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Could you do the teacher AU about notes on the blackboard (6), please? Thanks! (For Maxerica)

we leave each other notes on the blackboards au

I opened the door to my classroom and smiled to myself when I read what was on the board. Our notes to each other started out as “Hi’s” and “Hello’s” at the beginning of the year, and we blamed our students or a “ghost writer.” We also made sure to write it on other teachers’ boards so it wouldn’t look too suspicious. Pretty soon it became a running joke in the school, and I was pretty sure Marlee and Carter wrote on each other’s boards now too.

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promiscuity shows a lack of self control. I do not want anyone who can not control their desires. ultimately, most well respected women are not promiscuous because the respect from others comes from the respect she has for herself. an intellectual woman also understands the dangers as well as the mental stability involved when engaging in sex. most people fail to realize that sex is far more complicated and complex than just an orgasm. this is why you see such tainted relationships that often come from people who have had a lot of sexual partners. they no longer can divide the honest, genuine feelings, from any other associated ones. sex, love, values, and the overall relationship become a blur for those kinds of people.

what’s with the notion that females who play video games are only playing for male attention and or acknowledgment? I most certainly don’t get on xbox to sit in a lobby and flirt. especially not when I envision every player as some prepubescent, greasy, pizza faced, virgin.

chill. I don’t suffer from that Princess Peach disorder. I’ve been playing video games since an achievement was considered getting your game to actually work after you’ve blown your lungs out into the cartridge -__- so it’s not that serious! stop praising female gamers and gassing their heads up like it’s something special to be a gamer with a vagina.

we are not fucking unicorns!

the you that you never knew:

I’m a firm believer that allowing yourself to be someone else will in return allow you to discover new beings that you never even knew existed within you.

I believe getting lost and following different footsteps will bring you closer to you. an unknown you that you might possibly love more than any you that you’ve ever known. but you wont know that you if you don’t allow yourself the opportunity to experience meeting you by becoming someone else. 

truthfully, the only way we can know who we truly are is to know who we are not. and to know who we are not is to follow the phases of our lives and to step out of our comfort zones. because at the end of it all, we are all going to end up in the same place and the ones who experience and see the most are the ones who decide to take different routs.

always know that deep down, we know where we’re going, so never fear the commute. never lose sight of your ultimate destination and your journey will be a marvelous one.

we tend to want the most for ourselves which is normal, but often most people go about the wrong way to gain self value. for instance, it’s long been said that we should surround ourselves with those we aspire to be like, to use them as our fuel; our motivation. though, the problem with that is, you have to be realistic with the ones you settle for; just as the bad ones are no good for you, too much of the good ones can be a deathly poison. there needs to be more finding of the middle in things; the balance. take the phrase “happy medium” it’s the happy medium because it allows people to experience both the positive and the negative, giving them the chance to never lose site in either one and to appreciate all that comes from the good and the bad of things, people, situations and so on..

what I’m trying to teach you is: take things as they come to you. yes, the people you surround yourself with should inspire you, but they also shouldn’t be poisonous to the person you are. and you’ll know when those people become poison to you because you’ll find yourself standing and staring at life, but instead of it being your life; you’ll be looking at the lives of your friends and comparing them to yours, and when they fail to amount to you, your mind will begin to emit those poisonous thoughts of self doubt. you’ll start to feel inadequate in comparison, and when that’s the only thing you’re constantly surrounded by, do you see how it becomes the negative of the good?

find the common ground in others. let the feeling of motivation be universal within the group you’re surrounded by, so that you can all feel adequate, so that you can all reach prosperity together and continue to grow together as oppose to apart, like most relationships. this is how you grow with people.

to whom it may conern:

dear men,

be men. be strong men. be fathers to your daughters, as they are easily influenced by the standards of others. teach them self-strength so they don’t depend on other men. give them unconditional love and attention so they don’t desperately seek it elsewhere and degrade themselves out of emptiness.

dear women,

be women. be strong women. be mothers to your sons, as they too are easily influenced by the standards of others. teach them the gentle way. give them unconditional love and attention so they can love deeply and not feel emasculated for his ability to be fragile. 

