ms. mars

sunflower asks;

these are all inspired by the ethereal glo of sunflowers (and different types)

pacino: if you could be any age, what age would you be?
ms. mars: what kind of flower or plant are you?
goldie: do u wake up early to catch sunrises?
maximilian: who is/are your current sunshine/s?
vanilla ice: are you a plant or an animal person?
pastiche: what is your favorite color (include the perfect shade)?
red sun: would you rather have a planetarium or a botanical garden?
autumn beauty: who is the sun to your sunflower (a person that you look up to)?
moonwalker: do you consider yourself an idealist or a realist? why?
valentine: make a playlist (with at least five songs) that reminds you of home?
velvet ocean: what is your latest dream?
sungold: are you alright? really?
teddy bear: what’s the best present that you have ever received?
sunspot: what’s been bothering you for a while?
florenza: post a sunny selfie !!!
goldy double: what is/are the name/s of your pet/s?
sunrich limoncello summer: would u rather live in the ocean or the forest?
mammoth russian: what’s your height? and dream height?
little becka: what’s your favorite seed?
lemon queen: can u bake? what are the pastries that you could bake?
jerusalem artichoke: what do you normally do before sleeping?
willowleaf: what’s your favorite autumn outfit?
rosinweed: who are your favorite people?
purpledisk: are you living ur dream life? if not, why do u think so?
serpentine: what’s your most favorite birthday memory?
lakeside: what’s something that you like to do but you cant do it often?
prairie: what are the most beautiful things about your pet/s?
sawtooth: what’s a superstition that u can’t believe u believe in?
downy/ashy: describe your dream significant other!


[Ms.Mindy ~~> School Principal]

Ms.Mindy : I can’t decide if my life is going to be easier or more difficult with you two gone. Anything I should know in case I get more like you someday?

Sherlock : Don’t keep all the passwords taped to underside of your desk.

Eurus : And stay cool, Minnie.

anonymous asked:

Hello :) I was wondering if you could maybe give me a reading list for Captain Marvel? I really want to start reading about her but I dont no where to start. Thankyou. Love your blog x

If you’re extremely invested and want to start right at the beginning then read Captain Marvel Vol 1 (1969) issue #18 which is her origin story, followed by Ms Marvel Vol 1 (1977). Then read Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 (1982) issue #164 which features Carol’s first appearance in her Binary form. Then read ‘New Avengers’ Vol 2 (2006) which really sets her up to be Marvel’s primary female superhero. Then read ‘Civil War’ (2006) where she plays a major role and that leads directly into Ms Marvel Vol 2 (2006).

However, I would just start at Captain Marvel Vol 7 (2012). It gives a nice tidy flashback of her origin, explains her binary power, and is where she officially becomes Captain Marvel. This is essential reading and it’s a great jumping on point. 

After that definitely read Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 (2013) issues #15 onwards, Captain Marvel Vol 8 (2014), A-Force Vol 1 (2015), Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps (2015), Ultimates Vol 1 (2015), Captain Marvel Vol 9 (2016), A-Force Vol 2 (2016), Ultimates Vol 2 (2016), and then The Mighty Captain Marvel (2017) which is currently at issue #4 and then you’re all caught up. 

Note - Skip ‘Civil War 2′ (2016) as the writer just messes up her character completely. 

Transiting Mars enters Virgo

September 5 - October 22, 2017

Here is Mars in a crisp, spiffy uniform, with every button precisely buttoned, every epaulet perfectly aligned on the shoulders, and every weapon polished to gleaming. Hell, the bullets probably glisten. This is kind of a good thing for a parade, but when it comes down to actual battle? Though I suppose being deliberately untidy, or deliberately causing a Virgo to become untidy, is going to get the perpetrator deliberately and precisely eviscerated.

Mars transits bring us opportunities “to take action and strive for what we want.” More specifically, we’re tasked with being brave - to intentionally use our will despite our fears. If we falter, we turn into bullies, pursuing easy targets (including ourselves), and/or we become accident-prone due to clamping down on our anger over our thwarted desires. When transiting Mars is stirring up trouble in our charts, we’re also going to be more physically active than usual.

