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“Eraserhead lost his Quirk?” he breathes.

Eraserhead’s spirit dips its head. It’s a fox spirit, and its nine waving tails gleam white under the moonlight spilling through the window. Its mouth tugs down into a frown, and its red eyes seem to glow with the force of its displeasure. It is grim, and Izuku suspects that he is a measure of last resort.

atmospheric scenes are my favorite and i’m having a lot of fun?

( for @simkjrs my spirit academia fic again // fullview for High Quality )

Hey everybody! Its been a while and I deeply apologize for my absence.

We sort of hit the ground running with the next production and are trying to build up content before we start posting any official updates. Thank you so much for your patience and support!

In the meantime here’s a fun little animation with our boys jammin to Tag Your It haha Thanks to @squigglydigg for cleaning up Arthur’s rough. They turned out beautiful. 


Heya everyone, time for some progress updates for the newest video~

We are very close to wrapping up pre-production work.  The animatic to the video is undergoing its final tweaks now.  It’s actually so close to being finalized that we have started actual animation and background production (Just look at sleepy Vivi here, resting up before stuff goes nuts).  I’d say we have about a minute’s worth of BGs and a few tiny scenes with in-progress or mostly done animation in it.

As for me personally, I apologies for being fairly quiet lately.  I am still in the “don’t have a job” camp here but I have been doing some freelance work to make up for it.  As for what it is I am freelancing for, when the stuff I worked on gets released, I’ll let ya’ll know.  I can’t say much right now, but I have a feeling a lot of you know about the series already.

Also, me and @artsyfeathersartsyblog have been discussing the potential of setting up a Patreon.  We’re still tinkering around with what all that would entail. It’d be quite a bit of work but it would be nice for us to have a way to smooth out our production of these videos.

That’s the gist for now though!  We hope to have more to show you before too long!

Thanks for all ya’lls support~