dear parents,

your kids need both of you! the motherless son lacks respect for women and the fatherless daughter lacks respect for herself. without a balance of both in their lives, there is an imbalance in their being. don’t believe me? think of every female you’ve met without a father, what is her character like? and now, every man without a mother, his character? on an average, the female will be more open and promiscuous to fill the void, and the men will be more “macho” in personality and will almost always take advantage of the woman who lacks self-respect. a match of perfection, huh? both equally fucked up and lacking one of two parents. which wouldn’t be so bad if the numbers weren’t so god damn high. too many single parents out there = too many fucked up children and too many fucked up children = a fucked up future. our future. our generation. our generations’ future. people, morals, respect, loyalty, ect has gone out the window and down the hill as we all know it. what was taboo then is glorified now and let me tell you, though some things are now accepted, it doesn’t seem to be working out for people.


I can’t stand when people confidently post that they’re going to delete their social networking account(s) for good when they know they’re going to come right back in a matter of days. especially when it comes from the same kinds of people every single time.

today, social networking is a major part of our lives and for the most part, it’s not going anywhere any time soon. so if you’re one of those people who constantly comes and goes on facebook/twitter/tumblr my advice to you is; learn to manage yourself on the internet. and to do that you have to start by not being some mega friendly attention whore who adds random people on every site for the fuck of it when you know you can’t deal with criticism and drama that’s bound to come from people you don’t know because you decided to make yourself an easy target by opening up to the vast majority. it’s that simple. private and block features are there for a reason people, learn to utilize them! they will make your internet life a god damn utopia!

so next time I see someone complain about anonymous hate mail, all the bullshit drama, blah blah blah, I’m going to call them attention hungry cunts and direct them here so they know it’s all in good reason.

until then, peace, love, and prosperity to all my logical people on here.

I’m over the selfishness that is our government. I’m tired of fluctuating gas prices and these crude oil wars. I despise that with so many other alternatives, we continue to allow oil to be our crutch. it does not take a genius to see that we rely on foreign oil for most of our gas supply, when we consume 25% of the world’s supply, yet we only have 3% to our name.

and trust me, I get the whole concept of “tap into the supplies of others so we don’t consume ours and when they run out, we can charge an arm and a leg…” but why?! I understand the hustle and bustle of our government but when it comes to certain things, I just don’t agree with the logic. why not pass a bill that requires automobile manufactures to ALL start coming out with alternate powered vehicles and by a certain year, ALL drivers must be driving one of these cars. no more gas guzzlers on the roads and no more vehicle pollution damaging what’s left of our earth.

why!? why?! why!? oh yeah, I know, MONEY! fucking money, man. it’s always about money. this shit pisses me off because what’s going on in the world is so unnecessary and it’s only happening because of greed and power, power and greed. 

I’m tired of getting screwed not as an American but as a human being. all this shit that’s going on just isn’t right. and other people can think I’m selfish because I’m an American and as an American they believe I have some golden ticket but that’s bullshit. we’re just as fucked, if not worse. the problem with America is, the people are all entertained with petty shit because their internet and cable ain’t getting cut off and they don’t have to open their eyes and look around them. our government loves to keep shit on the hush hush. we’re just as fucked up as the bitch getting beaten by her husband, covering up the black eye, and smiling at the world. we’re all getting beaten. wake the fuck up! get mad, get aware, talk shit, voice your thoughts, ask questions, and most importantly understand why.

I'm perfectly fine with the way I live:

I hate when people tell me I need to live life more, you know..whore myself out because we only live once. FUCK YOU!

what if I don’t believe that I only live once? because I most certainly don’t.

I believe that I am energy. I believe in reincarnation. I believe that déjà vu is not in fact déjà vu but a kiss from our past life, a blessed memory. I also believe that déjà vu is a reminder that we are where we need to be in life at that moment we experience it. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that everyone in my life serves a purpose, both major and minor.

I believe that God is the universe. I believe in Aliens. I believe that we are not in fact species from this planet but more of an experiment of evolution on this planet from one light years away from us.

