Young Justice fangirling

I finished episode 26 about an hour ago and i JUST realized something….

I CAN READ THE FANFICTION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

If anyone has any good stories for Wally/Artemis or Connor/M'gann then you should message me the name of the story and the author :D Kay cool thanks.  Later Fandom :D

Are Megan's cookies asterous or do they make you feel the dis?

KF- Really more with the word stuff! Anyway megalicious’s cookies are incredible I could eat batch’s of them.

A- Baywatch you eat them so fast they could be batch’s of cardboard and you wouldn’t be able to the difference………No offense Megan.

R- When there not burned they’re pretty astrous, but they have nothing on Agent A’s, The choice cookie of Batman.

K- Meghan’s cookies are certainly….unique…

M-Umm thanks guys….I think….