This is the best tweet I’ve ever been mentioned in. “Wait, were you the girl who put those crackers down there and said she was coming back with peanut butter?” NOPE. But God bless the one who did! #nye #mscb

Maristas! Are you ready for the night of your lives?
The Marist School Coordinating Body presents, the most anticipated event of 2013!

OBLIVION: The Marist HS Dance 2013

Get ready with your dance moves,
And celebrate the world’s hottest music!
Dance all night like no one’s watching!

✔ Non-stop dancing from 6PM to 12MN!
✔ To be held at the Marist GSCC!
✔ Tickets cost ₱130.00 each!
Dress to impress!
✔ With performances from various dance crews, and our very own Marist High Impact!

And get ready to GET LOST IN THE BEAT! See you on 10.26.13!

See the trailer here: !