caught him. and i was escorted out by SWAT. right before that i was told my friend from english was shot. i sobbed. i ran out. my eyes filled with tears, so much air in my mouth that my throat was raw for days.

“mom? i don’t know where they took us. ****** was shot.” i called my mom sobbing. i was across the street but i was so disoriented i couldn’t figure out where i was. i didn’t know if i was even me. i didn’t know if i would be outside and get murdered even though i knew he was caught. i saw students crying so hard they looked like their eyes didn’t exist, their hearts looked ripped out and fell to the floor. a girl who was smiling and saying how everything was okay, was now hysteric next to me.

i hate valentine’s day. ill never see it the same way. i’ll never see joaquin again. i will see him no where. never again. he was missing for 7 hours until it was confirmed he was dead. my friend didn’t answer until hours later. i thought she was dead. i thought i was dead even though i was breathing.

sorry if this is messy. i tried my hardest putting my thoughts and experience into words.


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if you have a true crime blog about columbine (myself), dylann roof, tj lane, dahmer, whatever, you have no right to send hate to nikolas cruz blogs who are not condoning 🗣🗣🗣 Dylan Klebold was a murderer. Eric Harris was a murderer. Tj Lane was a murderer. Adam Lanza was a murderer. Dylann Roof was a murderer. Nikolas Cruz is, also, a murderer. for the love of GOD stop separating us just because ‘cruzers’ are like the new generation of the tcc and people happen to find him attractive. leave them alone. respect each other. we all share a common interest. whatever. adios.

Bill Murray: “The Parkland kids remind me of the students who helped end the Vietnam War”

“It was the students who made all the news, and that noise started, and then the movement wouldn’t stop,” actor Bill Murray writes for NBC News THINK. 

“I think, maybe, this noise that those students in Florida are making — here, today — will do something of the same nature.” 

Read more here.

For more commentary, analysis and essays, visit NBC News’ opinion section, THINK