So Maria tagged me in a thing this morning. I’m gonna reply it now. 

  1. eye colour? well, My eyes are kinda weird. They are a mix between green, and soft brown. I think it’s one of the little things I like about me.
  2. are you a football fan? Not really, but I do love to watch Spain playing on the world cup and that kind of stuff.
  3. easter or christmas? Idk man, I’M gonna go with easter even though I don’t care about it but I don’t like xmas at all, so yeah, easter.
  4. would you rather talk to everyone and no one to answer back or not be abel to talk but listen to everyone? I think I’m gonna go with listening, but this is a really hard question though because I think I would end up tired of listening to everyone haha.
  5. the first place you traveled to? The first place I went to, outside Spain, was Italy, specifically Venice. 
  6. fave movie? yo I don’t know. I don’t have a fave movie atm, but when I was little Matilda, the nightmare before christmas, and the fox and the hound were my total faves. Now I also love UP a lot. 
  7. for breakfast: cereal with milk or fruits? cereal with milk but I don’t really have a breakfast normally.
  8. if you cold move to any place on earth but never be abel to move away, which place it would be? OMG, Idk maaaaaaan. I think I would stay here if I can’t ever come back because some spanish things are da best.
  9. McDonald’s or KFC? Mcdonald’s.
  10. whats your biggest dream you want to achieve? My biggest dream is to go to NYC. I know it’s not a big thing but that has been my biggest dream since forever. And I also want to be happy, if that could be possible.
  11. describe yourself in 3 words :) hmmmmm, pesimist, lazy, and unhappy. (you didnt say they had to be good things so yay haha)

anonymous asked:

17 , 30

17. What is your occupation?

high school student, senior year :d yeey!

30. Describe your bedroom.

uhm…3 pink walls..the forth is purple and that’s where i have my bed ..purple curtains…a huge old rug…two comfy huge chairs…the closet is on the wall facin my bed…and the top of the closet is full with ones and ones since i was little…and there are a few framed pictures on one wall of me and my sister since we were little