hi, I know I already sent you an ask about this but I just got really excited that you said you were Darbus, bc I was recently Darbus and we just finished our last show Saturday so I’m really sad about it so here’s a picture of my costume!

Nice! Excellent costume and expression, you beautiful thespian, you!

Thespian: noun 1. an actor or actress.

That scene in High School Musical 3: Senior Year where Troy and Ms. Darbus discuss Troy’s comfort with being onstage, and Ms. Darbus tells Troy that she knows that he has the courage to make his own choices, is one of the best written scenes in the series. I’d probably rank it as my third favorite after the Ryan/Troy scene that takes place in the Lava Springs kitchen near the end of High School Musical 2, and the infamous “You’re easier to dance with than she is…!”, scene. 

In all three of these scenes, the dialogue feels natural and realistic. Troy displays all-too human openness and vulnerability, and receives an intently listening ear, wordless sympathy, and the encouragement that he doesn’t get enough of, all without having to fight to make his voice heard. Ryan and Ms. Darbus have Troy’s best interests at heart, but they aren’t forceful, and ultimately leave the decision entirely up to Troy. 

Sometimes, I wonder if these scenes were written by different people than the rest of the movies. 

Disney's Madison High

Disney Channel’s Madison High looks like it’s going to be a spin off of the High School Musical franchise.  The cast of the show has been announced and even includes Alyson Reed’s character Ms. Darbus, the drama teacher from HSM.  Luke Benward and Leah Lewis are also cast members of the show.  The series revolves around Ms. Darbus as she is joined by six performers who sing and dance.  President, entertainment and chief creative officer of Disney Channel, Gary Marsh, says:

High School Musical’ introduced the joys of musicals and musical theater to a whole new generation and kids and families. They embraced the themes explored in those movies — about expressing oneself and following your dreams. And now, with ‘Madison High,’ we hope to give kids a whole new set of characters with whom to engage – along with more great original music, dance numbers and songs.

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Personally, do you like Ms. Darbus?

Yes, I do!  She’s a very enthusiastic fan of Ryan and Sharpay’s performances. Which, I support 200%. She’s over the top and theatrical, yes, but she’s over the top and theatrical in a really fun way. And who hasn’t had an over the top or slightly eccentric drama teacher?

She’s one of the five truly dynamic characters in the series. In the first film, she has a clear prejudice against athletes, but, wouldn’t you know, in the third movie, she has an entire number in the school musical dedicated to basketball and performed by members of the basketball team. That’s background character development done right. This also ties into the most important favorable aspect of Ms. Darbus…

 She genuinely cares about her students. She recognized a talent and drive in Troy that she thought deserved recognition, so she submitted an application to Juilliard for him. When Troy was completely at a loss for what to do and where to go next, she didn’t try to push him one way or the other, she simply informed him that he possessed the courage to make his own decisions. Something that more people should have been telling the poor kid, instead of making his decisions for him. When Kelsi and Ryan were the recipients of the Juilliard scholarships, Ms. Darbus absolutely over the moon, and nearly bursting with pride for both of them. 

Perhaps people dislike her due to her eccentricity, or her long-winded speeches, but I think she’s a great character and an awesome teacher. Besides, maybe this is just me, but her flowery speech patterns are really fun to write. :)

Thank you for asking, Anon! :)

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It doesn't look bad at all, I love it!

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