PSA for Danganronpa Cosplayers

So I just realised that if you’re a danganronpa cosplayer and some asshole shits on you and your cosplay because you’re overweight or whatever,you can tell them to FUCK OFF BECAUSE YOU’RE COSPLAYING AS THE IMPOSTER IMPOSTERING AS THAT CHARACTER AND NOW I LOVE THE IMPOSTER EVEN MORE THAN I ALREADY DO.


NDRV3 Theory

((Since it’s a prison school,and Kodaka stated that it was an alternate universe,then this means that in the NDRV3 universe,instead of talents being worshipped and praised for futhering the development of society,talents are shunned and seen as dangerous since there’s not much one can do to stop them— hence,they’re put in the prison school.

This explains why we have innocent talents such as “pianist” and “artist” in the school,despite the fact that they can’t really do anything in terms of crimes. This also explains why they haven’t met any other SHSL talents before the prison school; they hunt down the talents and shove them into other places.

Alternatively,NDRV3 is the alternative future of Hope Arc; after The Tragedy,humanity rebuilt itself,but saw talent as a dangerous thing due to Hope’s Peak Academy and how corrupted it got,as well as Junko’s plans of despair. Therefore,talents are treated as prisoners.

The killing game serves as a reminder to all why they hunt down talents in the first place,giving the message of “talents are bloodthirsty and are horrible”. It probably serves as entertainment everytime they find 16 poor,talented dolts.

The talent labs are there to show,with the development of their talent,that they become more “evil” or something like that,and shows that talent is “poisonous”,in that sense.))
The Strangest Night of the year
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The Strangest Night of the year, a Mystery Skulls Fanfic! 
It’s just over 9k, it’s mostly a romp of my head canons for the MS gang and how they all originally met. Centers on Arthur for the most part, and his Empath abilities seem to get him into a lick of trouble! 

Please give it a read, it’s finally complete! 

Warnings for violence, sexual references and content, allusions to blood/blood, drug use and swearing.