So I’m sitting around, working on my illustrations, and watching Harry Potter 3.  And by “watching” I mean “kind of listening while occasionally glancing up, then rewinding because I missed something.” And while looking down at my Mac, I heard it.  And the “it” I heard was the voice of Ms. Trunchbull. 

Yes, Aunt Marge is played by the same lady who played Ms. Trunchbull in the magnificent 1996 children’s classic film Matilda.

Mind.  Blown.

Holy MOLY! The entire cast of MATILDA (1996) reunited. :D

Left to right, back row: One of the Million Dollar Sticky women, Brian Levinson (Michael Wormwood), Pam Ferris (Trunchbull), Jimmy Karz (Bruce Bogtrotter), and Leor Livneh Hackel (Julius Rottwinkle).

Left to right, front row: Jacqueline Steiger (Amanda Thripp), Rhea Pearlman (Mrs. Wormwood), Mara Wilson (Matilda Wormwood), Kiami Davael (Lavender), Sara Magdalin (played the four-year-old Matilda), Danny DeVito (Mr. Wormwood/Narrator), and Embeth Davidtz (Miss Honey).

  • Ms. Trunchbull:What are those?
  • Amanda Thripp:What’s what, Miss Trunchbull?
  • Ms. Trunchbull:Hanging down by your ears.
  • Amanda Thripp:You mean my pigtails?
  • Ms. Trunchbull:Are you a pig, Amanda?
  • Amanda Thripp:No, Miss Trunchbull.
  • Ms. Trunchbull:Do I allow pigs in my school?
  • Amanda Thripp:My mommy thinks they’re sweet.
  • Ms. Trunchbull:Your mommy.. IS A TWIT!
  • - Matilda (aka "Funny Movie" - Maggie)