Anyone have a answer?

Ms. Morrell:And what about you, Stiles? Feeling some anxiety about that championship game tomorrow night?

Stiles: Why would you ask me that? …Oh. Uh, no. I never actually play. But hey. Since one of my teammates is dead and another one’s missing, who knows right?

I find it a bit odd that she asks him about the game coming up and because of all the stuff that happened the night of the game and I’m like…. who is this chick. But I realise that it’s a important game for the school so she has a logical reason to just ask him that.

My real problem is why did Stiles ask her why she would ask her that? Did Stiles know something already? Did he having something planned? Or like Scott was he being blackmailed in a way?

Guys I have so many feels about this episode! My mind is running crazy