In Virgo, Mars is first and foremost going to want a plan. This can be tricky. If Mars gets too caught up in elaborate details, he can get hopelessly entangled and bogged down. And, given Mars’ penchant for extremes, the molehills turn into the Himalayas, and the pitfalls into the Marianas Trench. We need to be able to trust in our ability to “handle” life as it happens to us, and for some people Mars going through Virgo will provide this type of challenge.

Mars has some connection with our overall health and physical well-being. And you know what that means in Virgo: bran muffins and sit-ups. We might find ourselves tinkering with the diet/exercise routine (perhaps even going so far as to implement one?) and worrying over whether or not we’re adequately rested. Remember the goal is to develop an understanding of how an overall state of good health, based on moderation and common sense, helps us achieve our goals.

Our concept of masculinity edges away from the showy, dramatic Leonine “knight in shining armor.” I mean, look at those guys down there in the next paragraph - admittedly, my Mars is in Aries, but it seems to me even the notorious chest-thumpers down there (Papa, Henry VIII) worried about it too much. Here, one’s masculine attractions are rated according to one’s general usefulness and competence. (Snarkiness is also valued.)

The upcoming aspects are about evenly balanced between “easy” and “difficult.” If we keep our eyes on the bigger picture, we can get through any negativity. Dates given are when the aspect is exact - there are a few days on either side for the energy to build, and then fade.

Celebrities with Mars in Virgo:
Barack Obama, Diana Princess of Wales, Napoleon I, Ariana Grande, Helena Blavatsky, Ben Affleck, Will Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch, George Bush (43), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, RDJ, Matt Damon, Natalie Dessay, Hugh Jackman, Friedrich Nietzsche, George Michael, Bruno Mars, Yoko Ono, Joan of Arc, Gordon Ramsay, Ernest Hemingway, Kevin Spacey, Eddie Vedder, Henry VIII of England

Sunday, September 10, Juno/Capricorn trine Mars/Virgo, 3:23

Bodes very nicely for a wedding, this, with (the day before) a cooperative Moon/Taurus turning it into a grand trine for a couple of hours. We’re willing to work hard with our partner(s) on our relationships. Be careful to work just as hard on the equality piece; Virgo Mars can be too willing to subordinate itself and let Juno take all the responsibility.

Planets/Points affected lie between 2:23 and 4:23 of the yin signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Saturday, September 16, Mercury/Virgo conjunct Mars/Virgo, 7:13

Third of three - the first was back in late June, in Cancer, while the second was just a couple of weeks ago, in Leo. If we’ve worked hard, we can synthesize (Virgo) our thoughts and actions without sacrificing either our emotions or our autonomy. We’re also rather more jumpy under this influence, and more prone to ignore signs of fatigue and burnout. Nervous mannerisms will be very apparent, unless we meditate and relax.

Planets/Points affected lie between 6:13 and 8:13 of the signs Taurus, Gemini*, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius*, Capricorn, and Pisces*.

Sunday, September 24, Neptune Rx/Pisces opposite Mars/Virgo, 12:19;
Uranus Rx/Aries (27:29) sesquare Mars/Virgo (12:29)

We feel unprepared and inadequate. There are so many valid reasons - “never in a million years did I ever think (fill in the blank) would happen” - what we need to do in response is to ensure that in the future we have REASONS and not EXCUSES. Whether this energy manifests for you as a minor inconvenience, or as a prelude to further aggravation, figure out ways to be more effective in your future responses….

Planets/Points affected lie between 11:19 and 13:29 of the mutable signs Gemini*, Virgo*, Sagittarius*, and Pisces*; and between 26:19 and 28:29 of the cardinal signs Aries*, Cancer*, Libra*, and Capricorn*.

Tuesday, September 26, Pallas Rx/Taurus trine Mars/Virgo, 13:25

On the heels of Mars’ entanglement with the Uranus/Neptune mess, this could well be the “figure out ways to be more effective” piece. Pallas herself is retrograde, and reconsidering the best strategies to help Mars become more efficient. It may not be an instant process, mind you. Mars-Pallas cycles take a few years to complete, and this one started only in January 2017.

