wintershock - soulmates au, or the one where darcy learns russian

When she’s five, Darcy realizes her soulmark isn’t in English.  


When she’s six and half, she asks her favorite person in the whole world, Ms. Fitz, her school’s librarian, to tell her what language her soulmark was in.  Ms. Fitz tells her it’s Russian but can’t tell her what it means.


When she’s seven, Darcy asks to forgo all birthday presents for the rest of her life in exchange for Russian language lessons (she’s asked before, but her mom said they were too expensive).  Her mom takes one look at the tears in Darcy’s eyes and the brief peak of Cyrillic letters at the edge of her daughter’s hip and caves, hiring a Russian tutor.


When she’s eight, she dares to ask her Russian tutor, Ms. Petrova, what her soulmark means.  Ms. Petrova takes one look, pales to the point that her face matches the color of her wispy white hair and whisper-tells Darcy to never show the Cyrillic scribbles to anyone or ever speak the words aloud.  Darcy is so scared by her teacher’s reaction (plus the painful bite of nails digging in her arm from the woman’s too-tight grip) that she immediately blurts out, “Oбещаю.” ((I promise.))

“I swear, if she misses practice again.” The blonde mumbled, referring to the captain of the cheer team as she seemed to have gone missing as of late, fumbling through her makeup bag before pulling out a tube of Louboutin liquid lipstick. A small smirk began to form as she looked over to the person next to her. “You think Ms. Fitz will throw a hissy fit if I wear this to the game instead clear gloss?”

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High school graduation

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Rosewood’s graduating class threw their hats in the air and hugged their friends on stage before being seated for a few final minutes. Some were teary-eyed, others already took their phones out of their pockets, and most were eager to run off the stage and into the freedom of summer and the independence of college.  Aria Montgomery was different, though. Her eyes weren’t filled with sadness or relief or boredom. Instead, they scanned the room, the chairs, the crowd of people. In a moment, they locked with a person who in turn was searching for her.

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So this is really a personal preference and not hard and fast canon, although I do believe there is strong canonical evidence for this opinion, but: I don’t think Leopold Fitz goes by Leo. Ever.

We have heard characters use first names for Jemma, Melinda, Phil, and Grant. However, even in the most intimate of settings, where Fitz will call Simmons by her first name, Jemma does not. She still calls him Fitz. It’s understandable that they generally use last names, since SHEILD/the BUS are professional environments. However, it’s clear the team has become a family, and they do use first names when they want to explore those personal relationships: except no one has ever called him Leo.

In fact, the only time we’ve heard his first name is in Seeds when Agent Weaver introduces him. And even then, it’s “Leopold Fitz” and not “Leo Fitz.” It isn’t hard to imagine that Fitz dislikes the name “Leopold” in general, since it’s a pretty… interesting name. It isn’t hard to imagine Fitz letting his Mum call him that because she’s his Mum. Maybe Ms. Fitz uses “Leo” to be affectionate.

But given a choice, Fitz prefers Fitz. Not Leo, and definitely not Leopold. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but even then I’ll find it personally cringe-worthy: Fitz’s name is a very important part of his identity and personality. “Leo” doesn’t fit him, and I think he knows that, and sticks with Fitz.

There are people who just go by their last names. I truly believe Fitz is one of them.


Cazwell- Rice and Beans music video // Styled by Ms. Fitz