ms. melinda

MCU Ladies Week
Day Seven: To The Future!

The thing that I most want to see from the MCU is to have Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel on either Agents of SHIELD or the MCU movies. Since she’s Inhuman, they could have her join the Secret Warriors and be mentored by Daisy or they could put her in the next wave of MCU movies that are bound to happen post-Infinity Wars and have her be on the next team of Avengers, maybe as the lead.

My headcanon version of Kamala is played by Melinda Shankar from Degrassi The Next Generation, who is a huge Marvel fan and has even tweeted Marvel, expressing interest in playing Kamala.

It is important that young Muslim women have a character to look up to because there are hardly any female Middle Eastern/Arabic/South Asian characters out there. Also, more often than not, most Middle Eastern/Arabic/South Asian characters are simply treated like a “token” character or they are just full of stereotypes (some of which can even be downright offensive) or the character is treated like the butt of a joke.

I really want young Muslim women to be able to see Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel on screen and think “I want to be as strong and as brave as Kamala” or “I am proud to be Muslim because Kamala is proud to be Muslim”.

As a Muslim woman, growing up, I didn’t really have Muslim characters to look up to, so I think it would be amazing to have Kamala Khan be that character for this generation of young Muslim woman. One of my dreams is to get the chance to see her in the MCU, whether on the small screen or the big screen.