ms. tutweiller

Suite Life on Deck

I know, I’m a bit too late to post this but yeah, who cares?! The thing is, I love this show and even though I’m at the latter part of my teenage years, I still rewatch the show and laugh like a child. I don’t know, a part of me is still stuck at highschool although I’m in the mid of my college years. Daaaaaaannng iiiit. I still can’t believe that the show ended two years ago and here I am still watching it over and over again.

But the major problem is, everytime I watch the Graduation on Deck, my heart breaks into pieces. Yeah, call me a bit too dramatic for a guy but it’s just the way it is. After 70 episodes of crazy laughter, it took one episode to break my heart. I wasn’t really certain that it would affect me so much but yeah, it did, it does and I guess, it’ll always affect me. It makes me sad, it makes me reminisce every sweet memory I have of my highschool years. And it all comes down to the graduation, the heartbreaker.

Yeah, London Tipton was the funniest, the craziest in those 70 funny episodes but during the finale, she was the biggest heartbreaker.
I will always be a fan of London, Zac and Woody’s friendship. They may not be the best example in terms of politeness, but their friendship was so precious, atleast, for me. Cody and Bailey was just perfect for each other and so was Mr. Moseby and Ms. Tutweiller.

I still have a lot to say but yeah, I’ll just continue this after I finish rewatching SLOD for another round. Haha