Planets/Points affected lie between 12:25 and 14:25 of the yin signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Sunday, October 1, Pluto/Capricorn trine Mars/Virgo, 16:51

Powerful in an earthly, worldly sense, this also gives tremendous strength and a shrewd practicality. We have long-term goals, and we know exactly how to get there. We also have a better sense of how our particular skill sets “fit” into the wider world. The only problem is that this is neither an imaginative nor a cuddly aspect. Lighten up.

Planets/Points affected lie between 15:51 and 17:51 of the yin signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Thursday, October 5, Venus/Virgo conjunct Mars/Virgo, 19:13

These two were most recently conjunct in November 2015, also in Virgo - and the next one is in Virgo, too, in August 2019. How annoying! The Cosmos is mocking us! Relationships are a lot of work, and as a species we do need to temper and adjust the ways we relate to one another. Ensuring that we ourselves are worthy of relationships, that we are willing to put in the work required, and that our sexuality is above all healthy, will be on the agenda for some time.

Planets/Points affected lie between 18:13 and 20:13 of the signs Taurus, Gemini*, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius*, Capricorn, and Pisces*.

Wednesday, October 11, Saturn/Sagittarius square Mars/Virgo, 22:55

In August 2016, Mars and Saturn were conjunct in Sagittarius, kicking off an approximately 20-month cycle of devastating ideological warfare. This is the “turning away from” square, arriving as the cycle concludes, and with Mars in Virgo it isn’t difficult to imagine why we’d turn away from what we started last year. It’s too hard; it’s hopeless; it’s ineffective; it isn’t sustainable or healthy. It’s critical to keep our faith in ourselves and in each other. The day before this aspect is exact, the Moon/Gemini may well “trigger” its manifestation for us as individuals.

Planets/Points affected lie between 21:55 and 23:55 of the mutable signs Gemini*, Virgo*, Sagittarius*, and Pisces*; and between 6:55 and 8:55 of the fixed signs Taurus*, Leo*, Scorpio*, and Aquarius*.

Sunday, October 15, Chiron Rx/Pisces opposite Mars/Virgo, 25:25

No matter what we managed to accomplish over the past weeks, we don’t feel that it was enough. We’re frustrated with our ineffective futility. The problem is that no matter how powerful or efficient we are, even no matter how lucky we are, we can’t get everything done well by ourselves. What I hope for with this is the mass realization that everybody needs a good support group, or at least a partner in crime - which would make a nice intention for the upcoming ingress of Mars into Libra.

Planets/Points affected lie between 24:25 and 26:25 of the mutable signs Gemini*, Virgo*, Sagittarius*, and Pisces*; and between 9:25 and 11:25 of the fixed signs Taurus*, Leo*, Scorpio*, and Aquarius*.


Eyes of Laura Mars (1978) x Ms .45 (1981)

THE most practically-perfect grit-glam late 70s New York double bill.

THE high-fashion thriller of the decade, and the century, and maybe of all time; Laura Mars is considered the one real American giallo film. Fabulous supporting cast and cameos next to Dunaway perfectly cast as the controversial high-strung workaholic photographer who becomes increasingly spun-out as she has visions of her close friends and colleagues being brutally stabbed to death through the eyes of the killer.

And then THE revenge sploitation film. One of my favorites at least. Definitely endlessly mineable for fashion blogs. A mild-mannered girl working in the garment district (Zoë Lund), who also happens to be mute, is by some sick twist of fate (or some sick twisted writing) is sexually assaulted twice on her way home from work. In reaction to this random violence she starts dishing it back out to sleazy dudes lurking the streets after dark (including a few stray Warriors in the park).

Both capture a big screen glittery vision of the ruined landscape of post* 70s New York, and really unique tellings of women’s tragedy and violence in roles of victim and aggressor simultaneously. They stand alone as genre films that have stood the test of time and while they lean more towards emotional and visual spectacle than social commentary they stand next to each other as really interesting artifacts for analysis and comparison of aesthetics, politics, and violence.

Plus my friend made the point during a screening that as the body counts rise Faye and Zoë get progressively hotter…if looks could kill and all…the costumes really do….

Current Updated Video List

A lot of ppl still ask me if I have certain videos. So I’m posting this for both me and Mod Moon because I’m pretty sure her and I have a lot of the same stuff.

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Anything not listed, there’s a pretty good chance I don’t have it. If there’s not a link attached it’s because I haven’t uploaded it here yet.

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