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Could you do the teacher AU about notes on the blackboard (6), please? Thanks! (For Maxerica)

we leave each other notes on the blackboards au

I opened the door to my classroom and smiled to myself when I read what was on the board. Our notes to each other started out as “Hi’s” and “Hello’s” at the beginning of the year, and we blamed our students or a “ghost writer.” We also made sure to write it on other teachers’ boards so it wouldn’t look too suspicious. Pretty soon it became a running joke in the school, and I was pretty sure Marlee and Carter wrote on each other’s boards now too.

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Good morning world. It’s Monday, 5:52AM, time to rise with the sun and grind. My weekend, like most weekends, was spent running errands, grocery shopping, cleaning and what have you. I watched the Grammys for a bit and was happy to see Adele up and well after surgery. That woman’s voice is God sent! I ignore any negative comments made about her because those people obviously know nothing about real talent. Adele is the type to give herself in the raw, no gimmicks. She doesn’t parade around stage and wear flashy outfits to try and hide that she has no real talent, SHE IS TALENT! The sad thing is, most of the critic about Adele is on her weight. Her weight does not define her. I hope that she doesn’t let the public and their perception of what is beautiful and acceptable deter her. I’ve noticed she’s lost weight since she first surfaced, but her recent surgery could play a role in that. None the less, I’m not saying she should remain “fat” to prove a point, but that, if she’s losing weight, I’d hope it’s for her own benefit and not to “fit in” with the rest. There’s nothing worse then letting the ideals of other break you down to conformity, because when you do change, the others will say you were better before. That’s just the way people are. If you do things, do them for yourself and not to please others or you’ll end up feeling miserable, like you’re the ball on the ping-pong table of life.