holy frick i’m so pleased with this!!!!!! i had a very specific idea of how i wanted to do the colors, but i didn’t know how to do them until i found @jenbartel​ and i mimicked her color as much as i could and it’s just!! what!!!! i hoped!!!!!!!!

[Image: Steve Rogers in the Captain America uniform with the cowl pulled off leaning over a glass barrier to kiss Tony Stark who is hovering in the Iron Man suit sans the helmet just below him. Steve is smiling. The background is a pastel twilight, the first stars starting to peek out in the upper left corner.]


My sister was watching the winx club for the third or fourth time since the beginning.
As a kid I really liked this show, and I always wanted to do fanarts of it, but I never did. This time my sister was watching the episode where Bloom gets bad, and I think this episode is really cool, so I ended up doing a fanart (finally) while watching.
In the future I might do more, not just from the other fairies, but from the experts as well.


drarry social media au (that no one asked for) part 5/ next (double update)

part [1] [2] [3] [4]

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2018 cap iron man reverse bang with @ookawrites | read on ao3

[Image 1: Steve Rogers in the stealth uniform looking around a dark room–to one side of the image is a meat hook gleaming in a beam of light.]

[Image 2: Tony Stark, outside in the dark with a sliver of moon overhead. He looks fearful and he’s saying, “Steve?”]

[Image 3: A dark figure stands just outside a beam of light past which Steve Rogers in the stealth Captain America suit hangs clutching a meat hook which is embedded in his shoulder.]

How to get transparent lineart from a scan, featuring Admiral Piett (for CSP/MS5)

So you drew a thing on paper and you want to color it, so you take a pic of/scan it and clean it up until it looks nice:

and you might think, “set the layer to multiply and color underneath!”, voila:

but what if you want to color the lines??

now the best way to do this non-destructively is to use a clipping mask… but as you can see this doesn’t work with the “multiply layer” method. (you may have also seen people lock layer transparency and draw directly on the lineart layer… which also doesn’t work if you just set a scan to multiply. But I prefer the clipping mask method because it’s more flexible; for example you can set it up so you can make clean selections of every line colored green with just the magic wand tool if you have the right settings, which would be very difficult if you edited directly)

What this next step does is basically to change the transparency of each pixel directly correlating to its value, so the black will be 100% opaque, a middle gray would be 50% opaque, and white would be 0% opaque.

Now in Photoshop there is some method involving alpha channels but in CSP there is a super simple solution!

Open up the “Layer properties” window if you don’t already have it open (seen to the left, also note I put the line art layer back to Normal):

Change “Expression color” from Color to Gray and then click the left square so it looks like that (clicking “Apply expression color of preview” will make the change permanent)

Turn the clipping mask layer back on and now it looks like this :D

(The expression color trick is also really useful if you’re working digitally and accidentally used white to erase instead of the erase tool, you can also change it so that WHITE is opaque and black is transparent (by clicking the white square instead) which can be useful if you need to extract glowy bits like stars or lightning or rain out of a drawing.