BEYONCÉ or what I like to call it Yoncé is one of her best albums as far as packaging. You can listen to these songs but not as singles. You listen to it all as a whole and yes we have our favorites like the heavy spirited “Drunk In Love” and the revamped anthem “***Flawless.” This is a phenomenal thing too the way it was released, similar to Magna Carter + Holy Grail with the Samsung Galaxies, the no single, no cover art ‘YeezuS’ THIS IS AMAZING. You can live with these songs and have the visual be so jointed at the hip, your mind and ears are pleased when one or the other are not being used! Beyoncé lied to us all because she told us she was very boring - this is moreso overwhelmingly excitable and I honor this phase in her life. The sorrow to peaceful transition of “Heaven” to “Blue” and the freaky street take on “Blow” and “Partiton.” Yoncé is on my tongue!!! Heyyyy Mrs. Carter.

Solange dressed un orange, Beyonce dressed in black (perfect colour for disappearing into the background) and JayZ looking like he about to roll up through the gates of heaven! personally, i think I think Jay might have done something that bey was willing to over look but Shaniqua, sorry I mean Solange wasn’t having it!!!!! Solange should have a street fighter character made after her. #solangeattacksjayz #Beyonce #jayz #solange #Knowles #mscarter #fight club #solangevsjayz #jayzbeatdown #elevator