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Foster Care Realities

One of the only foster moms I like in real life and talk to, Ms. Kiki, has been through the foster care ringer. A newborn foster-to-adoption placement whom she had for a year went to a bio family member around Halloween and is now back in foster care with some serious issues, including a fractured skull.

Ms. Kiki also has had a little girl for about a year. Had. Abby, 4, went to a relative placement yesterday after court. Abby had been traded for se.x since she was a year old in exchange for drugs. The relative placements’ husband was the leader of the trafficking ring, but “they’re no longer together” even though social media pictures show otherwise.

Ms. Kiki is a wonderful parent. These are just a few of the children she had placed with her. With every child, she has given her whole heart to them.

I knew today would be a hard day for her and sent her a message. What’s so hard about this system is not saying goodbye, it’s knowing these kids are going back into a situation where they will be hurt again.

What I would love: 

Some better artist than me to draw Wonder Woman (bisexual woman immigrant), Hernan Guerra (latino undocumented immigrant), Cassandra Cain (disabled asian-american woman), Batwoman (Jewish lesbian), Ms. Marvel (Muslim pakistani-american woman), and other heroes representing the groups that are currently under attack, standing together against this rising hatred.

snoke: ok general I just need you to get along with your new co-commander 



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