so with all my drafts being, well. yeah. i figured it was time for some fluffcanon. (ish?)  i mean i barely even mention anyone dying so that pretty much counts as fluff for my things

lewis, big guy he is, is deathly afraid of bugs. beetles, bees, centipedes, cockroaches, silverfish… don’t even get him started on spiders. people see him, ‘ooh big strong man hey pls kill this spider for me thanks’ only for him to jump on the nearest chair screeching. he won’t come down until someone else gets rid of it.

he went with the peppers to a butterfly house once. once. (”how can you stand hundreds of those things flying in your face with no warning and have you ever even seen what they look like up close I mean it’s fucking creepy.”)

meanwhile there’s arthur who has like zero care for picking up the thing and tossing it outside. (physical things he can handle, it’s just when it comes to things that don’t follow the laws of physics he freaks out at.) so when they pair up for cases arthur handles the creepy crawlies while lewis does the paranormal bits.

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I love that I can say that I’ve officially lost 145 pounds! After a really hard couple of days, this was just the boost I needed.
Even though I have pain.
Even though I’m tired.
Even though I’m STILL relapsing.
I haven’t given up. My diet has been perfect and I’m doing light exercise. #NeverGiveUp 💪🙌😊❤️
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Tenho medo de encarar verdades
que podem ser inconvenientes,
a vida ri de mim, pois o medo
só dá a dimensão daquilo que
nem chegou a descobrir

a verdade é que eu sou assim
medroso, inseguro,
cheio de perfeições idealizadas
para disfarçar as imperfeições

e a vida não é assim
por isso mesmo, é preciso seguir porque a dor não é eterna,
vai da intensidade que se dá

e a coragem sempre floresce depois da dor,
em formato de evolução
e tudo irá parecer perfeitamente necessário.
Levels of Tumblr (Marvel Edition)

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10-49 followers = Pietro Maximoff

50-99 followers = Matt Murdock

100-349 followers = Bucky Barnes

350-500 followers = Peggy Carter

501-799 followers =  Natasha Romanoff

800- 4,999 followers = Steve Rogers

5000+ followers = Tony Stark