“They’re all mistakes, children. Filthy, nasty things. Glad I never was one.”
“I cannot, for the life of me, understand why small children take so long to grow up. I think they do it deliberately, just to annoy me.”
“I have never been able to understand why small children are so disgusting. They’re the bane of my life. They’re like insects: they should be got rid of as early as possible.”
- Ms. Trunchbull (Matilda)

  • Ms. Trunchbull:What are those?
  • Amanda Thripp:What’s what, Miss Trunchbull?
  • Ms. Trunchbull:Hanging down by your ears.
  • Amanda Thripp:You mean my pigtails?
  • Ms. Trunchbull:Are you a pig, Amanda?
  • Amanda Thripp:No, Miss Trunchbull.
  • Ms. Trunchbull:Do I allow pigs in my school?
  • Amanda Thripp:My mommy thinks they’re sweet.
  • Ms. Trunchbull:Your mommy.. IS A TWIT!
  • - Matilda (aka "Funny Movie" - Maggie)
I just learned that the same actress who played Ms. Trunchbull also played Aunt Marge in Harry Potter

I’m a little mind blown by this haha.

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I also just discovered that I have been using the wrong name all these years, that it’s Ms. Trunchbull not Crunchbull hahahaha. I have no idea why but as long as I can remember I thought that her name was Crunchbull. Well this morning has been a learning experience haha.

I haven’t cared about one direction for like 2 years but I still want harry styles to pick me up and swing me around like ms trunchbull did to that little girl in Matilda except in a sex way