ms. mr

those who steal / those who are stolen from 

“Only two kinds of people exist in this world.”

[ a mix for the boy who lost his way and found his salvation in all the wrong places ] 

you don’t know me - son lux / holy - PVRIS / if i had a heart - fever ray / marrow - st. vincent / arsonist’s lullaby - hozier / delirious - susanne sundfør / child i will hurt you - crystal castles / ash tree lane - MS MR / every other freckle - alt-J / beggin for thread - BANKS / glass heart hymn - paper route / eyes on fire - blue foundation / beekeeper - keaton henson / ciel - kuroshitsuji OST 

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Well here it is folks! Due to needing rent money, I am opening up commissions! All the info you will need is in the images, but I wanted to inform that I will only be taking fifteen commissions at the start. If I feel I am able to take more, I will raise it to twenty. It’s first come first served, so act quick if you want a slot!

I will be requiring payment upfront via invoice, but I will not accept the invoice until I am sure I can do the commission. So if I feel that I can’t do your commission for any reason (And I reserve the right to refuse any commission) then I will simply give your money back. But once the invoice goes through, there will be no refunds.


  1. Tenta - Cat in Suit - Battle Sprite animated: $50
  2. meancrank - Scary Harry - Colored Fullbody: $35
  3. JB - Nextale AU’s Asriel - Colored Partial/Bust: $25
  4. AW - OC - Overworld Sprite: $15
  5. Corrupted!Flowey - Partial/Bust: $15
  6. kenzie - Cyan human OC - Colored Fullbody: $35
  7. Cey - OC - Vendor Sprite + Major and Minor Sprite variations: $60
  8. Heroman3003 - OC -  Colored Fullbody: $35
  9. Blue - OC - Battle Sprite: $25
  10. ChrisZito - OC - Battle Sprite Animated: $45
  11. ChrisZito - OC - Battle Sprite Animated: $45
  12. ChrisZito - OC - Battle Sprite Animated: $45
  13. Nora - Final Fantasy OC -  Colored Fullbody: $35

Hope to hear from you all soon! And one more reminder: Asks are NOT emails. I will not acknowledge any tumblr asks for commissions.

Virgo vs Pisces by MS MR

Hurricane for Virgo [x]

“Ready for the worst before the damage’s done”
“Welcome to the inner workings of my mind…
So dark and foul I can’t disguise”
 “Keep my eyes open, my lips sealed, my heart closed"
“ Didn’t know getting lost in the blue meant I wound up losing you”

Fantasy for Pisces [x]

“Came to make a connection, force myself in a dimension
Lost sight of myself”
“Maybe I’ll find something real, not a fantasy so divine…
Let myself down each time”
“How could it be what I wanted to see? My reality could never live up to the fantasy in me”

honestly,,,, i don’t like how i wrote this but it’s more of a preview anyways
mari and hannah, if this makes either of you uncomfy in any way, i’ll delete it in a heartbeat.
please tell me if i’m characterizing you guys horribly, if i’m gonna write this stuff i’m gonna try and write it correctly

so anyways, without further ado, this is my (miniature) rendition of say no to this.
featuring mari @exadorlion and hannah @gunsandboatsandgunboats (also i sincerely apologize to hannah cause i h i g h l y doubt i portrayed her well)

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