Why is everyone so upset over Beyonce’s new song “Bow Down Bitches”?

I keep hearing how she’s such a classy lady and a role model, etc. You ALL must not see her magazine articles, watch her videos, or listen to the lyrics of her songs. She is not a classy lady (from what she portrays) and is definitely not a role model. 

Everyone keeps saying “Run the world” is a positive song.

Here’s a few lyrics: I think I need a barber/none of these niggas can fade me/I’m so good with this/I remind you, I’m hood with this.

She’s saying I’m the Best, Bow down Niggas here. Maybe it’s not so offensive because she didn’t say bitches. Yeah that’s it.

More lyrics:Boy I’m just playin/come here baby/hope you still like me/F U Pay me/my persuasion can build a nation….

So here she’s teaching girls to use their bodies to get what they want (watch video) and don’t forget to get paid for your services. i.e. leave the money on the night stand, or g-string. Yeah that’s a fine profession for a little girl to aspire to. She then later mentions college grads, so I’m guessing you can strip for money (use your assets) to pay for college THEN you can Run The World after you graduate. Nice!

 “Diva” Here’s a few lyrics: Fifty million ‘round the world/and they say I couldn’t get it/I done got so sick with Benjis, I can’t spend it/How you gon be talking SHIT? You act like I just got up in it/Been the number 1 Diva in this game for a minute/I know you read the paper, the 1 they call a queen/

Um sounds like “Bow Down Bitches” to me. 

Surely “Single Ladies” is positive! Here’s some of the lyrics: cuz if you liked IT then you should’ve put a ring on IT/Don’t be mad once you see he want IT/

She talks about being mad after her man played games for 3 years, so she goes straight to the club and grinds on some dude, who wants IT, with a drink in her cup. We all know what IT means… So girls if a guy is getting sex from you for 3 years, and doesn’t marry you, go to the club, get a drink and find someone who will basically do the same thing until you find one that will “put a ring on it”. Don’t wait or even look for love. That’s not what a DIVA does.

You know what I think every little girl should see…. The video to “Dance for you”. I think that is a perfect example of how a wife should act. She has numerous positive examples to show how to be a good wife, good mother and best of all, a Diva. (I guess I’m old school I only wear lingerie for my husband and grind on him, etc. I didn’t know I was suppose to share that with everyone)

Seriously folks, I have no hard feelings toward Beyonce. I just wish people would stop putting her on such a high pedestal. I think parents should know what their kids are watching and listening to. Beyonce-rated R, ADULTS only. I do get upset with Beyonce because I think she has an AMAZING VOICE and she can really dance, BUT she chooses to do these garbage songs. I really WISH I could say she is a classy lady and a positive role model. She has the tools to do so. It’s like having everyone’s attention but nothing to say. 

Imagine if you had millions of listeners, What would you say?