Green, Healthy & Connected at MS51

In honor of Earth Day, the MS51 Parent Association Green Committee in Park Slope sponsored a Cafeteria Environmental Experiment & Contest.  Students and their families were asked to sign a Sustainability Pledge (printed paper from FBR - free office supplies, everybody!) & track their trash, recycling and composting waste.  The experiment tracked the school’s cafeteria waste for the month of April.  Students watched their waste system transform from this:

External image

External image

(everything going to the landfill, no separation between what can be recycled & composted)

…to this:

External image


Check out Vokashi composting!  We use Vokashi here at FBR to compost our kitchen scraps.

Throughout the month, students weighed and measured the different types of waste to track what was going where.

External image

The pilot project was such a success that MS51 has decided to institute a recycling/composting policy in their school cafeteria full-time.

Recently, a representative from the MS51 Green Committee popped into Film Biz Recycling looking for some supplies to create a moveable recycling/compost/trash station.  She found the perfect solution!  One of our wardrobe racks (generously donated from ABC) & wheeled it over to the school.  FBR has got it again!

You can check out MS51’s progress on their website: Green, Healthy & Connected.