I believe in a lot of things that make sense to me. I build these theories in my mind that make sense to me and put me at ease about complexities of life. I research a lot and most from scientific facts. I take a lot of bits and pieces from various religious groups and build my own faith, my own religion.

I may not follow the bible. I may not follow your God. I may not follow your beliefs but, I believe. I believe in something. I believe in a lot of things. and quite frankly, that’s all that matters - that we all believe in something, anything. that we believe because we’re conscious enough to do so and that to not believe in anything is just foolish because life in itself is belief.

this can’t be it.

Halloween Questionnaire

Favorite Halloween movie? Halloween, Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus are classic Halloween favorites. Trick ‘R Treat is a more recent favorite of mine too.

Halloween costume this year?
I think I’m going to do something day of the dead inspired. I’ve been saying I was for like two years now and never get around to doing it. this is the year.

Favorite Horror movie?
I’m a major Freddy fan, I love the Nightmare On Elm Street series..even though horror movies aren’t scary to me.

Best Halloween/Fall themed food?
I love pumpkin anything. I also admire creative baked goods to go with the Halloween spirit.

Your first horror movie
? for some reason Nightmare On Elm Street 3 comes to mind. I remember watching it with my oldest brother and being freaked out by the scene where Freddy kills Philip. in particular, when he’s walking down the Hospital hallway like a puppet. I don’t know, the pulsating sound and scene just fucked with me back then.

What type of monster do you want to be?
being a vampire would be pretty neat. never getting sick, never dying, being able to make the people I love live forever too, and never aging is most appealing to me. I also don’t mind the night lol.

Favorite Halloween character
? Jack Skellington.

One of your paranormal experiences
? I have quite a few, me and my friends were avid weird nj followers back in the day and went on massive ghost hunts lol. I’ll share a story some another time.

Do you believe in witchcraft?
I do because witchcraft is a form of energy just like us.

Best costume you’ve ever worn
? it’s a toss up between Batman and Wolverine. I remember I started stealing my brother’s old costumes Batman and Wolverine just so happened to be my two favorites. I’d wear them proudly, faux abs and all lmao.

Favorite candy?
reeses. but technically that’s chocolate so um, sour patch kids and sweet tarts.

How you act when watching a scary movie
? interested. anticipating something good. but most often I’m never scared. some films have been good thrillers though, kept me on my edge, like the collector for instance.

Best pumpkin carving you’ve done?
all of my original carvings are pretty wicked. my inspired carves are always good too but not as impressive to me since they’re replicated.

Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?
I do.

Halloween decoration tips?
pick a theme and go with it. I feel like when you pick one theme it makes decorating far more easy.

What do you use to hold candy when you trick or treat?
when I was younger my mom would sew up some awesome Halloween pillow sacks for me and my brothers. she’d by cool fabric with Halloween prints and make them durable because we’d be trick or treating to the wee hours. then we’d combine our bags and have like trash bags of candy to choose from lmao.

Your Halloween traditions?
they’ve changed and will continue to change. I used to trick or treat, participate in reckless mischief night egg bombing with my friends ect, now I do more of the hang out with friends and watch horror movies, make Halloween inspired foods, go to zombie crawls or possibly a good Halloween party. when I have kids I’ll do everything for them.

Best Halloween pranks or dares
? just your basic hooligan shit with shaving cream, frozen batteries, pellet/paintball guns, and rotten eggs.

Biggest fear?
the unknown that’s associated with the aftermath of death.

Best TV show Halloween episode?
Community, when Abed dressed as Batman. totally funny!

Opinion on October weather
? it’s my favorite! fall is my favorite; not too cold, not too hot.

First Halloween costume
? I’d have to ask my mom, but I think she dressed me up like a little pumpkin. typical lmao.

Worst Halloween candy
? nasty random ass hard candies usually the ones wrapped in clear yellow/orange wrap and are of some butterscotch flavor. uugh! don’t give those out to kids…you’ll get egg bombed!

Your Halloween plans this year?
the zombie crawl and some of my college buddies are having a party.

Why do you love Halloween?
it makes me feel alive inside..the festivities and atmosphere come Halloween just hold a lot of good memories for me.