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The way you make me feel (I call it love) - Chapter 2 of 12

Summary: Although it was only meant to be a one-time-thing for a business dinner, “escort with special service” Oliver Queen is now hired by CEO Felicity Smoak regularly. What was supposed to be a simple arrangement gets complicated when boundaries are crossed and the status of what they have needs to be reconsidered.
Rating: Explicit 
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Special thanks to my beta @pr0fessi0nal-fangurl. Alex, you are doing a great job! I couldn’t do this without you. xoxo

“I wouldn’t have thought I’d hear from you so soon again, Ms. Smoak,” he said as soon as he had slid onto the backseat of the limousine opposite from her. “I was pleasantly surprised when I could write your name in my schedule. You might become my first regular client here in Star City.”

Felicity chuckled. “If I am your first regular client here, where is my gift?”

Now it was Oliver’s turn to chuckle. “I said you might become my first regular client. Two appointments in two weeks are not regular enough to make that decision for sure yet.”

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Request: Imagine being Felicity’s assistant at Smoak Technologies

The board had called a meeting again. Of course, this wouldn’t be much of a problem normally, you would simply schedule it in, change any appointments that collided with it, and move on to the next item on your to do list. But Felicity wasn’t in. Worse still, you hadn’t been able to contact her. Three missed calls and six texts had gone by without any response and you were beginning to freak out. She had mere hours before the meeting, and as far as you were aware, she had no clue it even existed.

Ray had been stressful, that much was certain, but at least he hadn’t missed his own board meetings. But just as you were considering what on earth had happened to cause your job to suddenly become such a nightmare you were greeted by the most blissful of sounds, heels. 

Your head jolts up and you couldn’t have been happier at the sight that greeted you. “Ms Smoak” you grin, standing in acknowledgement of your boss’ presence.

“Y/N, I’ve told you a million times, call me Felicity, please. Ms Smoak makes me feel like my mom, and don’t get me wrong, I love her, but… I’m rambling” Felicity smiles in return.

“I have some bad news” you interject, needing her to be aware of the meeting if only to take the item off your list. “The board has decided on a meeting this afternoon. It was made more than clear to me that your presence was absolutely necessary.”

“I thought you were going to that in my place” Felicity replies, furrowing her eyebrows in thought.

“That was last weeks, Ms S- Felicity. They really are very insistent that you attend this one” you answer with an apologetic smile.

“Fine” Felicity sighs, rubbing her forehead as she thinks. “Call my mother, tell her dinner is going to have to be tomorrow night instead” she nods, beginning to walk away. “Oh, Y/N” she calls, hanging around the doorway, “thank you!”

“Of course, Miss Smoak.”

Felicity Smoak, MIT class of ‘09.

Olicity Historical AU:  Can the stars lead a Duke and a gentle wallflower to love?

Previous chapters are on AO3 and FF

Chapter 6


Felicity was here. She was here and he needed to find her.  Something or someone, depending on what you chose to believe, who made the stars in the sky and brought Oliver home from the war, was making sure Felicity crossed paths with him in the most wondrous of ways.

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In the Classroom (Olicity AU, One-shot, Explicit)

(from candykizzes24)

A/N: No underage in this ficlet, but there is a strong teacher/student power play.

“Ms. Smoak.”

Felicity paused where she’d been organizing the midterms from earlier in the day, her hands freezing in midair, one still wrapped around a red pen, the other shuffled between some of the tests. She didn’t turn, she didn’t respond; she just stopped.

“Felicity,” he said, dragging her name out the way he always did. A shiver danced down her spine, her eyes slipping shut and she licked her lips, sucking her top one into her mouth. She slowly stood up, knowing without having to look that he was at his desk, in his chair… watching her. “Come here.”

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(Besides how beautiful our OTP is and how happy Oliver is after sex with Felicity)

-Ra’s al Ghul had a past before the League that included a family and a woman he loved, which made him compassionate towards Felicity

-Ra’s al Ghul has underestimated the love between Oliver and Felicity and just what they’ll do for each other

-Maseo was brought back out in Sarab because of Felicity Smoak–he told her specifically that she’s the one who reminded him

-Oliver told Felicity that the only thing that would help him survive the League was knowing that she was out there, living a life and happy.

-Oliver told Felicity “let’s not say goodbye this time.”

-Ra’s al Ghul spared Sarab’s life because he wasn’t going to kill him for something that Maseo did.

-Felicity told Ra’s that he gave up without a fight when he walked away from his family. And who do we know that’s a fighter when a certain Ms. Smoak reminds him. “You are not done fighting!” Sound familiar?

-Oliver Queen, man who survived five years in hell and three years of all sorts of other shit, doesn’t seem like he’d disappear in just three weeks, no matter what the League put him through. Oliver playing a part? Much more likely.

-Ra’s al Ghul announced that Oliver Queen was dead and the only thing that remained was The Arrow, aka Al Sah-Him. And what is this season all about? Right. Identity. Oliver merging the two parts of himself. We thought he had given himself over completely to the Arrow. He hadn’t officially yet. Now he has, at least from what we’re led to believe.

-Episode 3x23 is called “My Name is Oliver Queen.” (Friendly reminder. I think that will be my mantra through the next few weeks.)

So what do all these newly learned things mean? Well, it’s never a good thing for the Big Bad when he underestimates the hero or people close to the hero. And I saw three big, flashing puzzle pieces Ra’s underestimated tonight: Felicity Smoak. Maseo Yamashiro.

And Oliver Queen. The man who was told to “survive” by his father eight years ago on Lian Yu.

Do with those post-episode ramblings as you will. What an emotional roller coaster. I am SO PROUD of Felicity Smoak. I am thrilled about Oliver not hiding his feelings for Felicity in the failed escape and in their “not goodbye”. THIS IS GOOD. He’s not pushing her away. Not in the end.

Repeat after me: PORSCHES AND SUNSETS. We’ll get through this roller coaster together.

And in the meantime…OLICITY IS 1000% CANON BABY. WE MADE IT.

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