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The baby gerbils have their eyes open and are learning about exploration and digging. They are very expressive little ladies. And they keep making these wonderful peeking windows for me. #gerbil #babies #secretlife #windows

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So, I’ve been watching Secret Life everyday on ABC Family and today I thought about the finale. Remember how Ricky asked Amy if she was madly in love with Ben and we didn’t get an answer? Well we did. In the next scenes with Amy she says, “Maybe I am in love(with Ricky), or maybe I will never be, so it doesn’t matter.” Which means that Amy isn’t in love with Ben. It also means Amy doesn’t know if she is in love with Ricky because she doesn’t know what being in love means.


After watching this episode and listening to what Ricky says to Ethan, I’m definitely saving myself. You do give away a piece of your heart every time you have sex with someone.. that should be special and saved for the person you’re going to be with for the rest of your life. This scene changed my whole perspective of sex.

Sex Advice.

Ethan: “I’m not gonna waste my high school years, this is when sex should be the most fun when it means nothing…”

Ricky: “You may not want it to mean anything, but it will mean something to you, and if not to you than to her. It will mean something to one of you and that’s where it gets all messed up. It’s the most intimate thing two people can do with each other .. and one day you’re gonna meet that girl that you fall in love with and you’re gonna get into bed with her and she’s gonna ask you how many girls you’ve slept with.. what do you want your answer to be?…

Ethan: "I don’t know.. like 100..”

Ricky: “Do you think any girl is going to want to be with you if you’ve been with 100 girls??”

Ethan: “Is that the problem with Amy.. is that why she doesn’t want to marry you, because you’ve slept with 100 girls?..

Ricky: "You wanna know the truth?.. When I have sex with Amy, I don’t really feel anything, you know why Ethan … because I’ve slept with too many girls. And now even though I love Amy more than any of those girls, even though she means everything to me.. I mean sex is nice.. but I don’t feel passionate, I feel comfortable. Every time you have sex, you give away a little piece of your heart.. you give that away to many times and there’s just nothing left.. you’ve given away the most important part of yourself….