ms. peaches


SO I thought you guys would like something like this, Inspired by my friend’s @anjiezombie recent drawings of a cute style, i started this little silly thing, the third party ladies + peach!

Just as a little distraction until my new laptop arrives (which by now i’m in the middle of dealing with FedEx’s shenanigans, boy howdy have they made me rage), i apologize if the anatomy or dimensions look weird, but once more, my video card is malfunctioning and stretches things, so i can’t say for sure if things look good or not. I’ll like to thank my friends @anjiezombie and @pinkkittyrose for helping me with external visual aid though.

the signs as neko atsume cats
  • Aries: Gozer
  • Taurus: Joe DiMeowgio
  • Gemini: Pepper
  • Cancer: Pickles
  • Leo: Ms. Fortune
  • Virgo: Snowball
  • Libra: Conductor Whiskers
  • Scorpio: Lexy
  • Sagittaurus: Tubbs
  • Capricorn: Peaches
  • Aquarius: Gabriel
  • Pisces: Dottie
The Signs as Neko Atsume Cats

Aries: Shadow; wants to show its appreciation but not very good at doing so

Taurus: Ms. Fortune; cares about those within its household

Gemini: Peaches; fits in to either crowd but feels appreciated either way

Cancer: Pickles; weak but only offered protection by those who understand its weakness

Leo: Xerxes IX; high and mighty but willing to offer much to others

Virgo: Snowball; was there for you first but is often underappreciated since they seem so common

Libra: Pepper; special but too shy to appreciate their own significance

Scorpio: Tubbs; takes from you what it needs, but will show its gratitude if shown patience

Sagittarius: Bob the Cat; adventurous but afraid to offer much to others

Capricorn: Billy the Kitten; although seems normal and dainty on the outside, holds turmoil on the inside

Aquarius: Marshmallow; may be powerful but this is due to lack of compassion

Pisces: Frosty; only goes to a place when they feel they’d be safe in that environment

Seungri’s Weird, Wild n Wonderful Analogies:

1) My butt. It’s like a peach (what is your favourite body part?)

2) I wanna be a horse. I wanna run. So I’m strong and fast[…]a white horse like a princess prince (what animal would you like to be? besides panda)

3) [My fans] are like razors. Because I need to shave every morning[…]without the fans I cannot be pretty (what are fans to Seungri?)

4) [GD’s] existence is like water when I’m thirsty (what is GDragon to Seungri?)

5) BIGBANG has two visuals - TOP and Seungri. Jab jab jab with Seungri and then a hook with TOP. K.O!! (when ranking Big Bang in looks)

6) TOP is like almond and I am like peanut. Almond and peanut gives a great taste (what is TOP to Seungri?)

7) My life is like earth. When I meet someone like water things get sticky - like mud. It changes form and when it hardens it becomes a piece of art (when Taehyun said they were like earth and fire)


Random Playlist - Throwback Edition

  1. Bobby Brown - My Prerogative
  2. Aaliyah - Come Over
  3. Bell Biv Devoe - Poison
  4. Brandy & Monica - The Boy Is Mine
  5. TLC - No Scrubs
  6. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg - Nuthin but a G Thang
  7. Destiny’s Child - Jumpin, Jumpin
  8. N Sync - It’s Gonna be Me
  9. OutKast - Ms. Jackson
  10. 112 - Peaches & Cream

Click the pictures to see my favorite lyric!

I’ve made a Neko atsume Birthday Scenario because I see no one is making one so I decided I should make one.

If you can’t read what the text says for Days it should be:

1: Peaches

2:Senor Don Gato   3:Bob the Cat      4: Pickles   5: Kathmandu

6: Ginger    7: Saint Purrtrick    8: Joe Dimeowgio 9: Pepper

10: Tubbs    11: Ms Fortune     12: Dottie   13:  Fred

15: Cocoa    16:  Marshmallow:    17:Smokey  18: Ramses the Great

19:  Snowball   20: Billy the kitten  21: Socks    22: Lady Meow Meow

23: Xerxes IV   24:  Bolt    25: Frosty  26: Willie   27: Conductor Whiskers

28: Patches   29: Mack     30: Pumpkin    31: Spooky