ms. o'brien

The fundamental problem with Ian Fleming’s Bond works is the relationship between the eponymous agent and his employer.  I will grant some realism to the string of relationships with other agents, provided the agency reacts negatively in-universe.  But to use the State’s resources so extravagantly, only to return with subpar intelligence, when a ‘good’ agent should return with priceless information after using minimal supplies? (I’m not sure what Doctor Bashir sees so attractive in him.)

This, and Doctor Bashir refuses to acknowledge that the stories follow a formulaic narrative pattern and therefore, when read in quick succession, read very much like a repetitive epic.  Perhaps he’s embarrassed?


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Teen Wolf Meta -

Cernunnos, the shape-shifting protector of animals, Horned God of the Animals, aka the Green Man aka Herne the Hunter: Celtic god of pretty much everything - fertility, life, animals, wealth, underworld, knowledge, sun / moon, hunting, sacrifice

Cernunnos References (and references to online texts about the myths  – they’re italicized) about Stiles’ association: (arguments could be made that Deaton is Cernunnos, too)

Pic 1 - Deaton’s medallion and Morrell’s necklace - Druids / emissaries associated with / worship (?) Cernunnos

Pic 2 - Different images of Cernunnos (notice the Celtic knot and Triskelion in the first) that are similar to the medallion and necklace

Pic 3 - At the Sacred Centre, in the Grove of all Worlds, He sits with legs crossed beneath an ancient Oak… the god and the Great Tree are One.

The Nemeton is the Tree of Life, the sacred center, the freaking Druid Vatican, and here we see Stiles sitting cross-legged on it (and the Nogitsune in a completely different position).

Pic 4 - At His feet the great Cauldron from which the Five Rivers Flow

There are 5 Telluric currents running through Beacon Hills. Currents = Rivers

Also of note - Deaton’s animal clinic and the bank sit where two currents intersect 

Pic 5 - He is the sacrificed one, who, wounded unto death begins his journey to the Underworld…

Stiles as surrogate sacrifice. They were “sacrificed” right on a current intersection.

Pic 6 - In his Underworld aspect Cernunnos is The Dark Man, the god who dwells in the House Beneath the Hill, the Underworld.

Void-Stiles - his “Underworld aspect"  

Pic 7 - Cernunnos and His children dream the Worlds

Stiles and his dreams

Pic 8 - The god whose eyes flash star-fire

Stiles as spark / light… 

Pic 9 - Cernunnos is depicted with antlers. The characters have theories about the deer but Stiles was present at both incidents.

Pic 10 - wolf and fox!