ms.fortune cosplay


So while I was at SacAnime having a great time, I decided to sketch some of the characters in the poses of the cosplayers I took pictures of. I wish I took more but I kept forgetting to save to my gallery since I was using snapchat. My bad.

The con was so much fun, I had an absolute blast! There were a lot of coplayers and I bought way too much stuff, so I can’t wait for the next con. And I will hopefully color and finish these one day. And if anyone knows any of the people in the photos, let me know and I will tag them as well!

Cosplay Tip #2: Keep photos of your cosplay

Why you Should keep photos of past cosplay:

  1. As evidence: I cosplayed Ms. Fortune from Skullgirls (in 2013), but I have no photo evidence of this. If it weren’t for this video (  [1​:50] there would be absolutely NO evidence at all (besides my word)
  2. As motivation:

Overnight Cosplay. This was back in 2012 (AnimeNext). It may look OK, but halfway through the day, I had to wear my jacket because my boa sleeves fell off and the cutout began to stretch. I tried to take shortcuts in the bodysuit, and as you can see, it’s not very shapely. I had no time to style the wig, nor did I attempt to put on any makeup.

Lilith is so cute, and I feel I didn’t do her any justice. When I look at this I think, “THIS CALLS FOR A RE-DO!” I feel like I could do this cosplay again, and better than before and note my improvement.

No matter how “bad” your cosplay turned out, keep a photo (and date it if possible) to have a timeline of skill progression.

         3. For Memories: Just to look back and say, “Oh my gosh, I remember this!”, “That con was great.” “My wig was so shiny.”, “That armor made me sweaty.” Keep it for laughs, or to show your great- grandkids how cool you were.


Sir Prize (genderbent Ms. Fortune)Skull Girls Photoshoot at Fanime 2014 by Kyle Mistry

By far one of my most favorite shoots I have ever done. A lot of the shots were composed by myself prior to the con through a variety of concept sketches and ideas, then we brought them to life at the con! Working with Kyle is beyond a joy and I look forward to shooting with him more, so do not hesitate to check his shit out!