Cardfight!! Vanguard Friday! Today: Bermuda Triangle,Pacifica

Now,last week,I talked about Duos,so now,I’m gonna talk about…Pacifica!

This little wrench of disaster has the nice skill of counterblasting 5,Soulblast 8,and you may superior call any 3 cards of your choice from the deck to the field. But that’s the original,Top Idol,Pacifica.

Pacifica has two other cards,Eternal Idol,Pacifica,which is the Crossride,and Planet Idol,Pacifica,which is the Breakride. Don’t think that you can just take her down easily.

She’s easily supported by other units with Pacifica related abilities and the such,for example,last week’s card appearance,Duo Dream Idol,Sana. “If you have a vanguard with Pacifica in it’s card name,this unit gets +3000.”

Honestly,I barely have any Pacifica jokes for you guys this week,due to the fact that I worship Pacifica as a now used-to-be Bermuda Player and Genesis Regalia player.

The only thing I can say is,Leon admires those penguins more than Pacifica herself.

Well,see you next segment,Tumblr!

I went to AFA today. It wasn’t boring,but I have to say that I’m a little angry and sad I couldn’t get the 2015 Sherlock calendar and the card sleeves I wanted,thanks to a certain friend. >:I

Hey,at least I got a sword and Sherlock&John keychains. I guess that makes up for it,but I just really wanna go with my mom,since it’d actually be more enjoyable than with friends who actually annoy the hell out of me. Ah,well,no point complaining,I guess. Not like the Internet is the place for rants anyways.

Peace out.

My Brother Is A Sassy Assface (Ep. 19)
  • mom:you're training them to eat off of it.
  • me:ha
  • josh:don't worry; it's just meat.
  • me:hAHa
  • mom:one day you're accidentally going to put it back in your mouth after it's been in theirs.
  • me:hAHAhA
  • josh:really? you're just going to lick part of it off and leave the rest there?
  • me:tHAT'S WHAT -
  • josh:you should have nipped HER in the bud.
A Bunch of Evillious Crossovers That MSAF Came Up With

Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt — Venomania & Banica With Gallerian

Cardfight!! Vanguard — Cardfight!! Evillious

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion — Code HERS: Gallerian of the Rebellion (BRITAINIAAAAAAAAA)

Gravity Falls — Leviathan Falls

Steven Universe — Irregular Universe

Boku no Pico — ??????